Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Palestine Papers : Al Jazeera’s own Wikileaks

Ok Julian Assange you got a big competition because Al Jazeera has launched its own Wikileaks website and has already its own leaked documents that can for real change the Peace process in the Middle East.
For the whole day Al Jazeera aired an announcement on TV and on online that on 20 PM GMT Al Jazeera will announce a huge rocking announcement regarding some confidential documents. The channel did not say anything till noon when they announced that the documents are about the Palestinian – Israeli negotiations. Honestly it seemed boring as nothing would prepare us for what was revealed. 
And at 20 PM GMT Al Jazeera revealed that it has got 1600 confidential documents from the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations including the emails between the officials from both sides. The Guardian has published the Palestine Papers as well in cooperation with the Arabic channel.
Despite it is not actually surprisingly but the PLA has given a lot of unacceptable concessions when it comes to East Jerusalem , Israeli settlements and the refugees besides the Jewish identity of the Israel.
Currently I am watching the special coverage on air in Al Jazeera Arabic channel , Saeb Erekat was now their guest and he was furious , really furious. “I fear on his health”
Abu Mazan is currently in Cairo at some Palace called the Al Andulas Palace “currently searching for this palace to know its story” and I think he will not sleep tonight.
You can follow the updates online live on twitter through: #Palestinepapers 
Al Jazeera is covering Jerusalem issue tonight.
Ok it is finished and I have got questions :

  1. Who has leaked these documents ?? Has Dahlan hand in this bringing down the temple on everybody ?
  2. Why did Al Jazeera or rather Qatar publish these documents now ?? By the way I believe the journalists of Al Jazeera made a historical fantastic job but we should not forget the administration of channel needs approval from Qatar to publish this stuff in this way.


  1. Abbas, his regime and Erekat are thieves and traitors!! Abbas and Erekat did everything for Israel except convert to Judaism!

  2. Did we really need these leaks be it Al Jazeera or Wikileaks docs to tell us what we Middle Eastern citizens have felt and known for so many years now. Our rulers are best friends with Israeli and American politicians. They all sold us and our causes for the friendship and appreciation of the Israelis. Those who support the criminal Israeli entity among its fake citizens also dont realise they are also being sold. Who ends up making money and lots of it and control the society thanks to continuing struggle between the original inhabitants of the region and the illegal settlers?
    Its about time we trust our gut feeling and act accordingly. Mubarak has stopped caring for our national interests a long time ago and he lost his connection to the normal citizens a long time ago. His decisions now serve himself, his family and those so close to him and he is done trying to beautify his decisions or hide his true intentions. This is clear from the infamous gas deal, from his statements to the criminal Perez couple of days ago, from the love relationship he has with one of the most racist religious figures of Israel, from his decision to join in messing up Lebanon, the rift with Syria, lack of any real significant attempts for Egypt to be once more a serious contributor and facilitator of important issues from Sudan all the way to Yemen, his official position seems to be Im not interested in moving my butt who cares what happens to my ppl afterwards all I care for is my safety until I die and the safety of my family and last but not dangerously least, from the latest attempt by his interior minister to make up a badly conceived story about the involvement of Palestinian Al Qada, Hamas, Iran and Hizballah in the Alexandria bombing. What an insult to the Egyptian ppl and their victims, what a devious plan is this to turn us against the cause we shared and carried on for generations, make us "think" we share the same enemy like Israel does and to have us help in bringing down Lebanon and its last line of defence, who are we to meddle in what the Lebanese ppl want and why? Who benefits the most from this latest announcement and who will be revealed as the source for information? Israel. As a citizen, I want every penny spent on our so called intelligence and national security and internal security entities from my own money, bec they are a failure. As a citizen, I demand those behind this failed plot are tried for attempting to turn Christian and Muslim Egyptians against each other. Time will tell and those idiots must know by now nothing in thie digital fast age is likely to remain a secret for long.

  3. The response from PA was really bad and the only thing they did was attacking the messenger (Aljazeera)and the Qatari prince. Al Jazeera and the Guardian just affirmed what we suspected. The PA is desprerate, making deals with Israel/USA that are even worse than we suspected and when they are confronted with these papers than the PA start lying, denying, crying, attacking the messenger and even attacking Qatar who gave the PA and Palestinian people tens of millions of dollars in donations.

  4. Regardless of what you think of the Authority selling out or Qatar's own agenda or not..we still have to ask ourselves about the timing. The Palestinians and the Arab league is going through a cumbersome effort to get a declaration from the General assembly, it's a marathon politics but they have right on their side and would have ultimately got it, perhaps by end of 2011[note: USA hasno veto in the general assembly.. a majority vote=resolution=am acknowledged state on the 67 armistice whether the US/isrealis like it or not. The isreali wobbling around we don't know where the 67 line/we don't have the maps/the maps are not internationally appoved[all that bollocks] would no longer be valid.. negotiations will be start fresh based on that declaration, equal countries in front of the world.. like peace talks between the fuckerss and syria/Jordan/Egypt the ridicule and dodging and lying they are so good at will no longer work. state vs state.

    Cui bono is always the question.. yes swaps are already know but concessions in Jerusalem were rather unexpected knwing how Arafat stood solid against any concessions for Jerusalem..but anyway cui bono now when Palestinians are going to the UN and tossing away the negotations..who wouldn't want a UN state declaration to prevent peace talks on equal basis..who benefits from seeing the PA toppled,destabilised and Palestinians left without any representatives now? those are the questions. I don't think Jazeera have bad intentions or revealing them now on purpose..they are just being played..they are being used like a tools, brainless tool. That's the problem with morons, they rarely think and think it's a breakthrough..fine, but now you know the negotations are over and there were no concessions and they already chose the UN and international community instead of the US/Bliar brokers..give them a chance

  5. "Mubarak has stopped caring for our national interests a long time ago"

    P.S shithead never cared for Egypt's interests..not from day one, he is not even a puppet or stooge as some think.......[if you get my drift]

  6. Oh dear, we are confident are we not? your story is two decades behind the times and really I cannot even bother reading it. Again you are not thinking strategically so I leave you to simmer a little and get your facts right, maybe then I will bother, for now I think it will be time not well spent considering observations
    that frankly are simplistic.

  7. This is proof that Arab countries should leave Palestinians and Israelis solve their problems with each other as Arab countries have enough problems of their own to resolve.

  8. I'm not sure what to think about this. It would be helpful to hear a Sudanese perspective.

  9. Why are you so against consessions? For peace both sides need to make concessions. Are you against peace?


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