Friday, December 31, 2010

And How Did Youm 7 get That Video !!?

In a scoop Youm 7 managed to publish the first video for Tarek Abdel Razek who is currently being accused of spying for Israel and endangering our diplomatic relations with Lebanon and Syria. Tarek’s trial will start next 15th of January 2011.

The video shows us Tarek Abdel Razek and his Chinese wife or fiancée then “Rahima” who speaks Arabic and identified herself as university student. There was a third person filming the couple and introducing them , he is from Egypt and he is a friend for Tarek from a long time I suppose based on hinting that Tarek was a coach before being a businessman.

Tarek and Rahima Abdel Razek

We do not know where that video was shot , we know that it was shot before his marriage to that Chinese young lady thought.

The video showed us at last the face Tarek Abdel Razek after two weeks of his arrest , it was strange that the media failed to find any photo for him all that time. I understand that his family may refuse to share photos with media , it is enough what happened to them in the past two week.

The website got that video from unnamed source , we do not know if they got it through a leak from the GIS or the state security or even through that friend who shot that video and decided to earn some couple of pounds from it.

I do not have doubt that Abdel Razek’s Chinese wife is being investigated in China , for sure the Chinese embassy in Cairo is following more than carefully. Of course it will not be Youm 7 if it does not amaze us with the brains of its editors : The first photos of the Indian trap1 spy , what photos are they speaking about !!?? They are screen caps from the video for God sake !!?

I have not published anything about Tarek in the past few days because the media honestly was going to turn in to a media circus with stupid statements and leaks to the level of discrediting the whole story. I do not have doubt that this is a real case thanks to the fact that there is man executed in Syria because of it. General Ahmed Moussa of Al Ahram published new details about that Mossad in Syria who gave info about Syria’s nuclear for $ 1,500,000. The GIS gave a full file with details to its Syrian counterpart from couple of months ago plus you got someone like Charles Ayoub confirming the story so it is a true deal.

Now to my Egyptian and Arab readers if you identify that person or you have seen and met him before under another name , please go to the authorities and tell them about that encounter.

I am not kidding by the way , I am serious.

1. This is the nickname Youm 7 called Abdel Razek with , I prefer the Kung Fu spy better , this is cliché.

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