Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#Jan25 : A Real New Hope

I remember that I called Mohamed ElBaradei as a new hope in Egypt , well  what I have seen by my own eyes and heard by my own ears. If millions were and are at their homes , thousands , real thousands took the streets across the country and it started with Facebook invitation and a revolution in a sister country Smile
#Jan25 New Hope
New Hope 
I live in Mohendessin and the first place I tried to cover was Gamat Al Doul street  and Mustafa square, I thought that the protest would start at 2 PM but I was wrong when I went all what I found CSF vehicles moving around. It turned out that the protest started earlier and turned a march that moved in to Al-Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz street then in to Tahrir street in order to reach Cairo and Tahrir Square , Down Town.
A friend of the family living at Gamat Al Doul street described a scene she has not seen in her entire life in that upscale neighborhood , thousands "estimation of 10,000 protesters" flooding like an angry river  chanting angry anti-Mubarak regime chants.
In Gamat Al Doul Al Arabia street

I was in a car so I moved easily to the October bridge in order to head to Down Town Cairo protests , the bridge was moving too slowly because the security diverted all the traffic down town in a way you can imagine. We reached to the Egyptian museum and all what I can see from far was a large group of people and some Egyptian flags.
Blocking the way to the square

We tried all the streets down town that end at Al Tahrir square and all what I found is a dead end , all streets were blocked. The Abdeen Palace was blocked at the same way.
Later I knew that the protest of Al Tahrir street and it was stuck at the Galaa bridge thus after a lot of adventures at Cairo and later at Zamalak I reached to the Galaa bridge I found the protest moving in its way to Cairo to Kasr Al Nil bridge in order to reach to Al Tahrir square.

The security forces attacked the protesters and this is something I witnessed it with my own eyes.
A Protest under attack
All bridges between Cairo and Giza are being blocked to the moment of writing down this post. A relative of mine working in the National TV building tell us that the they are under siege in the country.
Today I feel that fear wall began to fall down.
Twitter has been blocked in Egypt , a stupid move because there are other alternatives like Hoot Suite.
More to come insh Allah.
  • Thousands have taken the streets of Alexandria , Mahalla, Ismailia , Port Said and Aswan. The numbers are incredible. 
  • The protesters in North Sinia have reportedly cut the international highway .  
  • Here are photos from Ahmed Abdel from Mahalla earlier today "through his mobile phones"

Protesters tearing down Mubarak photo 
  • Here is a snap shot for the protests in Alexandria "not less than 20,000" 

  • This great video presents to us an Egypitan Tainanem square moment at Kasr Al Nil street where the security forces attacked the protesters."Radio Hortyana"
  • There are clashes at Tahrir square , about thousands of activists and regular people "for the first time" are there. Some were injured , some were arrested . They can't use their mobiles , we are asking the people who live there to open their Wi-Fi networks to help them. We got updates that activists. This photo from AFP at Daily News Egypt can give an idea on what is going on there now. 
A New scene "AFP"
  • Mrs. Hilary Clinton has issued unneeded press statement about what is happening in Egypt , what parties she is speaking about , it is only the regime and the people !!
  • Follow The Guardian live updated page.
  • There was a protest earlier today in Fayoum "we do not know what happened to it" 
  • Here is a protest in Tanta of Gharbia governorate 

  • Here is another video from Al Wafd portal showing some citizens at the underground suffering from tear gas grenades 

  • Here is a video from Sinai from our friend Al-Anay in North Sinai , there were not less than 300 protests including women and children protesting the Mubarak regime policies. 
  • The MOI issued a statement accusing of the Muslim brotherhood of launching that protest !! They are claiming that there are injured soldiers. 
  • Hundreds of activists are allegedly arrested today and also a number of protesters were injured and transferred to the hospitals. 
  • There is a curfew imposed in Suez 
  • There are violent clashes in Mahalla that have started from an hour ago "I think the thugs were let in by the police to destroy the properties in the area" 
  • Here are photos from Demotix, AP, Reuters, Getty and AFP

