Friday, January 7, 2011

The Latest Victim Of Alexandria Church bombing

El- Sayid Belal was 32 years old young man from Alexandria,married and had one child. He  was arrested last Wednesday because of the Alexandria Church bombing. Belal is a religious person and it seems that he was from the Salafis. The MOI has been arresting members of the Salafi movement since the explosion. Belal was arrested without a warrant “some will say that he was arrested because of the emergency laws that is applied following terrorist attack” as the Salafis were the primary suspect in the attack considering the threats and the protests they launched against the Church because of Camilla Shehata and her sisters cause. “ There was a protest earlier after the Friday’s prayer on the 31st December”
Belal is allegedly believed to be tortured till death during the interrogation at the state security in Alexandria last Wednesday. The security buried him late at night without the approval of his family that is currently demanding a new autopsy to know Balal’s real cause of death. There is news that the security has arrested his brother Ibrahim to force the family to shut up.
Here is a video showing the dead body of Belal “Extreme graphic content”
Siyad Belal who was killed by state security
I think Belal is the latest victim of the Alexandria church bombing despite what killed was that kind of terrorism that attacked the Two saints , he was killed by another kind of terrorism.
Now the case of Belal is so dangerous because the Salafis and the Wahbists are using for their own interest. Already the Salafist websites are back on their track exploiting his murder attacking the state and accusing it of being biased to the Christians. This is another fiasco to the MOI , it is enough that the ministry has been able to determine who is behind the attack so far ,even that sketch based on restructured head , it turned out to be for a Christian citizen who attended the service !!
I knew about Balal through tweets by Dr. Ayman Nour and Wael Abbas before any website “including Salafi websites”.
Egyptian newspapers El-Badil and Dostor have been so far the first two websites to speak about him.
May Allah bless the soul of Balal just like the souls of the Alexandria Church bombing and make his blood a curse on those who tortured him without a mercy. I ask God not have mercy on those who torture Balal because they did not have a mercy on him.


  1. There was no suicide bomber. It was a rigged car bomb..the ministry is lying, everyone is lying.

    It was remotely detonated(eyewitnessses), the car became airborne and took a trajectory of more than 15 metres(can only happen with a chassis plan)

    I don;t want to hear more bollocks about suicide bombers, it's insulting to my intelligence, it's insulting to the eyewitnesses, it's insulting to the victims and their families.

    It was a remotely detonated car bomb.
    We can debate assumptions but not facts

    fact is a car bomb
    fact is there was no suicide bomber
    fact is the fucking government and police are lying
    assumption: is who did it? you draw your own conclusion...

    before they started lying: listen carefully to the guy

    to those from planet 'eyes wide shut' and to the GIYUS arsewipes

    don't censor me because I am pissed at what happened and people living in a dream world looking for a non-existent suicide bomber, the truth is right in front of us we just open our eyes

  2. Hasn't anyone noticed that ever since wot happened jason's comments were oddly cheerful..almost like he's happy of what happened, wot's up with that Jason you fpos?


    General Afif Khufifi, a few days ago -- said: "Egypt represents the biggest playing field for Israeli military intelligence activity. This activity has developed according to plan since 1979."

    [Amos]Yadlin also said: "We have penetrated Egypt in many areas, including the political, security, economic, and military spheres. We have succeeded in promoting sectarian and social tension there so as to create a permanent atmosphere of turmoil, in order to deepen the discord between Egyptian society and the government and make it difficult for any regime following that of Hosni Mubarak to alleviate this discord."

    BBC news:
    Whoever planted it appears intent on inflaming hatred between Egypt's 8 million Christians and more than 70 million Muslims.

    suicide bomber on foot?


  5. I'm a brainwashed suicide bomber, what would be a better location to blow up my self.. a church in front of a mosque that will almost certainly kill and injure muslims or this(link above) coinciding on the same day of new year's eve?

  6. The Israel story is total rubbish. Yes I do believe they have spies in Egypt and yes they are very good in monitoring what goes on and yes they cannot want a strong Egypt; BUT throwing the nation in turmoil, see the regime overthrown by Islamic fundamentalists to establish the Islamic republic of Egypt at their doorsteps??? Come on get real!

