Monday, January 24, 2011

Dr. ElBaradei Addresses the police

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has addressed the Egyptian police on the eve of their national day. Dr.ElBaradei recorded that video message before travelling to Switzerland. He is currently being criticized for not participating directly in the #Jan25 protest despite his total support to the peaceful protests that will be held on that day.
You can watch the video message below after the break
Dr. ElBaradei addresses the patriotic Egyptian police
Wise Dr. ElBaradei is trying to bring back the police force to our side in the street but I believe the police force needs more than video speech.
I do not give them any excuse for torture and abuse , if they have orders in protests , they do not have orders to kill and torture citizens in the streets like Khaled Said. The Khaled Said murder was not by the orders of the MOI but rather that by the orders of that police officer who was afraid to be exposed. The police force needs to clean itself from inside if it actually wants to return to our side. The police force needs to return back to its motto “The police is in the service of the people” not “The police is in the service of the regime”
Speaking about late Khaled Said May Allah bless his soul , Carlos Latuff made those two wonderful cartoons about Khaled and #Jan 25, please spread them online as much as you can.

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