  • My friend Tarek Shalaby published what he filmed today live in the protests.
  • UStream is blocked in Egypt 
  • I received updates that two protesters were killed tonight in Suez City by the security forces' live ammunition.
  • A police solider was killed called Ahmed Aziz 
  • About 7000 protesters in Alexandria are at Misr station having a sit in, there are also thousands of protesters there heading to Bibilo. Alexandria to have a sit in there also . Not less than 30,000 protesters went to streets today in Alex. Here are more photos from APN
  • Here are videos from Alexandria 

  • Tear gas grenades are being fired tonight now at Tahrir square. Here is the latest photo there along with some videos. Some protesters want to go home but the security does not let them out of the cordon. 
  • Here are also more updated videos "Now it is 10:49 PM Cairo local time" 
  • According to Al Shorouk news : 4 thousand people protest coming from Shobra have now joined Al Tahrir Square, Cairo, with tents and loads of food and supplies to support protesters in Tahrir.
  • A photo from Marsa Matrouh from couple of hours ago , we have not heard anything from our friend in Matrouh Mr. Ayman Shawky , the city council member so I assume there is or was a lot of action there 
Matrouh "We are all Khaled Said group"
The infamous NDP sign at Al Tahrir sq.
Hossam Agwa 
In Cairo 
In Alex
In Mansoura 
Again in Mahalla
  • Now it is 11:10 PM CLT Al  Jazeera is claiming that the Egyptian authorities are studying the possibilities to impose curfew in Cairo 
  • About 77 injured from civilians are lying in two hospitals in Suez city. There is curfew imposed in the city following the murder of the second citizen. 
  • The names of the Suez victims or heroes who shot dead today there are : Seliman Saber Ali - 40yrs and Mostafa Ragb Abdelfatah - 25 yrs
  • I know about the rumor that Gamal Mubarak has fled the country with his family to UK , despite all the British connections we know about Gamal yet I do not think that this is true , it could be a rumor thanks to the the fact that the sources are not credible 
  • Here is a video from the protest today earlier , Ayman Nour and the Wafd members marching Down Town
MOI official website 

It is 12:50 AM CLT now and our friends in Al Tahrir square are currently under huge attack from the security forces that are firing cannons of tear gas. Mass arrests are taking place in the streets of Al Tahrir. Many are injured. Ambulances are heading to the place
These tear gas grenades are made in the USA
The death toll in Suez city has increased to 7 civilians 
It is now 1:28 AM CLT the Tahrir square is reportedly cleaned out , about 6-12 are injured and transfered to hospital according to Al Jazeera talk. Many activists are being arrested and transferred to unknown places like Dr. Mustafa Al Nagar, the current coordinator of Elbaradei support campaign. The protesters who managed to escape the wrath of the security are reorganizing them to have a new protest  

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  1. may Allah swt help and protect Egyptians people who are in the streets fighting for their right to live and freedom. I am sad that not all Egyptians people wants freedom and only few thousands on the streets by right there should be at least 500,000 on the streets to be with others!

  2. Keep us posted please.I live abroad and you have been one of my good news sources for years.

  3. Best wishes to the people of Egypt on this important day, I am telling my readers to follow your blog to know what is happening.

  4. Why should not the people be free?

    Name here one reason.

    Pray for Egypt.

  5. Rumors say that Gamal & family have fled to UK

  6. Zeinobia. where's everybody. Where can one get news? ,is there a way to access twitter?? Just returned home but planning to return to EL tahrir again soon inshallah.. That's AhmadFahmy from twitter by the way

  7. Reports are saying that Egypt's interior minister, Habib AlAdly, has ordered Egyptian Police to open fire on protesters if they don't end their protest. He says this is legal under Egypt's 30 years running emergency martial law

  8. All the best for you guys, hope there's an outcome from this protest. It saddens me to see the oppression here, extremely different from back home.

