Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stop These Rumors Now

In the 72 hours rumors have swept over the country through the miracle of SMS and BBM not to mention the mighty Facebook and unfortunately these rumors do not want to stop.

People received SMSs and BBMs that Church X was blown up , a bomb was found at Mall Y and gunmen attacked Mosque Z , we do not need this chaos now please.

Yesterday we received SMSs that a bomb was found at Carrefour Alex and it turned out that it is a silly rumor and today we received SMSs and FB updates that Sharq Al Madina Mosque which is in front of the Two Saint church at Hamda Khalil Street was  attacked and was on fire. Despite the confirmations of the Mosque’s Emam that since the original attack on Saturday eve that nothing happened to the mosque , the rumors have not had stop up till now in disgusting way.

Again whoever did that attack will not rest except to divide us so please do not give him a chance by spreading anything you receive on your mobile or in your Facebook wall except after receiving several confirmation from credible sources especially

By the way if you find a rumor or find a suspicious radical website , please call the ministry of interior on this number “108” so they can investigate the matter and reach to those who spread these rumors , also suspicious radical websites can give the ministry some important lead.

The police has already investigated that “look I am to kill myself in 2011” guy who promised to rock Egypt and take some innocent people with him , I read in one of the newspaper that he himself came forward to the police and denied any relation with the attack. The unnamed young man allegedly blamed the police for not trying to stop him from suicide !! I do not know why I want the police to kick his sick butt, may be they did. His both suicide pages have been removed.

The Jihad Uma page has been removed too “I was planning to call “108” today to report it but thank God that Facebook received too many complaints to remove it. I hope that it was investigated by the security before its closure.

Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris has offered LE 1 million for anyone with information about the attack !! I think who really planned and did that attack does not want LE 1 million !!


  1. For me this increases the proposition that something bigger than Al Queda is behind the attack. No one until now has clearly claimed responsibility.

  2. Im sorry but for what exact reason are you encouraging people to contact "108" about suspicious 'radical' websites? So that they can accuse another innocent person like belal? It is a horrendous idea, and completely and utterly discusting. And you call for unity?

  3. @Sarah , I am speaking about websites like that called the Muslims directly to attack the churches with full lists of addresses , that blessed the attack that killed innocent people in the house of God , this is what I am speaking about.
    I am speaking about the rumors that took the country by storm in the past week
    and Yes I am calling for unity
    Do not use Bilal May Allah bless his soul to justify these websites


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