Monday, January 24, 2011

Tunisia Leaks : The Ben Ali regime files

As soon as the Ben Ali regime began to fall and their own Wikileaks files began to surface. The Tunisian files are mostly coming from the police stations that were deserted after the fall of the regime for fear of the public anger. The files show a typical police state where citizens spy on each other and live in fear , where citizens can’t practice their religious beliefs as they want to. “A basic human right”

A 2007 report  a group
of beard men

This scan for a report that goes back to 2007 "Based on the orders issued in year 2003". The report is about a group of beard men "beard men were also suspects in Tunisia Ben Ali just like in Eggypt" who had a meeting one night in Nabeul.
4 young beard men , two of them known for their Salafist beliefs were arrested for a meeting they held to discuss religious theological matter and also the life of Emam Ali !!!!
The report included the names of those four men , their social status, the name of their mothers and their wives if they were married.
A 2009 a veiled girl

The second scan is for another confidential security report that goes back to year 2009. The report about that young lady Radwa who wore the veil  or rather the so-called "Sectarian custom". Radwa is from Siliana governorate  and she wore the veil then and thus she was investigated and even arrested. It turned out she did all her religious duties and yet the security convinced her to take off her veil !!
Again all the details of Radwa was mentioned in the report including her social status and the name of her mother .
The documents include also documents from the ministry foreign affairs and the Tunisian embassies.
Hayet's condo in Miami 
Here is a document or rather a letter from the Tunisian embassy in Washington D.C to the president showing that Hayet Ben Ali , "the president's sister" had bought an apartment in Miami, Florida in 2006 . I do not understand why the embassy pays for Hayet Ben Ali "I understand actually but I am raising here a point that this is the Tunisian people's money"
That Miami apartment or rather condo was bought for $134,309 and there were other checks issued by the embassy with total of $13,923 as expenses. According to this letter sent from the embassy to the president and signed Ezzedine Hammedi "will speak about him later" these expenses were paid to Rothman & Tobin , the real estate attorney firm   "About $6500" , Becker & Poliakoff,attorney firm "About $5150" and Jake Winds condominiums "About $2273" Hayet Ben Ali bought the condo or the apartment from Jake Wind. The money transfer was done Amen Bank
People of Miami take care because you got Hayet Ben Ali among you !! I
Now who is Ezzedine Hammedi ? Through quick online search you will find out that he is the director of Tunisian information office in the States. He is the man who owns 169 domains on behalf of the Tunisian state including Ben Ali official website  "the website is down now", the official website for Ben Ali's presidential campaign and Info Tunisie.
By the way I do not know why suddenly I remember how the Tunisian embassy was used to portrayed in the X-Files TV series. " I am big old fan for that hit series, Tunisia was among the places the aliens had an underground alien base which was featured in the X-files first movie"
Now I could not ignore it but here is the video of Hayet Ben Ali's palace in Sousse where people attacked it and tried to set it on fire. I think that that letter about Hayet's condo was found there.
Here is another leaked document from the ministry of foreign affairs. That letter was sent to the ministry of interior in 2009 and it was about a huge challenge that faced some Tunisian embassy abroad. A Tunisian political refugee wants to issue a Tunisian passport for his little baby girl !!

Baby passport !!
Mohamed Ben Ali's
The last document I have found in the Tunisian FB group is that document that goes back to earlier this month. It is the most recent document and it is related none other than Mohamed Ben Ali , Ben Ali's youngest and only son. In the midst of the clashes the parents of Mohamed bought for him some property in Sousse !! That property is actually that touristic project La Baie Des Anges in Sousse , the contracts in Tunisia are different in Egypt so I do not understand if the Ben Alis bought for him the whole project or what.
Mohamed Ben Ali is the victim of his parents , the poor kid will be raised in Saudi Arabia and he will always be remembered as the son of Tunisia's dictator and the Queen of Carthage !!
Here is a photo of Mohamed Ben Ali "I think he is 8 years old now" , this is the only photo I found for him actually "it is not exclusive but remember you saw it here ;) " and the kid looks his father
and uncle Mohamed Ghannouchi is on papa's left hand !!
Sarkozy said in a press conference today that France miscalculated or misjudged the pressure and anger of the Tunisian people. He is in a very bad position as he knows he loses Tunisia as a result for this very old and big miscalculation he spoke about.
I am waiting to write a similar post about our own Ben Alis

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