Egyptian Chronicles: Where is that bitterness Towards Egypt !!?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where is that bitterness Towards Egypt !!?

Hossam Zaki , the spokesperson of the ministry of foreign affairs has slammed the statements of General Aoun and accused him of reflecting his bitter feeling towards Egypt in these statements !!

I read the statements of Aoun and honestly I do not find any bitter feeling towards Egypt , he is only criticizing the Egyptian regime just like we do !!

Egypt seems to be moderate towards Israel alone and not towards other segments of the Egyptian society

He also refused the statement that the security of Christians in the east is the responsibility of the Muslims but rather the state and that if we want a developed state and citizenship then we must go back to our Islam that respects the others’ beliefs. The general that represents a big sector from the Maronite church stated that there is no discrimination in Islam !!

Tell me where is that bitter feeling in that talk !!?? Is not this what we have been saying ourselves in Egypt !!

Of course the regime can’t stomach anything said by Aoun because he is Hezbollah ally.

The general also criticized the racist law suggested by minister Boutres Harb. Israel is claiming in its websites that Harb proposed that law to prevent the Iranians from buying all the houses and buildings in Lebanon !!!

By the way Aoun’s elder brother has passed away today.

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  1. If many people seem to harbour these views either they're all crazy or wrong - or maybe there's a problem.

    Maybe ultra-patriotism buttressed by delusions of grandeur have something to do with it.

  2. ya Z, eza kano aslan mesh fahmeen eno el nas mesh tay2ahoom, we fehmo eno homa el moshkela mesh 2e7na. Rabena ye7'alasna ba2a we neksar el olal warahom orayieb


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