  7. I didn't say it was Mossad as a fact, I said draw your own conclusion..however the evidence and the series of events makes that very probable. That attack if indeed connected to them, it will not topple the regime or destabilise Mubarak.. not one attack, that's for sure with over 2 million security personnel serving chiefly to protect the regime. If it is the Mossad, it's just to send them a message "what we can do". I;m sure they were not the least bit happy about exposing their spy network in Syria in Iran, especially that Syrian officer.. another thing, you never know how much the intelligence in Egypt already knows about other spies in the region that they havent been exposed yet, whether to the Syrians or the Iranians, this attack can be a warning to the Egyptians to put a lid on it.

    One thing is indisputable is that the Egyptian government is lying about the nature of the bomb and you have to ask yourself why.

    You also have to ask yourself these questions:
    1- Who makes remotely detonated IED, certainly not Islamists..their signature is suicide bombers because they want to go the heavens and a remote bomb is not the quick shortuct for martyrdom

    2- if it is indeed a radical group, why haven't they claimed responsibility? they were never shy of claiming responsibility for any previous attacks

    3- why is the Egyptian government lying about the bomb and clearly trying to divert any attention from that car, contradicting their first forensic reports, contradicting eyewitnesses who were there before the police showed up

    4- where is the body/remains of the "alleged suspected suicide bomber", surely he did not vaporise?

  8. P.S in the worse case scenario[Mubarak getting oppled] and this has nothing to do with meddling of another country, this is just an assumption of what may happen in Egypt regardless of attacks or not, people are just fed up anyways. But in that scenario, Islamic fundamentalists will never be able to assume power in Egypt, I'm not sure if you are an Egyptian but you seem to underestimate the army in the end they hold all the strings.

    If Mubarak is toppled[for any reason] no one will be able to step in his shoes without the full support of the army, any kind of an uncalculated 'revolution' that brings Islamists to power or any party that is not approved by the army; will be crushed in a few hours. This is a very strict military regime regardless of the civil charade.

  9. another thing, what makes you believe that with a turmoil or even with free elections, Egypt can become an Islamist state(Iran like), this is a misconception mostly spread by the mainstream hogwash[whether in Egypt or in the West] that it's either Mubarak or the Muslim Brotherhood, the MB are not extreme and even if we assume that they are just playing low until they can take over, in true free elections, they will not win enough seats tohave much say.

    Read this article by an author who appears tohave a good perspective of Egyptianpolitiks
    In previous house elections where the MB gained an alarming win, the turnout is always low, never exceeding more than 10% and not even without speculations that they[the MB] must have struck a deal with the ruling NDP to win those seats. Essentially they were running in electionsof NDP vs the MB where only the supporters of both "parties" showed up to to vote like in 2005 with a turnout between 6-10%[there are never precise figures but it's a very low turn out], the silent majority will neither vote for the government's party or the MB.

    The MB, despite all the hubba hubba surrounding them are not that strong of an opposition..they have good support within some certain sectors of the society, especially within the urban parts but in rural parts and the countryside they have virtually no supporters or sympathisers for that matter. If you are an Egyptian, you need to travel to the impoverished delta and south villages and ask people there and see who really supports Islamists or NDP. With true free elections when there will be real turnout and people will believe their voice matters and can make a change, it will be those rural peasants and the factory workers who really decide who rules, not the intellects and not the urban middle classes. Those are more likely to vote to any one with a socialist agenda, which might explain why Mubarak[mostly his son] was far more worried about the Labour party than the MB, freezing it and practically abolishing it from all political life.

    The very ignorant west always falls in the Iran after the shah scenario, some Egyptians unfortunately fall into the same trap.. ignoring or misreading the stark differences between the 2 societies and peoples, although the communists in Iran might have rose to power if the US didn't decide to fiddle but anyways, there are far more differences than similarties between Iran and Egypt to draw a scientific comparison and set a rule for thes the Islamic doomsday reign. In fact you don't need to look as far as Iran for a better comparitive example. It's another Arab country not that far from Egypt where they had free elections and relatively moderate Islmaists won. It's Algeria and we know how the army crushed the Islamists who won square and fair in a couple of days, not that the MB can win overwhelming in Egypt..that's quite unlikely because of reasons stated above but even if that happens; the end will be the same and not just for the MB, any party that opposes the army's mostly secular outlook on state rule or doesn't see eye to eye or merely threats what the army controls, the exact same thing that happened in Algeria will happen in Egypt and it will be 1952 all over again.

