Saturday, January 1, 2011

Breaking News : An Explosion in Alexandria "Updated"

I do not want to start the new year with bad news like this but just from an hour ago a huge explosion was heard in Miami area and according to early media report it was an explosion that took place in front of the All saints church at the Khalil Hamda street.
According to eye witnesses the explosion sound was big , there were casualties , the ambulances were heard in Miami coming and going in a fearful sound in the first hour of the year. Some early reports speak about car bomb.
There are group of angry Christians according to eye witnesses heading to the area but there is a huge security siege in the area.
More updates coming …
This is not how the new year should start.
Khalil Hamda  St.
Update :
  • The street of Khalil Hamda is vital , there is a mosque , church and hospital. It is very narrow street.
  • According to eye witnesses there was blood on the walls of the mosque.
  • Al Masry Al Youm speaks about 2 dead and 6 injured while Al Jazeera speaks about 10 dead and many more injured from Muslims and Christians
  • There are reportedly clashes between the Muslims and Christians in the area. The Christians are so angry.
  • Friday yesterday Alexandria witnessed a Salafi  protest attacking the Church because of the Camilla Shehata case.
  • Now there are 3 car bombs not only one.
  • I post the location of the explosion below
  • All mobile and land line connections are reportedly down in Alexandria "need confirmation"
  • The National TV of Egypt also seems out of service because they are celebrating the new year's eve and ignoring the the terrible scene in Alexandria.
  • The hospitals in the area are full of injured.
  • I am getting tweets and reports that there are no sectarian clashes
  • Here is the first video from the scene
  • According to Al Jazeera there are 30 injured. 
  • Blogger Jarelkamer is taking some snapshots from the area currently and it seems that there is a clash between the locals and the security forces. The locals are attacking the government. 

  • The governor of Alexandria says that there  5 dead and 12 injured , it is the final toll though 
  • Al Jazeera says that there are hundreds of Christians attacking the police and ambulances. 
  • The Churches are on the high alert in Alexandria. 
  • The security has began to use tear gas against the protesters from Christians and Muslims.
  • Here is a photo by John Samy for the car that was used to bomb the Church, according to eye witnesses three men parked the car in front of the church and left it 
  • The Christians were holding a mass for the new year. Hundreds were in the church tonights , the photos of John Samy are terrible."Extremely graphic" 
  • More videos coming from Alexandria 

  • To see how strong the explosion was , you can only see what happened to the Mosque in front of the Church 


  1. بداية مش مشجعه خالص
    ولكل فعل رد فعل , بس ياريت رد الفعل يكون في المكان الصح

  2. When a church is attacked, a mosque suffers damage. Is God telling us something?

  3. If Mubarak really cares for this country even to leave it intact for his own son, he needs to fire the heads of state security and intelligence along with the minister for interior and the top Alexandria police officers. There is no excuse for their failure and this makes me more sure that we are only protected by God's mercy. If a car and be left like that despite claimed elevated security around churches, it wont be difficult to leave other stuff in other places. Instead of wasting money and time on monitoring and abducting and torturing activists they shld be protecting us instead. Also, how come there is no official mourning and not one big figure went to the scene or came up to talk to the ppl?!!

  4. I know what that you might don't want to take the news from resources that you don't know !!

    but i'll say whatever and it's up to you to choose

    about 4:15 am there were clashes between the christians ( they were standing on the roof of the church ) and the security forces whom started to react with tear gas grenades. ( the second clash not the one you mentioned before )

    I don't give a shit about what the media says,
    you can't even begin to imagine the amount of ambulances going in and out ..
    and people where bringing blood in bags!
    there is a large number of injures .. much more than they claim

  5. There are reportedly clashes between the Muslims and Christians in the area. The Christians are so angry.
    this is true .. lead to a burned to the ground car, other broken ones .. and broken shops and houses faces


  7. I learned this story from your blog, Z! Guess I'll go read Drudge etc.

    Very nice redesign. The old one was nice too though.

