Thursday, January 20, 2011

ElBaradei Speaks to Hala Again

Here are the second and third parts of ElBaradei interview with Hala , the member of ElBaradei support campaign. I could not post them in time because they were uploaded at the midst of the Tunisian revolution. I do not know why his campaign did not upload the whole interview once or they did not upload the interview on parts on the same day !!

You can watch the interview below after the break.

ElBaradei evaluates the change campaign

He thinks that there is still fear in the Egyptian society despite the success of the campaign in one year in spreading the idea of change , to earn the people’s sympathy yet this is not enough. We need to cross that barrier of fear. He wants this year that more sectors from the society aside from the youth to join the campaigns like doctors , intellectuals , engineers and workers. He wants a peaceful change despite recognizing the fact that we live in a police state.

ElBaradei speaks about civil disobedience

In the third part he speaks how to organize a successful civil disobedience in Egypt despite he does not wish it to happen. First we will boycott the presidential elections and then we will go to peaceful general strike which is our right according to the international treaties the Egyptian regime had signed.

Dr. ElBaradei has an interview in the guardian about Egypt and Tunisia with our dear friend Jack Shenker. Dr. ElBaradei commented on why he does not participate in street protests and said that he believed that the changes currently should be achieved from within if we really want a peaceful change but  if the government or rather the regime does not listen to the demands of change then we should consider other options including the street protests and civil disobedience. Today the former chief of IAEA has posted on twitter that he fully peaceful demonstrations against repression as what other option remains if the demands fall on a deaf ear. “I like this description” 

I do not know if I hinted before to ElBaradei op-ed in Washington Post or not , I think I did not so here it is the ElBaradei op-ed in Washington about Egypt on December 26th 2010. Pardon me for that but really I am being distracted by thousands of things. He spoke about the latest disastrous parliamentary elections in Egypt and why we need a real political reform in the country. This op-ed fires back at the the op-ed of Youssef Boutros Ghali in WP.

Regarding Dr. ElBaradei and change in Egypt , well I do not think that 1000 Mohamed ElBaradei will manage to push the Egyptians towards revolution and change if they do not want to. If they really ready to change and revolt , they do not need a Mohamed ElBaradei and the Tunisians are the best example for this. In fact now I remember a great example from our own history in year 1804 when Egyptians revolted and chose Mohamed Ali as their ruler instead of Khorshid Pasha who was appointed by the Ottoman Sultan in a very rare occurrence. Mohamed ElBaradei can be our Mohamed Ali if we really want to learn something from history when it comes to choosing our destiny.

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