Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RIP Berlanti Abdel Hamid

Berlanti Abdel Hamid , the widow of Abdel Hakim Amar has passed away this morning. The former actress was 75 years old. Abdel Hamid had a son from Amar : Amr Abdel Hakim Amar who has joined his elder brothers from his father in defending their late father’s image.
Berlanti Abdel Hamid entered the political history of Egypt through her secret marriage to field marshal Abdel Hakim in 1960s. Originally from Bani Sawif , the Upper Egyptian girl Nafissa Abdel was born on 1935. Her first role in Egyptian cinema after graduating from the theatrical arts institute was in Salah Abu Seif “Raya and Sakina”. She was given the name “Berlant” due to her beauty. During her career she was always limited in the seduction roles.
After several years following the disputed death of Amar ‘she believed he was poisoned’ , she married his nephew Amin Amar for 12 years.
Berlanti Abdel Hamid passed away at the military hospital in Maadi , which means that after the death of President Nasser she enjoyed her privileges as the wife of a military man , not to mention Abdel Hakim was a former minister of war and chief of staff once upon time despite all his fiascos that no one denies except the Amers and his camp that still alive in Egypt and in UK like Shams Badran. “ I wanted to talk about him in the past few weeks but I was busy”
Last year I read Berlanti's last interview where as usual she attacked Nasser and accused his men of doing horrible things to her after her husband’s death. The last news I read about her was during the fury of the Amers about the up coming film project of Khaled Youssef “ The President and Field Marshal/Mohseer” , aside of disapproving the script of the film the former actress believed that Somia Al Khasab was better to present her role instead of Laila Eloui !!
Despite she is not remembered for her career in cinema “only 17 films starting from 1952) yet she is remembered very well in her role as a witness and indirect player in one of Egypt’s critical moments in its modern history. She wrote two books about her relation and marriage from Abdel Hakim , the most famous was “ Me and The Mosheer/ field marshal”. “Me and the Mosheer” was published in 1992 and became among the disputed sources for anyone who wants to understand what happened in 1960s despite its bias.
In 2002 she published another book called “ The road to my destiny .. to Amar” which claimed that was better than her previous book as she included documents and revealed new secrets. Still her first book is more famous and more popular according to my knowledge. FYI I have read neither her first book nor her second.
Regardless of what you may think about Berlanti/ Nafissa, you must know that she is between the hands of God right now. May Allah bless her soul. The only thing I am capable to say about her is that she had a huge ambition and entered a game she may have or have not understood its consequences from one of its controversial doors. RIP Nafissa Abdel Hamid
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  1. perfect as usual Z , I fully agree with you.

  2. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog.

  3. well, in fact he she's deserved to married with the

    general abdel hakim amer, but he after 1967 war

    defeate and the abdel hakim amer dead, she's was

    still unwayne. for me abdel hakim amer was not

    responsability only for defeate..

  4. I heard she was originally from Algeria


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