  8. I thought you meant Miami Florida...

  9. سياره مفخخه فى مصر يعنى موساد ريتاليشن ربما لكشف الشبكه و مساعدة سوريا فى كشف جاسوس كان مهم بالنسبه لهم و شكرا للشرطه الساهره على امن مبارك و عياله

    - اختنج دودو

  10. That's what happens when you give YOUR second city to the Ikhwan!

  11. "سياره مفخخه فى مصر يعنى موساد ريتاليشن ربما لكشف الشبكه و مساعدة سوريا فى كشف جاسوس كان مهم بالنسبه لهم و شكرا للشرطه الساهره على امن مبارك و عياله"

    الموساد أو السي آي إيه (عن طريق القاعدة) أو الإثنين معاً، كله واحد

  12. @ Anonymous #4

    This had nothing to do with ikhwan. Don't use this situation as an excuse to propagate slander and ignorance

  13. This Christians won't last the decade same as iraq lebanon, pakistan, afghanstan no mercy will be shown. Really how do you move a car bomb around that area without police knowingly averting their eyes its not something you hide in your pocket. happy new year

  14. I am Anonymous #41/01/2011 06:04:00 PM

    'This had nothing to do with ikhwan. '

    You can't be serious, the party of 'islam is the solution' ruined alex, starting in the early 90's when mubarak ceded control to them. All social services in toto were courtesy of the bearded angels everything from bread to monthly stipends to the poor.

    Mubarak needs to pull Alex out of the 19th century, I see this as a mixed blessing, he will finally clean Alex and rid it of the intolerance!

  15. @ Anonymous #4

    Again, what you said has absolutely no relevance or relation to ikhwan having any sort of involvement in this attack. Especially considering they've released multiple statements condemning the attack, your sectarian-driven ignorance is producing nothing but slander. No facts.

  16. We always take an action after what happens no matter what consequences people bear. I would assume that there is an organization that is responsible for that accident, shouldn't the Egyptian government take more percautions by putting more policemen for safety espically after what happened in Naga Hamady last year? I know that there are many churches that need to be guarded and it is hard to keep an eye on every church. However, I'd rather for Christians, in every city, to attend one or two churches with a good number of policemen to protect them than to scatter people in so many churches with a limited number of policemen. That would reduce the danger that might happen on Christmas Eve. The matter that would eventually end with a disaster. I think that we need to stop the blood shed that has become a common picture in the street nowadays. Also, we have to stop hatred amongst people who try to breastfeed to their kids, instead we have to teach the concept of love, respect, and brotherhood that many people lack at the present time. I think terrorism should be exterminated no matter what country or belief people belong to. The only way to achieve peace is by uniting together facing those savage people who deserve no mercy or kindness.
    Sound from New Jersey

  17. There is plenty of problems that needs to change for a better Egypt and no one is doing anything about it. Only religion was selected by a group of people to fix, forgetting about all other issues that can make their life better.

    Everyone no matter their religion is, is going threw hell, from cost of living, economy, corruption and filth. If we focus on those issues, we will make everything better, but killing innocent people makes things worse. No one deserve that! We deserve safety, prosperity, and peace of mind.

    Do your part and stop this non sense!

    We have been going backward for a quiet sometime, and it is time to move forward.

    With all the love to our beautiful Egypt and the egyptian that deserves all the best no matter what their religion is.

  18. I'm out of Egypt now ! It doesn't matter where I'm, but I'm coming back this month, but to be honest when I remember the situation in Egypt, I feel I don't wanna come back,however I'm coming back anyway, not because I'd love to, but because I have to, Every good thing I see here out of Egypt makes me feel so bad about my country and my people, sometime I'm about to cry because I always think we Egyptians deserve better !!!

  19. Mosad, Queada, Ekhwan, CIA ... many others can be pointed responsible of this attack but the main subject remain untuchable. the commercialization of the religion which started many years ago in the ME , we today collect the result. All involved in the ME politic and economy are responsable. I beleive that the area need a civilization revolution and the first subject must be established is the descrimination of the religion commercialization.




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