  9. Thousands have taken the FREEDOM' streets !!

    THANK GOD ! Power,Justice & Freedom to Egyptian people : )

  10. keep going, you cannot win after one protest. keep safe and press onwards...

  11. The Egyptian army should stand with the people to get rid of shithead and his mafia.

  12. Young Egyptian in Canada1/26/2011 03:30:00 AM

    I am a 16 year old Egyptian, living in Canada. But I just want to say, that even though I am not in Egypt, I wish I was every night, and I feel the wounds the protesters are feeling too.

    I am proud and honored. Today was a remarkable day, the show of numbers was unprecedented, and the bravery displayed immense. This is one of the biggest show of resistance in modern Egyptian history, and I am extremely proud of my fellow countrymen, and hope the show of resistance continues and continues, so one day, we will see the result we want. I would also like to thank those who took part in the protest in Toronto this afternoon.

    I would like to call on The United States and other Western Governments that they need to STOP supporting our illegitimate and brutal regime, while 80 million of us are suffering day and night, and while claiming to be "the forefathers of Freedom and human rights".

    Many Western Governments would not support a regime change in Egypt now because of this whole idea of "It's either Mubarak or the Islamists" they have, which is a huge misconception, and a tool and propaganda used by the US Administration and the Arab Despots to try and support and legitimize Dictatorial Regimes like Mubarak's in Egypt. The US Administration needs to finally realize that their unethical policy of supporting brutal authoritarian regimes like ours, for their interests and "stability", is only a short term solution. Over the long-term, this will hurt them, as this oppression creates MORE extremes, and Egyptians will continue to turn to extremism and violence, as a result of the severe political oppression, and crippling effects social, and economic hardships they're facing under Mubarak's regime.

    Given a fair, democratic, election, Egyptians will definitely not vote for groups like the Muslim Brotherhood (Largest, Islamist, Opposition Party), but vote for the more moderate, secular political parties, like I would.

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s popularity was, and is not, the result of widespread support for its ideology or its conception of Islamic government. The Brotherhood remains vague regarding its specific political goals. Rather, the young people are drawn by the organization’s moral principles, and its extensive social services network.

  13. We should all honor the martyrs who fell yesterday

  14. The CIA-Mssad-NATO has been planning this coup for some time. Egypt is to be split up.

  15. Masha Allah!!! Well done "Ihvaanul Muslimeen"!!!
    Allah never gives up his real believers...The victory of this protest is the Isarel dogs should be pissed off...!! Insha Allah it will happen soon!!

  16. How to deal with tear gas.

    Put something over over the tear gas canister, a tin, bucket or garbage tin. Wear gloves to pick up the canister.

    Any acid can be used to neutralise tear gas. Carry bottles of bleach, vinegar or lemon juice. Even cola will work.

    Wear goggles and cover your nose and mouth.


  17. is facebook blocked? wow they must be terrified

  18. Proposed cultural Exchange Agreement: give us back Nefertity and take Mubarak.

    German foundation refuses to return Nefertiti bust
    By Eric Kelsey and Patrick Werr /Reuters January 25, 2011, 7:15 pm

    The Foundation said on the day of Egypt's anger on #25Jan

    "The foundation's position on the return of Nefertiti remains unchanged," foundation president Professor Hermann Parzinger said in a statement. "She is and remains the ambassador of Egypt in Berlin."

    Well twitter said take Hosny Mobarak and give us back our queen.

  19. After your successful struggle, you will have Peace, Freedom and good feelings.

    Help your fellow protesters and be kind to them.

  20. Good luck from the Netherlands. We are watching what's happening in Egypt on CNN. Send you positive vibes!!

  21. please post videos of what happened in the last few days (when egypt's internet was down).

    positive stories of courage and kindness are being well-received in the u.s.

    egypt, our prayers are for you


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