Saturday, January 1, 2011

Alexandria Explosion : Reactions

Here are the reactions from Egypt and the world following the Alexandria explosion.
First of  President Hosni Mubarak has addressed the nation in a televised word hours ago assuring that the security of Egypt is his first responsibility. Mubarak promised to cut the snake’s head. “Side note : A lot of powder is not good in the camera.”
Mubarak addresses the nation
Strangely there is no official mourning , of course it is no surprise because from couple of years ago 1000 Egyptian have drowned in the cold red sea and yet no body care to mourn for one hour officially. It is sad and unacceptable when the TV mourns the death of the President’s grandchild for three day !!
Dr. Mohamed ElBaradie slammed the regime for its failure in protecting the citizens.The Muslim brotherhood has condemned the attack in an official statement.The Ghad part headed by Dr. Ayman Nour issued a statement calling for the dismal of Habib Al Adly , the minister of interior for his responsibility in that catastrophe .The statement also attacked MP former General Abdel Fatah Omar who is insisting on inserting the parallel parliament in the incident !!
The famous Salafi Sheikh Mohamed Hassan has condemned the attack.
Most Arab countries have sent their condolences to Egypt yet the media is highlighting the Syrian condolences in a very strange matter considering the ice between Cairo and Damascus. Several Syrian sources hint that this could be possible Israeli retaliation after the announcement of that Spy ring in Cairo and Damascus. Hezbollah has also condemned the attack , Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah warned that Israel was working on creating sectarian division in Egypt last month.
President Obama has condemned the attack and is offering help to Egypt.
Now to the civil society or rather the activists society , many Egyptian Facebookers and tweeps have changed their avatars to that avatar.

There is an initiative from Egyptian bloggers calling Muslims to attend next 7th January Christmas mass in the churches.There are calls for blood donations in Alexandria.


  1. DOMO:
    What motive(s) behind this and similar explosions near or at Christian churches? Are Muslims in Egypt missing something that exists in the hands of Egyptian Christians? Are they hoping to have some form of advantages? I am sorry but there is a load of B.S being thrown at Egyptian and some outside entities are using them like dummies. Think… what make Irish religious violence stops? Did they have/reach any solution that needed all this period of violence to realize? !! . My point is, some Muslims in Egypt hungry for money (same like Irish Catholics/Protestants) are being used and abused in the name of religion. Look who outside Egypt might have motive/desire to create this mess to achieve their devilish goal? When Egyptian Muslims/Christians show that the refuse to act like dummies this will stop. If Mubarak is willing to admit and clear the mess he should act quickly? Think and read about the cairo fires in the fifties, who was behind it and learn to act smart.

  2. The Arabs invaded and occupied peoples since the 7th century. The nature of their rule never changes: ETHNICAL and RELIGIOUS CLEANSING. In 1925 the Chaldeans (non Arabs, non Muslims) were a majority in Iraq (British census). Less than 1% today. Idem for the Copts in Egypt. The Jews lived all over the ME and the Maghreb long before the Arab aggression. None today. The Arabs expropriated other nations’ histories, mythologies and land, claiming they were always Arabs and Muslims. But wait a minute, aren’t they perpetual victims? They steal, they lie, they kill and the world kisses their ass.

  3. To Anonymous2:
    I am Christian and I admit the chronic existance of religuous descrimination in Egypt. However, this motive should drive minority to violance vs the Muslim majority, not the reverse!!!.In the fifties-till-seventies christian greeks, lebanese, armenian and Jews dominated the business in Egypt. But no violent reaction to this magnitude took place. The only psudo-exception is the cairo fires of 1954. Then the western media described them as Egyptian forein and non-arab business. Later it became known as the "Lavon's Affair".. check it out on the wikipedia. Simply peopleshould use their brain to distinguish between 'reaction' to real cause (right or wrong) or actions driven by money paid by outside evil motives...

