Sunday, January 23, 2011

MOI : A Palestinian Militia Behind the Two Saints Bombing

The banner of the militia
Minister of interior Habib Al-Adly revealed today that a Palestinian militia is behind the two saint Church bombing in Alexandria. In a very short statement the minister said that it was proved through evidence that “The Palestinian army of Islam” was behind the attack.
In what considered the first public appearance for the minister of interior since the attack , Al-Adly stated that the group that was linked to Al-Qaeda hid behind members they recruited in Egypt !!
The statement did not explain how the militia managed to penetrate the Egyptian society despite all the security measures between the Gaza-Egypt borders and in Sinai n general. The statement also did not explain who were those members the militia managed to recruit in Egypt.
Neither militia nor the Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attack.
Update : The group has denied any responsibility to the attack according to its spokesperson in Gaza despite praising the operations !!!!!!!!!!!
Mumtaz Dughmush
The Palestinian army of Islam is considered one of the newest militias appeared in Palestine in the past 4 years. It earned international fame with the abduction of BBC reporter Alan Johnston, he was released after 4 months of his abduction when Hamas arrested several members of the group. The group considers itself as a Salafist group that does not follow any other group or any Palestinian militia.It allies Al Qaeda and the land is not its cause only , it has allegedly bigger message.
The group has extremely bad relation with Hamas and saving Johnston was a tip of the ice berg whether politically or even theologically if we consider their views about Iran and Shiites.
The Palestinian army of Islam was founded by Mumtaz Dughmush who is too controversial to make us wonder more and more about who is actually that group and why it was made. Unlike what it is was shortly mentioned about Dughmush in his Wikipedia English entry , he was not only member in Hamas but he used to be a staff sergeant in the preventive security prison when notorious and corrupted Mohamed Dahlan was heading the security apparatus. Dughmush resigned from the apparatus to join suddenly Hamas then he resigned from Hamas to join the popular resistance committees then he resigned to found his army.
Many Palestinians believe that he is an agent of Dahlan sent to spread chaos in Gaza , some even believed that this is a CIA backed group that is being used to hit Hamas and other militias whose primary goal is the land . 
Mumtaz belongs to the Dughmush clan that is being dubbed as the Sopranos of Gaza and among their operations attacking the house of Mahmoud Al-Zahar of Hamas using rockets !!!!!!
This is not the first time the name of Dahlan is brought up directly or indirectly as harmful to Egypt and our national security.
Now people online have mixed feelings , first of all many are suspecting the MOI’s statement , it is easy to blame foreign terrorist group after all that time , second some are suspecting that this is an introduction for an attack on Gaza using the attack of Alexandria boldly.
Source : Islam Online and Arabic Wikipedia
Update : The general prosecution office heard what Al-Adly said for the first time today just like the rest of us according to original Dostor !!


  1. The MOI should reveal it's complete evidence to the rest of us to judge because we must find out why the security apparatus failed to detect the plot before it happened and who must be held accountable.
    Al-Adly has missed out on providing the why, who, when, where, what, etc.

  2. Can you post a link for the Speech Z, I was @ work but I heard the speech was full of the same old 3rd grade nonsense.

  3. a) no one is buying this crap, Al Qada always takes clear responsibility for its operations. If this was them it wldve been a big thing for them, big enough not to make sure to denounce claims of their responsibility.

    b) The regime has lost its credibility and its clear they are announcing this crap now to convince ppl esp Christians not to participate on 25th.

    c) why shld we believe one word from those who use torture to get info, its well-known how they can make ppl confess to things theyve never did.

  4. Al qaeda is their mentor but they're not a subsidy of it and from Islam online 2009 article it's said that they did commit attacks and they were accused of them and they denied these accusations despite the presence of strong evidence against them, besides the only thing they announced their responsibility of was the Israeli military man and they said that their done with him and gave him to hamas because they were busy.
    لعل أبرز السلوكيات التي اشتهر بها جيش الإسلام وغيره من المجموعات الإسلامية الجديدة، كجيش الأمة مثلا، تمثلت في القيام ببعض السلوكيات الميدانية التي تعتبرها هذه المجموعات تندرج تحت واجب محاربة "الفساد الأخلاقي"، عبر تفجير مقاهي الإنترنت، ومتاجر أشرطة الغناء، والاعتداء على الفتيات المتبرجات.

    إلا أن جيش الإسلام تحديدًا نفى عنه أي تهمة أو شبهة صلة له بالتفجيرات، برغم توفر الأدلة القانونية، والبراهين الميدانية، التي تؤكد مسئوليتهم عن هذه الأعمال.
    Read more:

    So I don't think that it's totally fraudulent they do make sense...and the attorney and the juridical dep. will prove it wrong or right sooner or later...


  6. This regimes kills, tortures and arrests people without any evidence and now they want us to believe this MOI made up story that Al Qeada is behind the bombing. MIO = AL QAEDA in my defintion.

  7. I think we will never know the truth because the MOI has lost all credibility with the Egyptian people. Sadly, I don't think we will ever find out who is really behind the attack! I could also be sarcastic and ask the question "I thought the Mosad or the CIA were behind this and not fellow Arabs?!!!"


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