Monday, January 3, 2011

The MOI Fiasco in Alexandria

The first one to be blamed in the Alexandria explosion is the Ministry of interior in Egypt or rather the national security apparatus. There is no logic why there was not enough security on this Church when there were threats against the Churches in Christmas issued two weeks prior to the incident. Forget about the old threats from two months , what about the new threats !!? Why did the MOI think that this group was bluffing !!?
I will not go in too discussing issues like sectarian tensions and so on because in our case here the MOI did not do its job in protecting the Egyptian citizens despite the threats. There are rumors that Habib El-Adly resigned and Mubarak has rejected it. Already El-Adly has not shown up till now even to address the parliament or the media always he used to do. There is no doubt that he himself understands the deep trouble his ministry caused and thus he is trying to amend the matter as much as he can. For the record Habib El-Adly was appointed as the minister of interior in 1996 after the massacre of Luxor and the failure of Hassan Al-Alfi.
The regime is trying to divert the attention from the fiasco of the MOI but it can’t because what happened makes us all wonder. Is it the usual neglect in Egypt or there is something else that caused this fiasco!!?
It is ironic that when the “Two saints” church had only a small team of security “ an officer and two guards  were injured in the attack” , the MOI deployed 10,000 security officer and guard to protect the Israeli pilgrims visiting Yaakov Abuhatzeria shrine in Damanhur. May be this is why there was not enough security in the church , after all Damanhur is near to Alexandria and the additional enforcement will not come in time from Cairo but rather from the nearest biggest governorate next to Beheira aka Alexandria !!  It seems that the MOI saw the protests of the Egyptian oppositions in Damanhur against the Abuhatzeria more threatening that an official terrorist group’s ultimatum !! This is the only logic explanation you can find when you try to connect dots with each other.
Yes you can’t stop terrorist attacks 100% but you also can’t escape from responsibility and say that it happens everywhere including the States and London when you did not do your job as it should.
Does the MOI have too many files to handle to the level that they can’t handle their primary mission which is to protect the citizens !!? There is no doubt in that and this goes to the concept of the national security for the current regime.
The national security concept for this regime is very limited and very narrow , we all know this and we all touch it in our daily life. The real national security  starts with our army’s readiness to stop any attack to our Nile water share to the loaf of bread Egyptians stands in queues for hours to get , the real national security does not include the regime’s security I am afraid , it does not include cracking down the opposition , it does not include protecting the elections fraud. This lack or shortage of national security concept is a result of the decaying state we are currently living in Egypt on all levels. It is like a closed circle. We have become exactly what our elder used to say “ A gate with a guard”.
The Muslim-Christian problem in Egypt can be solved very easily in no time if there is a real democracy , if there is justice , if there is real accountability.
P.S the MOI published its plan to secure Churches publicly !!


  1. please don't censor me dudu1/04/2011 12:31:00 PM

    It's an epic failure for the Egyptian intelligence and they are the primary responsible party for this massive security infiltration. The officials probably know that and since the intelligence is not a dept. of the interior; we should also point fingers at Sillyman.

    Mozilla, the software developers have a scheme called "roll your own browser", it's opensoure so they let you download components and scripts which you can edit and modify to compile your own customised web browser.

    This I would like to call "roll your own conclusion". A collection of links of a timeline or series of events that should let you understand what really happened on Saturday in Alexandria.



    ..there's more:

    .. haste makes waste Mr.Ambassador

    initial reports all across the world mention one thing[car bomb] reports from newsagencies such as MENA, Reuters and AP ; before any official statement was released and relying solely on eyewitnesses accounts

    Several hours later, there is no more a car bomb and it's a "suspected" suicide bomber, although videos show a flipped compact in the middle of the street with the police surrounding it with tape and several officers probing it.

    go to second image. While the header sez "suspected suicide bombing", the commentary ist "An Egyptian police officer stands next to an exploded car". The car must be the suicide bomber [radical skoda]

    "You oughta believe"

    "the mossad doesn’t threaten people, it’s not the mafia"

    "Lotz contributed to the Mossad campaign of threatening German scientists working in Egypt, mainly by writing threatening letters."

    [their archives]
    -Recruiting an unemployed young man is quite easy and can always be replaced. A top official, a trusted officer at a sensitive department with many years of espionäge experience is an irreplaceable asset.

    here;s a fun link for our GIYUS dumbo friends

  2. a gate without a guard.



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