Thursday, January 6, 2011

Egypt’s Orthodox Christmas Mass : Live

First of all Merry Christmas everybody :)
For the first time the Egyptian TV along with 4 private channels “ Dream TV channels, Al Hayat Channels, ON TV and Al Mehawar”  are going to air the Orthodox Church Christmas live starting from 7 PM Cairo local time “It has already started with silly provoking Mubarak regime patriotic songs”
About 11 TV hosts from the major Night talk shows are going to present on air “ Al Masryoon”- “The Egyptians” where they will be teams and host prominent personalities in the society for 15 before the mass.
The TV hosts are : Mona El-Shazly, Reem Maged, Moataz Al-Darmdash , Rola Kharsa , Tamer Amin, Mahmoud Saad, Kheiry Ramadan,Mona El-Sharkawy, Osama Mounir , Lamis El-Hadidy, Lobna Assal and Sherif Amar

You can watch it live on the Egyptian TV website directly and ON TV as well
Gamal Mubarak is going to attend the mass and there is a rumor that Alaa Mubarak is going to attend the mass. Mubarak himself will not attend it as usual “he can’t attend it with all those people in Cathedral” , he sent a Christian general from his office to represent him. 
Tomorrow there will be insh Allah several protests and stands mostly importantly the stand at the sea and Nile corniche in the country at 4 PM local time

Live Updated :
  • Alaa Mubarak and his wife Heidi are attending the service , Gamal Mubarak  arrived after the mass has already started 
Alaa Mubarak and Heidi Rasekh
Alaa and Gamal Mubarak 
  • Many prominent personalities were invited to attended the service at the Cathedral like Amr Khaled, Youssra and Adel Emam. 
  • Many Muslims attended the mass in churches across the country despite it depended on the security in the Churches. Some Muslims were not allowed in some Churches because of security while they were allowed in other Churches. 
  • Here is a photo from Heliopolis Church where the Muslims stood outside , the priests went out to salute them. ElBaradei Campaign and Khaled Abu Naga participated in this stand. 
  • Here is a photo of lady wearing the Niqab with her daughter attending the mass at the Church of Kasr Al Dobra
  • The Muslims in Zagzig reportedly distributed roses at the Church there.
  • The service was finished earlier even before 12 AM !! 
  • Pope Shnouda III said very short and sad word unlike previous times , it was noticeable that when he thanked Mubarak "twice" , there was no a single applause from the audience at all. There was no cheering at all. Pope Shnouda did not mention names at the end of his speech to thank them as used to do 


  1. I wrote a note about the Christmas Masses in Egypt, and included the picture you linked of the lady with a niqab (my blog is in Italian).

    I am quoting you quite often these days! Alf shukr!

  2. Two points:
    The united front idea started with the youth and mainly on facebook along with some activists and public figures who have been active in calls for change. The regime soon stole the idea, nothing new here and not bad actually but the problem is that instead of showing ordinary Egyptians, the source of the call they gave us boring fake presenters and guests who are mostly not that loved or respected. What all the presenters and guests didnt say yesterday is that there is a huge security failure and that the regime will kill every single one of us but not leave us alone.
    My other point is, I hope all those who didnt wait until investigations where done and jumped into blaming Muslims and cussing salafis and women wearing niqabs are happy now that it turns out that the state security tortured and killed a guy for a crime he didnt commit. If all the ppl want is a scape goat this is wt they will get. I for one, want an Egypt that is big enough for all Egyptians bound by the laws of the country but not one where those who chose to be strict regardless of their religion do not have a place and if we want a proper country then we shld contest this as much as we contested the crime of the new yr.

  3. فتح مصر - المحاضرة


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