Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kick that baby Yoga Cult out of Dahab Now

I follow Gawker and from couple of weeks ago they published that very disturbing video of a Russian lady swinging a baby like some stuffed doll and it created a huge reaction and also skepticism as the baby did not look normal and many people could not believe themselves. I searched for the videos in YouTube using the name of that so-called baby Yoga trainer Lena Fokina , I found other videos and immediately I reported them to the YouTube. Thankfully YouTube has removed the clips as they were disgusting. “My mom could not complete the first video”
Fokina holding two babies upside down "Dad Wagon"
Gawker followed the matter and published more videos including a video on YouTube that made me so uncomfortable and it was not because of that torture of the sweet babies’ little pinky arms nor to that NSFW hippy environment that does not go along with 2011 but with the fact there was this very Egyptian oriental music in the background and photos of beaches similar to our beaches in the red sea. The Tabla Baldi in the background music can’t be anything except Egyptian then the photos of these beaches made me wonder. All what we know then that there are real crazy people in the world who think it is ok to swing a baby like a towel and consider it as Yoga !! It was not a silly internet hoax.
Thanks to the Tunisian revolution I forgot those horrible videos but today Gawker shocked me when I found out that Ms. Lena Fokina is a Yoga trainer based in Dahab , South Sinai.. yes our Dahab , Egyptian Dahab !!!!!!!!!!!!
I was damn right about the Egyptian music and beach photos !!!!!!!!  Through an interview to an American parenthood website called Dad Wagon , we knew that Fokina is living now with her two daughters in their little homeland “Dahab”. Fokina has not met yet any problems in our country. Of course our authorities in South Sinai do not know or even understand what Lena does , in fact they do not care !! I really love how Fokina answered the question about nudity in Dahab , if she really believes she should not bring her own prayer to our church then at least  her followers put some bikinis on !!
Charkovsky by Ivan
Fokina has an official website in Russian “ Fokina Family website” and follows the teachings of Igor Charkovsky. Charkovsky’s techniques have been controversial all around the world and was subjected to question in 1980s in UK. It is not about underwater delivery but underwent treatment for babies too. In 2007 a seven months Israeli sick baby died during his so-called water healing process or whatever he calls. Charkovsky was in Dahab last year by the way.
First of all I think Lena and her daughters give the babies something , babies can’t be so silent naturally , it is abnormal for them to be silent in movement like that. Also swimming babies are not a new invention but it is not healthy to make babies swim in the red sea even with the dolphins. There are sharks in the red sea, the red sea is not a beach resort sea.
Well I hope that someone raises the matter to the governor of South Sinai or Moshira Khatab or even the first lady the patron of childhood in Egypt Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak because this is not right. Is this how we attract tourists nowadays !!?  Is there any sort of supervision on these tourists or rather those expats like Lena ?? 
I am worried that today Dahab  has “Swimming Baby yoga cult” and tomorrow Ras Sadr will have a new heaven’s gate while our authorities are still sleeping and eating rice with angels as we say in Cairo !!
Photo source : Dad Wagon and Adventure Ivan


  1. rice pudding

    Hope Mubarak and the others do some snorkeling while they are in SharmElShiekh


  2. Far be it from me to reproach female genital mutilators for lecturing on childcare.

  3. zenobia...
    I was shocked for reading this post!
    I was planning to go to Dahab for my winter break..
    how dare she?

  4. This is called Shaken baby syndrome. Its punishable by law.

  5. Truly appalling. Along with the potential for brain damage, because of a form of shaken baby syndrome add dislocation of arms and legs, and neck injuries including those resulting in paralysis.

    Any normal baby would be screaming which is probably why there is no natural sound, and a musical overlay. Babies also have natural reflexes when they have the sensation of falling which doctors test by holding them by the torso and suddenly moving them downward. The baby splays arms and legs which is a protective reflex. This baby isn't doing that even when she lets her free enough to do so.

    Also this baby`s colour seems off, as in medically unwell.

    Many a loving parent has accidentally dislocated a baby's arm by "pulling them to a sit" which is why you are always supposed to lift a baby from the torso. A dislocated baby's arm just dangles as if there is no innervation, ss I found out as a medical intern in a pediatric emergency room. The more times a joint pops out the easier it is to happen again, and the more likely there is to be permanent damage.

    If there is truth to these videos the proper authorities should be notified.

    The picture inserts that intermittently go across the screen, including that of the woman topless make me wonder what the real appeal of these videos is, who the yoga is supposed to be for, and who is interested in watching them. That would also explain a flood of such videos from one source.

  6. This is the worst thing you can ever do to a baby don't forget that this baby is a human being if he was old enough he would be struggeling to free himself it is disgusting to see what some parents can accept to happen for their children. My real concern is what if this crazy woman is in egypy and she is doing that for our kids oh God that's very scary

  7. Very-2 scary it is!! How someone can do like this??

  8. thank you for making my baby "stretchable
    ' :

  9. I am staying in Dahab and I regularly see this so called yoga, it is disgusting. This man: Charkovsky is back I saw him today.

    Is there an authority that can be notified?
    I know the laws are slack here since the revolution bu this is becoming a serious trend here in Dahab! and if nothing is done it's bound to get more popular!

    I really wish I could turn Charkovsky upside down in salty water

  10. Amazingly, there is no wiki article on Chartovsky. While I think some of his ideas may have merit, it seems that he has taken them to an abnormal extreme and has attracted a lot of followers with no medical input The followers are speaking about their "previous lives" and being "super human". These are cult followers, regardless of whatever other motives they may have and they need intervention of some sort. Children cannot protect themeselves and have no voice.

  11. This is so wrong! She practice child abuse! Please find a way to let your authority now.

  12. This disgusting abuse is spreading. It needs to be stopped. Babies are being harmed, possibly even killed. This is not how a normal person treats their precious child!


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