Saturday, February 26, 2011

And the Friday of Qaddafi has not come yet !!

Ben Ali fled Tunisia on Friday , Mubarak stepped down on Friday and so we are hoping or were hoping that Qaddafi would leave Libya in a way or another this Friday !!
The latest thing we know about Libya aside from the complete liberation of the east and that Qaddafi could be losing more and more parts of Tripoli. Earlier today the Qaddafi´s forces opened its fire at the protesters.At least one Libyan civilian was killed in Tripoli after the Friday prayer. This video is allegedly from Tripoli showing a Libyan man shot down in his last moment.  There seemed to be casualties at the Souk Al Goma'a in Tripoli. That video is allegedly shot earlier today , you hear heavy weapons' sound , some it is RBJ's sound.

The following video is extremely , 18 years old man being shot at his neck.

According to the latest tweets from Libyans and their contacts in the country there are clashes in the Souk area.

The number of casualties is said to be huge , people are no longer speaking about death toll of 600 but 1000 and even 2000.
The city of Zuwarah is liberated now. Az Zawiyah city has also liberated which means the West is also falling more and more under the revolutionaries.There were terrible clashes at Az Zawiyah where many were injured badly
Boston Globe posted a wonderful collection of photos from Libya in its big picture site. 
The Libyan TV is still spreading lies about Egyptians, earlier today the state owned TV showed Egyptian passports and also computer CDs including " Office XP" CD owned by Egyptian agents !!
It is quite dangerous , too damn dangerous. We know how foreigners were in danger in Egypt because of the lies spread by the Egyptian TV channels during the revolution.Not less than Egyptians have turned back to Egypt in coffins killed by Qaddafi's forces !!
General Abdel Fatah Younis spoke to the BBC about his dear mad brother whom he turned against. Younis believes that Qaddafi will either be killed or he will commit suicide , the thing which was assured by our famous World Psychiatric Association professor Ahmed Okasha and before former general Mohamed Ali Balal
Now the Qaddafis were very active in the media.
First I can't stop myself from sharing this video for Aisha Qaddafi , this is the first time I see her speaking. Already I wrote before that she appeared on Libyan state TV to deny her escape abroad but I did not have the video then. Here is it.
Qaddafi named his only daughter after his mother and it seemed that she inherited a lot from him when it comes to personality. Aisha Qaddafi knows that all her follow Libyans know that she is a goodwill ambassador with or without the UN !!
BY the way there is a strong rumour that Aisha and her mother have left the country again and are currently in Austria where they are staying at Hotel Imperial
Gamal Mubarak should have married Aisha Qaddafi instead of Khadija Al Gamal , it will be the marriage of the century without a doubt , just imagine it !!
Seif Al Islam made an interview to CNN Turk , you can watch below. The engineer who was being groomed to rule Libya after his father is currently under huge spotlight. We knew that he raises tigers and lions and had an Israeli girl friend !!

His body language shows that he is very tense.
By the way I do not remember whether it is in early 2000s or late 1990s that Seif Al Islam caused a diplomatic crisis with Egypt when he mentioned in an interview with Al Sharq Al Awsat newspaper that he was not Gamal and Alaa Mubarak´s partner in their businesses in Egypt. It was the first explicit mention to the Mubaraks business. The Mubaraks were extremely angry and at the end Al Sharq Al Awsat newspaper paid the price and was being accused of putting words on Seif Al Islam's mouth.
Sief El-Islam is the troubled sick version of Gamal Mubarak as far as I could tell.
Qaddafi made a small and short speech again today , he spoke only for 5 minutes.
I hope that this would be the last third speech , just like with Ben Ali and Mubarak.
Life Magazine showed a photo for Qaddafi when he was young and "Cute" , the word cute makes me smile but of course we can't deny that the 27 years old colonel in 1969 looked handsome and fine !!Ahmed Ezz can star in a biopic about Qaddafi instead of starring in cheesy films and speaking stupidly about Al Tahrir protesters. The biopic will not be funny , it will be sad black comedy as we are speaking about thousands who were killed by his direct orders.
This is underground prison found and filmed in Benghazi , I mentioned it before when the people there set free about 1500 prisoners stuck in it.
This video makes me wonder about the underground prisons in my country Egypt.
Anyhow in my country Mubarak did not use heavy weapons against us , in fact some say that the army stood against him and refused to carry his orders specifically on January 30th ,2011 when all the people in Cairo and Giza saw the first EAF F16 flying over their heads !!
I can´t believe myself when I saw these videos for weapons used against the Libyan people , this video is from Benghazi.


  1. Hundreds of US, British and French military advisers have arrived in Cyrenaica, Libya's eastern breakaway province, debkafile's military sources report exclusively.
    Please read on...

  2. There are false rumors that members of the Gadhafi family are guests at the Imperial Hotel in Vienna. The rumors are completely untrue but have spread rapidly on the Internet.

  3. Those rumors about foreign military advisers sounds exactly like Gaddafis propaganda about foreign powers that should stand behind the uprising. What's next, ab website that proves that an tanker with halloziogen nescafe has landed at Libyas shores?
    That's BS.

  4. Saif Qaddafi is fine as hell !!


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