Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#Jan 25 : Reactions

 The Protest "Dostor" 
We did not expect that January 25 anger day would be like that in any possible way , neither did the Egyptians nor the world that was not only amazed but is on its nerves currently anticipating what is going to happen in the land of the pharaohs.
The first expected reaction was economically the Egyptian pound has fallen to its lowest levels since 6 years against the U.S dollar after the protest. The Egyptian stock exchange has hit rock bottom. Now I expect the Economy and investment ministers will go and tell us that these protests are nasty foreign plot to destroy the Egyptian economy which is fine and solid … blah blah blah. The stock exchange experts are demanding the government to close the stock exchange to avoid any losses. Already last week when the Suicide wave took the Egyptian street , many foreign investors have pulled their money from the market. “We are speaking about billions of dollars”
The second expected reaction was these rumors that do not want to stop any sooner or even later. As I hinted yesterday there was that rumor that Suzanne Mubarak , her sons and their families have reached London and were seen by Egyptians working at Heathrow airport. Later that night we had this rumor that Egyptian businessmen tycoon Ahmed Ezz has fled the country. Today the Cairo international airport officials have denied these rumors insisting that those high ranking officials have not left the country. They did not name those high ranking official though. It is possible that Gamal Mubarak and Ahmed Ezz have traveled to Switzerland to attend the current world economic forum there.
The reaction of the official media is also expected , attacking the protesters describing them as mob who want to destroy the nation or in better way bunch of lost youth controlled by sinister groups and organizations. The official media spoke about the patience of the security forces and MOI with the protesters and how they had enough from the protesters’ violence. It is enough that a solider was killed while more than 20 officers and soldiers. “No direct mentions to those 3 civilians who were killed in Suez or the hundreds injured across the country”
Al Ahram spoke about Lebanon in its front page before the protest still it proved that it was much better than other public newspapers as Al Gomhouria is speaking about small number of protesters while Al Akhbar spoke on how the protesters failed to achieve what the wanted !! "Forget about that Police Valentine Day thing tiny news on the front page" Dostor Newspaper is certainly missed today , Al Wafd daily , Al Masry Al Youm and Al Shorouk can’t fill its void despite their extensive coverage.
Al Masry Al Youm front page
Al Ahram frontpage
Al Ahram front page
Lebanon was more interesting than Egypt 
Angry Egypt in the street
Al Shorouk front page
Angry Egypt in the street 
Of course I should hint out that yesterday the original Dostor Website was blocked
The night talk shows yesterday was very careful in their coverage , I notice that only Reem Maged’s show and Mona El-Shazly’s show. Both of them were walking on a thin with fear , they can’t criticize the MOI nor the president but they can attack the government as they can. They ignored the public demands concerning the presidential terms , in fact they ignored mentioning the anti-Mubarak chants “they were removed from the footage”
There has not been official statement from the Egyptian government or the NDP except that statement of MOI issued last night. Update : The NDP reportedly issued statement where it states that it understands the needs of the protesters !!!
The opposition parties and groups have reacted too. The Wafd party and other opposition groups held a very late meeting last night , the Wafd party wanted a new national government instead of the current one to save the current situation in Egypt while other opposition groups raised the bar and demanded Mubarak to step down.
The reaction of the outside world was more quicker and louder than expected , it seems that the west has learned its lesson. The White house issued a statement concerning the day of anger expressing its concern for the universal rights of the Egyptian people especially freedom of expression and assembly. Despite what you think it was much better than what Hilary Clinton said. Of course the Egyptian protesters will not forget the tear gas grenades used by the security forces yesterday and also today were “Made in USA” and most probably part of that US Aid to Egypt.
Europe began to speak , the French FM  Michele Alliot-Marie expressed her country concern for the use of violence against protesters despite France’s respect to the internal affairs of Egypt. There is no doubt that she is trying beautify her position and her country’s too after what she had offered from security aid to Ben Ali of Tunisia. She visited Egypt from 4 days ago among her Mideast tour.
Marie with Mubarak from 4 days ago "AP"
The EU also spoke about #Jan25 but in tougher tone than France as it believes that the  Egyptian regime should listen to its people’s demands. Germany’s FM also urged the Egyptian regime to respect the citizens’ rights.
Israel refused to comment , already I do not know why Israel should comment on what is happening in Egypt in the first place. It should be noted though that in Wikileaks we find Israeli officials describing Egypt as the country of 80 million enemy headed by an ally President so I will assume that they are worried on their ally president Mubarak.
No Arab official spoke about Egypt except Saudi former spy chief Prince Turki El-Faisal who said that it was tough to predict Mubarak’s future which is true 100%. Prince Turki is currently in Davos where possibly Gamal Mubarak is there along his sidekick Ahmed Ezz ironically.
The West is trying to hold the stick from the middle , it can’t attack Mubarak despite they know that he is a dictator because he is the West’s friend but at the same time it fears to lose the Egyptians.
Now our dear Arab brothers and sisters are giving us huge help and support we could not imagine especially our dear Tunisians who have not forgotten us despite all the challenges they are facing in their beloved beautiful country. Since yesterday the Tunisians were retweeting our tweets to deliver the world the Egyptian day of anger.
The people of the world , the real free people of the world also support us , I can’t count how many tweets , comments and emails I received from around the globe that support our struggle to democracy and better . Famous Anonymous  Hacking group has launched operation Egypt to attack the regime’s websites. “I hope they start hacking the NDP tycoons and NDP newspapers as well , also I love the Egyptian Jack Fawkes face”
The public reaction in Egypt ,the people’s reaction is what matters actually in our case. As far as I could tell most people support and admire what happened yesterday but they are still scared, yes that wall of fear began to collapse. Most of my non politicalized friends have followed and shared videos and news of the protest on FB before its block with lots of admiration. Women cheered for protesters in their windows and balconies , the drivers honked their cars in their supports.


  1. Egyptian people didnt need to feel afraid. this is their country and they need to come out and say enough is enough to 29 years of suffering and miserable life! All of them need to go out and the more people on the street the better chances to get rid of Mubarak regime! Allah swt be with all of them on the street and help them insyallah!

  2. YA Z: plz ask those on the ground what can we egys abroad do. I have friends asking that they can receive info and help with the posting or help shoulder sm of the burden of we7det rasd ect. Plz write back here with points we can do. RABENA MA3AKOM WE ARE PRAYING

  3. The west is concerned that Egypt will be turned into an Islamic State like Iran. That is why they don't dispose Mr. M.
    Clinton and Obama have to deal with a very influential Jewish lobby. Do you think they would support an uprising that creates 80 million enemies of Israel?

    Get real dear Zeinobia. You cannot have it all: Wiping Israel from the world map and being loved by the west. Kicking Mr. M. and his cronies out without crushing the stock exchange.

    The Egyptian people will pay the price for its freedom. It will be very tough but it will be worth it. I am just an Expat but I believe in you wonderful Egyptians. You will work hard and you will suffer with a smile once you can be sure that your children will benefit from it and that future generations will prosper.


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