Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The 25th Big Day

 Here today is the 25th of January , the Police national day , after couple of hours supposedly insh Allah there will be huge protests across the country demanding specific political and social demands.
The news talk shows last night could not ignore the day and it showed nothing except that the regime is freaked out
The protests have not started but I will say that the day is successful “Insh Allah” because it showed how much the regime is scared from the people , the regime freaked out after knowing that thousands accepted the protest invitation online not even offline. Thanks to our Tunisian brothers our regime began to fear us more and more.
That scared regime is actually a weak one that has no confidence in itself , sooner or later it will fail.
Now it is 1:16 AM Cairo local time and there are rumors circulating the internet in a silly way.
More updates to come insh Allah to this post through out the day.
Before I forget please remember the real heroes of the Ismailia Police Force that stood with the people against the British occupation in the canal zone.
Update :
  • Down Town Cairo is locked by heavy presence of police forces and their vehicles
  • There is a presence in security forces in the major squares. 
  • The first anti-regime protest has allegedly started unexpectedly from populated Dar Salam area , people are chanting " Long live Egypt " ,"freedom and bread is all what Egyptian wants" 
  • There is a news that a pro-regime protest is roaming Alexandria. 
  • There is a protest led by teachers allegedly in Sharkia governorate. 
  • There is a huge security presence in Down town Mansoura. 
  • The Mahalla entrance and exist are being locked down by heavy security forces. 
  • The location of the protest at Cairo university has been changed , the new location will be announced at 1 PM 
  • The American and Canadian embassies have allegedly warned their citizens from engaging in these protests
  • The security at Mahalla is taking the IDs of journalists. 
  • The CSF closed all ways to the ministry of interior and to Abdeen Palace plus Korba 
  • Ayman Nour is heading a protest at Bab Al-Sharia according to his twitter account. 
  • To follow the updates on twitter : you can simply follow the Hash tag : #Jan25 
  • You can also follow the updates at "We are all Khaled Said group" and "RNN"
  • There are alleged protests in Asuit and Al Arish. 
  • This is unconfirmed news that the security will allow the peaceful march from Mustafa Mahmoud which will start 2 PM
  • 8 girl activists among them a journalist in Islam Online was arrested from Cilantro Gamat Al Doul. 
  • There are reportedly not less than 2000 Egyptians heading to Al Tahrir square , it is big scene according to eye witnesses
  • The internet connection "TE Data " is so bad so I am mostly on my iPhone 
  • According to El Badil twitter account the protest in Qena has started. 
  • According to Al masry Al youm the protest in North Sinai has started. 
  • According to eye witnesses in Alexandria huge number of people stayed at the mosques to start protesting "supposedly now" 
  • These photos are taken by Nora Shalby who is currently in Al Tahrir square

  • Hamdeen Sabhi is heading a protest in Kaft Al Sheikh. 
  • There is a protest reportedly taking place in Ismailia 
  • Al Masry Al Youm is broadcasting a live stream from down town. 

    • The police has failed in attacking the protesters at Tahrir and the protest there is getting larger and larger. The protesters have managed to cross the security cordons and seemed to be heading to Kasr Al Nil bridge 
    • The entrance and exists of Cairo are being locked. 
    • Moments and the protest at Gamat Al Doul starts 

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    1. Freedom to the people Inshallah.

      It is about time they break the chain of fear and go on the streets to claim back their freedom they were born with!

      It was funny to see that the show Masr el Na7arda was all set up, thanks to the bad acting of the presentator. I hope the people are not afraid and stupid to fall into their schemes and let us hope for a successful day tomorrow!

    2. Dear Egyptian sisters and brothers, I send you my best wishes for this day of yours of struggle for democracy, with the raccomandation to keep your anger under control as much as possibile, so that they cannot exploit it: against the "Power" one has to be cunning and careful..
      I'm writing from Italy, where our own democracy is being seriously threatened, and where we must face an anthropological disaster which is destroying our faith in the future and leaving us without words in front of the world.
      Hasta la victoria siempre

    3. Ya Z: plz plz send to the activists to stop going to one place in Tahrir
      they are trying to get u all in one place
      its easier for them

    4. When will all the protesters start burning themselves?

    5. Nothing is working. The live stream and the Twitter feeds are both down now.

    6. @Anon before last: you are an idiot

    7. Anonymous said...

      When will all the protesters start burning themselves?

      fuck you and the fucking horse you came riding in on

    8. ya Z: i dnt have a twitter account and dnt knw any of the activists now in the streets plz plz tweet to them to call on ppl while walking the streets
      to call them to come down and join to call them to come down and help to tell them this is for you and ur kids and our country plz ya Z this might make more ppl encouraged to come down and join them. This Tahrir protest must not die they might have pushed them away but they can rearrange and sit in smwehre else. Plz pass this AMANA 3ALAIKI

    9. I belıeve, Cairo is breaking the chains for freedom. All turkish people prays and support Egpyt. Thanks to our tunusıa brother. And ı just was lookıng somethıng about Kahire. I saw thıs blog ı am really glat to see thıs arcthcle. Allah ıs helpıng who has good hearth everytıme.

    10. From a Tunisian brother, please keep the protest alive in Egypt and seek your freedom from failed leadership. We rely on our Egyptian brothers to complete the struggle and show the way to other who would otherwise be democratic nations but still hesitate. God bless you all.


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