  4. @ Anon no2: take your ignorance and racism and hate for Arabs somewhere else. Arabs arent all Muslims, there are Arab Jews and Christians. The Muslim civilisation doesnt refer to the contributions of muslims only but also to Christians and Jews who were citizens of the Empire. There are still Jewish communities in most Muslim countries including Iran and Morocco, those who left left bec of the effect of the creation of the ugly Israel. Egyptian Jews dominated the economy before 1960's and some of the major Egyptian businesses are owned by Christian families in Egypt today. The Jews of Spain fled the Christian cleansing of non-Christians to muslim countries esp Northern African countries and lived there protected. SHAME ON YOU FOR EXPLOITING SUCH A SAD EVENT TO PUSH YOUR HATE AND IGNORANCE. What happened is an attack on all Egyptians. As for the West well, in Imperial times there were attempts to exploit the Christians of Egypt as a pretext for foreign involvement in Egypt and the attempts failed bec we stood united, even in the 1919 movement against the British invasion we stood united in the 1973 war, Christians along with Muslims gave their sons to free their country. Look at how Western politicians and media talk about us, in terms of religious groups, you went to a unified Iraq and now what we have, Iraqi Jews, Iraqi Christians, Assyrians and even the Iraqi Muslims are made into Sunnis and Shiaas. You know why, bec unlike you we lived for thousands of years in societies of religious diversity, while you were living in the dark ages and even when you got some of the heavenly religions you used it to turn against each other. You do not care for your Christians more than we do and you do not care for any of us, your so called West only cares for its oil and benefits of exploiting our countries by supporting undemocratic rulers.

    @Anon 2: Thank you for your reply esp coming at a very difficult time.Please know we are all in this together. God knows who is behind this but of course they must have internal helpers and all we can do for now is to demand proper security for all of us, stand united and educated ppl. I do hope the decision to not celebrate on the 7th is reviewed and that you allow Muslims to come along to participate and face the fear together.

  5. @ Anon 3 § 4
    Please, read my post again. History is racist, facts are racist!
    More racism:

    Christians prospered only in Israel from 35,000 in 1948 to 150,000 today. The non Jewish minorities from 120,000 in 1948 to 1,500,000 today. ALL OF THEM ZIONIST of course…
    Things will never change if Arabs don’t assume their history and keep on dreaming about the Arab conquest and blah, blah…

  6. When watched Mubarek the first thing that i noticed was that he really looked sick.

  7. Discrimination against Christians,Shiia,Sufi, foreigners and non-Muslims is the best known secret in Egypt.
    I will believe in the sincerity of Muslims when they go out in the streets to demonstrate against the violence done in the name of Islam.
    There is duplicity in silence.

  8. @Last Anon: Muslims are not all to blame for, u dnt demand the followers of the faith of a criminal to go out and show they arent ok w wt that person did. Also, no one can confirm right now who is behind this so, stop jumping to conclusions and blaming all for the actions of some. All Egyptians need to go out and show their unity and rejection and demand the regime to explain their failure and hold its figures accountable for it.
    wt discrimination against foreigners? They are treated as first class citizens while all of us Egyptians are treated as tenth class citizens. Police brutality, non-democracy and lack of care for citizens is wt we are all suffering from not muslims only and not christians only. What duplicity and what silence? The fact is idiots like you are part of the problem as well. Egyptians need to realise this is against us all, just like the intolerance of bahaiis was against us all but all were silent including christians, just like the mistreatment of Egy shia was against us all. Christians need to realise their cause is an Egyptian cause and not a Christians only cause, their protection is not at the hands of the Church or the government but with the ppl. Unity as citizens is our only guarantee nothing else.

  9. @ Anon replying to 3 & 4: Yeah sure, which Arab/Muslim countries are conquering or want to conquer others? The US is an occupying force in Iraq and Afghanstan and before in other parts of the World. Israel is the worst on-going occupation. Yemen is on the verge of division, Sudan on its way to divide. Yes sure, it seems like the Arabs are the ones who are on a conquering spree. History is racist?! No, you are racist and thats why you see it that way. Even if we assume history is distorted, explain to us, how the Arabs/Muslims w their lust for conquering and killing others didnt kill the jews and christians of the region while they had full control? You are taking out of ignorance and hate, u dnt even knw who is an Arab and who is a Muslim. Again, Arabs are followers of the 3 heavenly religions not only Islam and again most Muslims arent Arabs btw and most Muslims arent in MENA btw.

