Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mercenaries used in Tunisia !!??

Aside from the foreigners that were arrested in the past couple of days in Tunisia by the Tunisian army from Sweden and Germany who turned to be tourist hunters,there are very alarming rumors online that there are currently foreign mercenaries responsible for the unrests and also the murders that took place in the past weeks.

I heard that the snipers that used to kill the protesters in Tunisian towns in the past couple of weeks are not from Tunisia but rather Serbian mercenaries brought by Ben Ali.

Yesterday I read that  former members of South Lebanon army entered the country as mercenaries , may be there is something of mix here because Israel is claiming that it has managed to return all the Israeli tourists in the country in some adventure as usual so may be they used these mercenaries to protect their tourists.

There is no smoke without fire and the Ben Ali’s regime will not go without a fight. Already till yesterday there had been clashes between the Tunisian army and the remains of the Ben Ali’s presidential guard.

Back to the Swedish tourists ,this video filmed earlier this week in Tunis shows their arrest and also beating, there was a shooting near their convoy and they were arrested on suspicion , they were beaten as you can see it as Tunisians thought they were snipers.

Tunisians arrest foreign snipers

They raised many question marks as riffles were found with them , these were hunting riffles and their tourists were on a hunting trip !! Of course I was quite surprised that there is a hunting activity in Tunisia but after doing a little search online  , I found out that there is an active legal hunting tourism in Tunisia.

Swedish hunters attack- Arabic Euro News report

I know Sweden is so angry that its citizens were beaten like that but it should not forget that for two weeks Ben Ali’s snipers killed so many innocent Tunisians throughout the country. Yes I feel sorry for those hunters but again but they should have stayed in their hotel or contacted their embassy before going to the airport!!


  1. This was a CIA coup. So any mercenaries were working for them.

    - Aangirfan

  2. Absurd, Israel have interest in the developement of freedom in the Arab World !

  3. @Michael-Yoav E. Amsellem

    1- You might want to tell that to Silvan Shalom and every other israeli official who has talked about this, plus the israeli media which has either either been talking up the 'danger' of the Tunisian model or calming readers by dismissing any chance of its success.

    2-Re-read the post, there is no suggestion that the Mossad were doing anything other than protecting their tourists

  4. The true enemy of democracy in Arab countries is the citizen who moans and complains but remains neutral and silent in face of governing authorities.
    In other words, the cowards.

  5. @Michael-Yoav E. Amsellem said...
    Absurd, Israel have interest in the developement of freedom in the Arab World !

    Sure, thats why Israeli figures cant stop praising dictators like Mubarak and Israeli papers were filled with articles full of fear of what will happen after Mubarak and how its Israels best interest to have his son or someone from the ruling ring. Add to that the fact that the only fair elections in MENA was held in the Palestinian territories and when the ppl chose Hamas, Israel throw a rant and stop the peace process and used this as a pretext to launch attacks left and right and increase the no of settlements. No sir, no occupation would like or support democracy in the region and Israel is an occupation, thriving on the differences and misfortunes of the region.

  6. who told u that those swedeish tourists were really hunters ? am a tunisian citizen .i maybe kno tunisian better than non tunisians of course . boar hunting season comes in october , the fall season , it doesnt concide with january . and at the car trunk , guns which were found were not for hunting but they have a GSX442 type . such type holds a ballet of 0.1.25 diameter , and it has a 12.06 cm length . it is used by both snipers and what we call in tunis ( B.O.B).brigades officers anti bombs , special ministry of interior groups

  7. No one brings any weapons undeclared through any custom nowadays. If this ridiculous police force did their job they would know the identity of these men and their hunting weapons!
    And yes it was innocent Swedish hunters!
    Another example of the uncontrolled mentality in Your country. Not even police manage to control the situation by a simple ID check... A disgrace!
    Start acting and behave civilised instead of always feeling sorry for your self.
    This violent behaviour is what makes Middle East immigrant so hated in EU!

    Now it is known what it means to be tourist in your country.. :o Ask the Embassy..? To take a Taxi ride with prober ID??
    Ridiculous. You should write about feeling sorry.
    And not blaming decent people acting by the rules from a civilised world.



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