Sunday, December 5, 2010

ElBaradei Harassed At The Cairo International Airport

Dr. ElBaradei arrived to Cairo international airport from couple of hours ago where he was harassed by the security there , yes a Nobel prize winner and a receiver of Nile sash has been delayed in the airport when he should be using for free the VIP lounge !!!!! By the way Dr. ElBaradei pays for the VIP lounge despite he should use it for free. “He should begin to use it for free as it is his right.”
Dostor online Daily reported that Dr. ElBaradei was delayed for some time at the air security passport check and when he asked the officer for his passport , the officer told him boldly
We just wanted to  welcome you !!
With my all respect to that officer but there is no triumph in treating a man like Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei in that way , it is a sick thing in fact to be honest.
Anyhow Dr. ElBaradei is back and we are expecting there will be more actions in the coming days.

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  1. woohoo El Baradei is back, watch out for those tweets!


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