    Israel is a racist ugly country. Nice figures and how many Palestinian Christians left Palestine bec of the terrible conditions the original inhabitants of Palestine have been suffering from since the creation of the ugly state?!! The fact is the religious diversity that MENA was famous for was affected by the creation of the Zionist state, no wonder wn the world allows a criminal gang w a racist mandate to hijack an entire country, affect jewish minorities citizens of surrounding countries and even going as far as recruiting sm of them to work against their countries, creating floods of refugees, making it difficult for the original inhabitants to live in their country, openly working to create sectarian divide in other countries including their so called no.1 friend Egypt by the admission of Israeli officials. Do not come here defending ugliness of Israel, you shld be apologising day and night for the citizens of MENA for the catastrophic effects of that existence. If Muslims were into ethnic cleansing as a principle, there wldnt have been any christians or jews in palestine, in Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, Iran, Iraq ect. Zionists are of the same line of thinking of those using Islam as a pretext to kill others and reject the existence of others and those like you who come here insulting the memories of those who lost their lives yesterday are a symptom of that ugliness

  10. What silence? Are you living in a cave?
    Every Egyptian entity not only severly condemned this terrorist act but Egyptians (both Muslims and Christians) hurried to rescue the vicitms, to donate blood to the victims and help with all their available means. SHAME ON YOU FOR EXPLOITING SUCH A SAD EVENT TO PUSH YOUR HATE AND IGNORANCE. This terrorist act is an attack on all Egyptians. TERRORISM and VIOLENCE has no Nationality or Faith as proven by Baruch Goldstein, JDL (Jewish Defense League), Gush Emunim, Timothy McVeigh, Aryan Republican Army, AOG (Army of God), IRA, etc ...

  11. More Zionism, Racism and Hate:
    1°) Was this the first and only attack on a church in Egypt?
    2°) In June 2009, an Egyptian court declined a request by [Christian convert Maher] al-Gohary to register his current religion in his identity documents. The verdict said that "conversion from Islam is unacceptable since it contradicts the prevailing order and because society has a Muslim majority," adding that "conversion is at odds with Article 2 of the Constitution which says that Islam is the primary source of legislation." Al-Gohary’s request to be recognized as a Christian is the second to be turned down. In January 2008, the administrative court dismissed another request by Mohamed Haggay, who later named himself Bishoy. In other words there is a legal basis to discriminate Christians in Egypt.
    3°) Members of an anti-slavery NGO group were jailed for protesting the slavery. "White Moors," who are ethnic Arabs, are enslaving nearly 600,000 "Black Moors" in Mauritania. Last month a UN special envoy noted that slavery is still a major problem in the Islamic countries. Amnesty does a nice job on covering these crimes.
    WHAT ABOUT EGYPT? The oppression of Christians, the enslavement of Blacks are the two faces of the same coin. The shekel of course.

    The Arabs invaded and occupied peoples since the 7th century. The nature of their rule never changes: ETHNICAL and RELIGIOUS CLEANSING.
    This is the past and present and if you don’t realize it you’ll never change this mess and the future will be tragic for all of us.

  12. ... If Arabs were practising ethnic cleansing, how do you explain the indigenous populations living across the middle east and North Africa? How do you explain the millions of Christians living in Egypt and the Levant? wouldn't they have been eradicated during all those centuries..what about Jews who fled persecution in Europe and relocated in Arab ruled countries, where they flourished and prospered for centuries until the creation of isreal..they would have to be very stupid to choose to flee to countries where their lives could have been endangered.

    The fact that Jews and Christians lived[ and still live] in Arab countries for centuries defies your bollocks.


  13. @ last Anon and Anon #2 (the same person, I assume)
    it's so obvious what you're trying to do. You're clearly trying to take advantage of people's miseries and the rough times that Egypt is going through to further your agenda. I'm saying this because your rants about 7th century Arabs are pointless and irrelevant. I don't see how yesterday's tragedy is related to Arabs in Iraq or the enslavement of "Blacks" in Mauritania?! This is a news blog about Egypt, not the history channel. A church bombing IN EGYPT won't change the fact that Zionism is a political racist ideology that enforces the traditional belief that Jews are a chosen race, and that Israel is a nation occupying another nation for over 40 years - a world class record. Plus it's no secret that if you are dark skinned or an African Jew living in Israel you are treated lower than dirt. And don't even get me started on ethnic cleansing!! At least the Arabs invaded in the 7th century whereas Israel invaded, killed, demolished, ethnically cleansed and occupied others in modern times in the 20th century! How is THAT for a history lesson?

