Thursday, January 20, 2011

The flag in this Way means Things are unstable Mr. Governor

I like to follow local news portals from different governorates in Egypt like Alexandria and Port Said and when it comes to Alex I follow the APN which according to MSM and Social media has become one of the main sources of news from our former second capital.
Upside down Egyptian flag !!
While I was reading this report about the governor of Alex former police Adel Labib who is insisting that Alexandria is stable and strong despite the Two saints church bombing last 1st January ,  I noticed that the Egyptian flag in the photo of Labib in the report is upside down !!
This photo is an official one and it is being used in the official website of Alexandria governorate.

In governorate's website
This photo was mostly taken at Labib’s office so this means he did not notice that the Egyptian flag was upside down !! It also means that the photographer and all those who were in that office that day did not notice for one second that the flag is upside down !! I do not know if anyone of the admins of the governorate official website noticed the flag or not but it seems no one paid attention as it is being used over and over there !!
So much respect to our highest national symbol !!? So much respect indeed !!?
The flag upside down means distress ; things are not stable and the army is needed !!


  1. yeah, the army is needed!! that is all

  2. the army? again? God forbid!!

  3. I have just checked the website, but I found only one picture in which the flag was correct.

  4. yaaaaaah!!! :D :D :D :D
    things in distress and the army is needed?? talk about omens!! I can't stop smiling while reading that :)))

  5. egyptians, you need to go home and leave our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS alone. I use to be tolerant, BUT as of 9/25/2012-- no more! I will not accept your terms. I as a United States American ask all egyptians to leave my country and take that inept president of ours with you. Thank You and good riddance. Jesus Christ Bless the U.S.A--- friend of Jews.


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