    That's the real reality my friend, grim as it be for those aspiring for a true democratic Egypt.. the military establishment still has the final word and democracy advocates like ElBaradei or others calling for reforms within the system have to walk on egg shells as not to disturb the guys in uniform. I don't want to sound pessimestic but that's how things really are on the ground, you have to strike a deal with the army if you want to bring in slow change towards democracy, they have to be assured their current status will not be affected. Another scenario is that the army itself wakes up from its slumber,takes a stand with the people but that's not likely to happen with a Mubarak or any military figure in power.[wishful thinking]


  10. Police officers just started collecting people off of the streets, over 15 people where arrested for no reason, tortured to admit a crime that they haven't done !! tortured to death!! that's how the Egyptian police officers handle the bombing investigation.

  11. There are several competing views of the Egyptian society, and the above is one. I, for one, would give MB a lot bigger base, rural & urban. el-Baradie has done well by seeking their organizational strength, and shying away from the superficial elitists - who in my humble opinion - have done Egypt more harm than good. We should learn from the Turkish experiment, not the Algerian. May Allah bless Egypt.

  12. What happened with Bilal shld be considered high treason, the highest security office is attempting to cover up on the real perpetrators of the Alexandria bombing. How could the state intelligence not get involved here? how could the minister of justice, the DA and members of the Judiciary and lawyers scream publicly about this. Where is the Church in this attempt to cover up a crime that targeted its followers? where is the media? more important WHERE ARE THE PPL?
    The problem isnt w Mubarak alone, its clear that the entire security system needs to be reformed and many in it must be brought to court. Also, I have a lot of respect to the DA but its clear his office is becoming more and more weak in torture cases and of course one of the main reasons is the clearly incompetent and corrupt forensics office. A ruler is nothing w/o those protecting him and making him think wt he is doing is good. Also, instead of fighting about which label we like the most and think will bring change, can we move off our asses, no one will bring change for us on a silver plate.
    Last but not least, Id like to congratulate fellow Egyptians on this discovery, so, the updated price list for Egyptians:
    eaten by sharks= gets nothing
    blown up/killed= 20 thousand pounds
    wounded= 5 thousand pounds
    killed by state security= gets nothing + threats to living family members + potentially taking in a living bro, father, son.

  13. Only when we move away from the 'conspiracy theory' and 'blame the boogeyman' mentality can we, as a people, face up to the reality of what we have become and what we have done to ourselves. The facts, whether you like them or not:
    1) the government is not to blame and Egyptians have been particularly lucky where leadership is concerned; a leadership which has kept us safe, protected our borders, ensured the maintenance of peaceful relations between us and our neighbours and, importantly, which has thwarted more attacks than any can count. Our ministry has protected us where those across the region have failed to do so where their countries and populations are concerned
    2) Israel is not the enemy; Israel is not behind the attack. Al Qaeda conspired with a treacherous Egyptian to execute this murderous, traitorous plan. But, instead of seeing the facts as they are, it is easier to blame Israel, isn't it? Do you need reminding that it was the Palestinians who illegally stormed through our borders, smuggled weapons, etc., not the Israelis? Do you need reminding that Egypt and Israel are in a state of peace and the enemies of both nations will do whatever it takes to destroy that peace. They can't and they won't. Our president is not given to angry rhetoric or to hasty action. He weighs his words and critically evaluates his actions prior to doing or saying anything. His only consideration is Egypt, and he won't listen to, or appease a handful of angry, senseless individuals at the expense of his country - a country whom he fought for and laid his life on the line for. How many of you can make a similar claim?
    3) our real enemy is the crazed fundamentalists. Oppose them, fight thrill rhetoric, stand against their determination to divide and destroy your country. Don't search for mythical enemies when the real enemy is right there and proudly declares itself as such.


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