  14. Typical Egyptian responses......blame external forces, denial and claim self righteousness.
    According to ambassador Akbar Ahmed and bishop John Bryson Chane, Christian Copts are under severe pressure and siege, and usually live in fear for their lives and "Christian girls are being kidnapped by shadowy Muslim groups and lured into Muslim marriages, with the state looking the other way." They face discrimination and marginalization on many levels.In terms of religious freedom, the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life ranks Egypt as the fifth worst country in the world, after Saudi Arabia, Iran, Uzbekistan and China.In addition, Egypt ranks among the 12 worst countries in the world in terms of religious violence against religious minorities and in terms of social hostilities against Christians. Furthermore, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom has placed Egypt on its watch list for religious freedom that requires close monitoring due to the nature and extent of violations of religious freedom engaged in or tolerated by the government.
    Coptic Christians are minimally represented in law enforcement, state security and public office, and are being discriminated against in the workforce on the basis of their religion. The Coptic community, as well as several human rights activists and intellectuals, maintain that the number of Christians occupying Government posts is not proportional to the number of Copts in Egypt. They are also the victims of discriminatory religious laws, anti-Christian judges, and anti-Christian state police. Anti-Christian laws include laws governing repairing old churches or constructing new ones, which are usually impossible tasks, requiring presidential permission to build a new church, and a governor’s permission to renovate even the bathroom in an already-built church. Anti-Christian judges tend to "legislate from the bench". An example includes an Egyptian court's refusal to grant Muslim Egyptians who convert to Christianity identity cards that display their new religion. On the other hand, converting to Islam does not even require going to court. Copts are denied equal opportunities in recruitment and promotion. Very few are appointed to key positions in the government, and political parties almost never choose Coptic candidates for parliamentary positions. In addition, enrollment of Copts in police academies and military schools is heavily restricted. Along the same lines, very few Copts are granted positions as school teachers or university professors.
    Moreover, Copts are usually on the receiving end of anti-Christian hate crimes, the number of which has been rising since the 1970s.Since Mubarak took office in 1981, more than 1,500 violent attacks against Copts left thousands of Christians killed and injured. The violent anti-Christian attacks in Upper Egypt during the 1990s forced thousands of Copts to flee to larger cities in Egypt or to immigrate; a form of unrecognized ethnic cleansing. The last 10 years witnessed a dramatic increase in the scale of anti-Christian hate crimes, including a number of massacres such as the 2001 Kosheh massacre and the 2010 Nag Hammadi massacre. Copts also complain that the Egyptian government and the Egyptian judicial system are doing little to punish such attacks on the Coptic community, failing to prosecute the criminals, and thus leading to further persecution of the Copts. For instance, all the criminals responsible for the 2001 killing of 21 Copts in Kosheh, most of whom were children and women, were set free by court order.
    True facts and anything said differently is hypocrisy.

  15. @ last Anon:

    You do a great job copy pasting from Google search results and trying to make them sound like they're your own words!

    Typical conniving Hasbara spammer.

  16. @ last Anon:

    Well, to you the content of the previous post is OK, the problem is only that the facts exosed are zionist!
    By the way, Google must be Jewish somewhere!

  17. @Anon before last and probably the same Anon coming here to exploit the sad events and the loss of life: You do not care for Christians in MENA, only as much as using them as a card when needed to meddle more in our affairs and push them to leave their countries. As a MENA Muslim, i cherish the religious diversity we have and I wont personally allow for what happened with Egyptian Jews to happen again with Christian Egyptians and have us turn against each other and have them feel they have to leave. If any thing, these incidents showed how many Egyptians feel our unity is our strength and that we can only rely on each other not the US, not Israel not even the Egyptian regime. Last but not least, thanks for being a living proof of how those who support Zionism are low lives who if not lurking in the back after a plan to hurt others was executed they are jumping in to create more divide among ppl they view as not worthy humans. Muslims and Christians are not goyem and are not made to make your life better or to be exploited by you. So, cut the fake care.

  18. @ last Anon
    All I care about is facts. No matter if I’m pleased with or not. And if the facts make me change my opinions I’ll do that (with regret, being wrong is painful) with no hesitation even for one second. Facts I’m looking for are those reported by reliable sources – reporting with no taboos and issuing corrections when necessary. Egyptian Chronicles is one of them. The others? Mostly the MSM of the “open societies”.


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