Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ezz Writes For Al Ahram : Why We Won in The Elections “Coz Other Candidates Suck”

Egyptian businessman and most influential man in the NDP “and may be Egypt after the Mubaraks” Ahmed Ezz continues his explanation on how the NDP won the elections in a way like other in Al Ahram newspaper for the second day in role.
Today he explains in us why certain prominent personalities including former MBs from the Muslim brotherhood and Al Wafd lost the elections for the NDP candidates. Stating rival candidates by name , Ezz tells why they have lost
First of all I believe that Ahmed Ezz feels that the NDP is in the trouble “it is actually” and thus he needs to explain himself and the party in front of the public and the world , which is actually a good sign, a sign for trouble at the NDP.
Now I would like to share with you the photos of Ahmed Ezz in the Friday prayer , the so-called Sharif who  needs some assistant to wear his shoes !!

His shoes assisstant


  1. Hi, Long time I haven't been here :)

    I followed the link to Al-Ahram & read what Ezz said. It doesn't change my mind about NDP, they played a well game. But, if what he said is somehow true that means other parties are really useless & It was one-player game. I believe parties are already useless but It's more than useless, It's like giving hand to NDP, by their stupidity. NDP planned well & they had no opponent too!!

    What do you think? I know u r following well :)

  2. the guy who "assists" him..what a pathetic piece of garbage, slave mentality in te 21st century..makes you mad


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