Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tunisian Uprising : Sidi Bou Zid

The latest update about Sidi Bou Zid , Tunisia is that it is being isolated by the army itself ; the Tunisian army is helping the police to control back the city whose anger is spreading through other cities. FYI the clashes in Sidi Bou Zid started from 7 days ago. The police attacked and destroyed private properties and even the crops of the farmers unlike what is claimed in the official media and that’s why they set police stations and railway station on fire. There are many injured from the city including young teenagers and some of them in a critical conditions. Again Nawaat is my main source for this post. You can see there the start of the clashes from 18th December. You can find after the break videos that do not see in your mainstream either because your TV channel is celebrating Christmas or because your TV channel is an Arab and does not want to make the Tunisian  embassy angry.

Here is a video taken on the 24th of December from Mr. Essam Ghabary ,a citizen from Sidi Bou Zid who was abducted by the security forces from his home where he was beaten as you can see.

فيديو: الاستاذ عصام غابري الذي تم اختطافه من امام منزله الكائن بمدينة� from tunisians on Vimeo.

The people there did not sit still against the attack of the police , they fired back too. Here is a video showing a police station set on fire.

Video: Tunisia - Police Station in Menzel Bouzaiane set on fire #sidibouzid #fb from tunisians on Vimeo.

Here is a video ”graphic” showing 4 police cars set on fire and badly injured person. You can see also huge smoke resulted of fires in near houses in the area and also listen to the gun shots

فيديو: مشاهد حية من مواجهات عنيفة و إحراق سيارات الشرطة واصابة احد الم from tunisians on Vimeo.

Radio Kalima correspondent Journalist Moez El-Bey was invited to comment on the Sidi Bou Zid events in some French radio station , during the show live listeners found huge screams then suddenly the line was cut. It turned out the angry mob “allegedly” attacked the journalist in his home with the police’s approval !! “ I fear that our regime learns from his Tunisian counterpart”

A group of activists held a protest in solidarity with the Sidi Bou Zid’s citizens in Tunis yesterday , you can read what happened there at Tunisian girl’s blog. Here is a video clip from the protest from Chourabi Sofiene.

There was also a protest in Paris in solidarity with Sidi Bou Zid

Paris : Manifestation de solidarité avec les habitants de Sidi Bouzid [vidéo] from tunisians on Vimeo.

The Facebook is playing a very important role in the Sidi Bou Zid’s events just like it was in the Mahalla.

The Tunisian regime media is spreading reports only that a new budget has been approved for the city as if it is only a problem of budget. There are rumors online that the Ben Alis are considering all options and their jet is ready for fear of things can’t be controlled.

That video below was shot from couple of days ago at the house of Hussein Nagi , the young man whose suicide sparked the anger of the citizens in the city. As you can see his house is poor.

فيديو: مع أم الشّاب حسين ناجي الذي انتحر و التي ماتت بعده بقليل from tunisians on Vimeo.

Hussein’s mother who appears for a moment in the video reportedly has died shortly after her son.

The Arab media is not interested as usual to cover what is happened in Tunisia , for two good reasons : 1) Not to inspire other Arab people to imitate their dear Tunisian brothers and 2) Ben Ali is the old buddy of Arab rulers as simple as that.

I am currently in Cairo and I support the people of Tunisia. I hope from my heart that this would be the start for a revolt that will end that tyranny rule in Tunisia.  Tunisia has been ruled by 2 men only since the announcement of the republic in 1957 for God sake !! Tunisians deserve better than this !!

Dear readers and friends , please spread these posts and links about Tunisia , be the voice of the Tunisians


  1. I share in Bulgarian language and i will to post more news in he future.

  2. "I hope from my heart that this would be the start for a revolt that will end that tyranny rule in Tunisia. " Are you crazy? do you think we're as underdeveloped as you are, hope for a peaceful transition and bloodless change rather than "revolt", hope it for your country if you want, but not for our dear Tunisia, ignorant.

  3. if there is any ignorant in here , must be you tunisian. you're simply a coward who's afraid of a revolution to save tunisia from this satanic regime.I feel ashamed to share the same nationality as someone like you. My egyptian brother who posted this wonderful document, "may allah reward him for it" has more dignity than you and a lot of tunisian people like you who are the source of all our problems. just be the sheep that you are and follow the herd like a good animal, and let the real men talk and show the world what's going on in your "developped" country. Thank you my dear egyptian brother, may god bring justice to your homeland also and to all muslim countryies , ameen.

  4. As a native of sidi Bouzid, i would like to thank you for shedding light on the gloomy events in my country and showing what dictators can do. actually,events are more tragic than that many people died by police fire and many shops were burgllared by Ben Ali police, the old and the children were beatten mercilessly and girls were raped by police as a desperate tool to terrorise people.

  5. if there is any ignorant ever, it s you , who don't know the facts even about Tunisia's latest events and I doubt even your Tunisian nationality. May be you are living in a European country and hiding behind your computer. people down here are bathing in blood. you are a real turn-coat.

  6. Hand in Hand you and I we can make tunisia free

  7. I think that what he ment is a bloodless revolution. If any such exists it will be more than welcomed. However, When Anonimus targets US Tunisians for hiding abroad, behind a computer , that's a bit propostious. If we are abroad it's because the situation in Tunisia was not and is not bright. That does not mean that we don't have families we're concerned about and that we've been forced to leave behind. We're not hiding and our hearts are with you as fellow countrymen. Do you reallyb think that we are here because we're enjoying being far from our country ? Well,Think again

  8. As for our brother from Egypt who keeps on sharing news with us. I salute you and thank you for your interest in my peoples struggle in these dark hours.


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