Friday, February 25, 2011

The fire and shredding season in Cairo !!

We do not understand why the old and important icons like Zakaria Azami and Safwat Al Sherif are not arrested yet.

We do not understand why the army did not move too quickly to protect the thousands of documents these men had access to and could incriminate them so easily , since January 28th the paper shredding machines have been working so quickly and effectively along with the fires do not want to stop

First of all according to the leaked investigations with Habib Al Adly there was that room in NDP HQ Ezz and Gamal Mubarak called “The hell room” where they kept important files and recordings for almost everybody in this country from politicians to ministers to embassies to you name it. How did they get these recordings ? Well from Habib Al Adly and his mini security apparatus he made to serve Gamal Mubarak. 

In other words Gamal Mubarak and Ahmed Ezz with the help of Habib Al Adly had this little intelligence service at the NDP HQ , the state security was not enough.

Now what happened to the “Hell room” some say that it was burned during the fire of the NDP HQ. This room was very secure and few knew about it thus I will not be surprised to know that it was deliberately set on fire among the chaos that took place on January 28,2011. Already I remember that there was a strange fire that  army tried to put it off on January 29,2011, my own speculation is that this fire was at the “Hell room”

Still burning down

 Putting down the fire for the second day

The fires did not stop even when Mubarak stepped down and the army took over I am afraid , it has just started. The ERTU building officials began setting important documents on fire especially Anas El-Fiky , the former minister of information who was arrested yesterday. El-Fiky was accused of financial corruption and wasting billions of dollars and even Euros in God knows what.

Moving to the ministry of foreign affairs , rumors say that Abu El-Gait got rid from important documents as well. I read that Safwat Al Sherif did the same thing , already I do not understand again why Safwat Al Sherif has not been arrested yet !!

Ok moving to Zakaria Azami ,the chief of presidential staff of former President Mubarak. Only last Wednesday we found out that the army sealed his offices at the Abdeen and Orooba presidential after knowing that he got rid of thousands of very important documents. Unlike other officials Azami used the paper shredding machines to conceal God knows what since February 14, 2011 according to some source !!

I do not understand why the army waited all that time to interfere , in fact I do not understand why Azami had access to his offices when officially his president stepped down.

On a side note Adel Hamouda began to open his fires on Azami and exposes his dirty secrets in his newspaper Al Fagr. Azami was accused of facilitating the escape of Mamdouh Ismail if you remember.

Fathi Sorror , the former speaker of the parliament is said to shred thousands of important documents in his house according to his neighbors.

I believe the army should be proactive and arrest all those criminals as soon as possible.

God only knows what was in all these documents that were destroyed.


  1. We support your efforts to achieve true freedom in your country. Many in America are grieved at things our country has done in your region of the world. I've watched the recent uprisings in Egypt and the Middle East with great hopefulness. In a democratic nation the struggle is never-ending however. "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Our own government is full of greedy, power-seeking men. They are often godless, and as you know, God is opposed to all evil and selfishness. My prayers are with your people. I am a Christian. God bless the Egyptian people. May He grant you a greater degree of freedom and justice. May the United States repent of its support of oppressive regimes everywhere.

  2. cant rely on the Armed forces cos they respest mubarak too much and still loyal to the regime. By right the DA office show immediately when mubarak step down the next day closed and sealed all the ministers offices including the Presidential offices and nobody is allowed to go in and out from the offices. now all the important papers are gone and I hope the DA have something to work on to charge these people!!

  3. I hope they change the cabinet, especially Shafik and Wagdy.

    I listened BBC Mideast special yesterday and biggest problem to my mind was the amount of parties now being created, 20! That's insane, combine the tight timeline of 6 months & 20 parties and the one who wins is the most organized ones, the remnants of NDP or MB's party.

    To Alyosha, God has nothing to do with greedy people. Using your logic: Most of the US Government are Christians thus the Christian people are greedy? Your logic is invalid, atheism is just step away from superstition and has nothing to do with attributes of people.

  4. The top brass of the armed forces are not to be trusted for safekeeping this revolution as they are the by-product of Mubarak and his crooks.

  5. Z,
    I might add that sayed Mesh3el is also burning all the documents containing evidence of his corruption:

    This post of yours is extremely important, since shredding and burning all those documents mean there will be no evidence of any regime crimes committed in the last 30 years and the criminals would get away with their crimes.

  6. Safwat is a former military man and anyone that has lasted as long as this man has, obviously has information on everybody he deals with. Wake up. He has been around since the Nasser days. Slowly weaseling his way upwards. He is probably richer than the mubaraks and he knows everybody's dirty laundry. He will never be arrested. Again, I say to you : WAKE UP.

  7. The criminals will not get away with their crimes. Almost all Egyptians believe in a Divine Reckoning. There is A GOD AND THERE IS A FINAL RECKONINC WITH HIM. Justice may not prevail on earth but it will prevail in the Hereafter. That justice is eternal.

  8. ' We do not understand why the old and important icons like Zakaria Azami and Safwat Al Sherif are not arrested yet.

    We do not understand why the army did not move too quickly to protect the thousands of documents these men had access to and could incriminate them so easily '

    To All Africans, Middle-eastern and Asian Free People, Here is the Link to the TRUTH and the Answers to EVERYTHING : - The most evil force in the history of mankind is the Jewish network that has plagued all civilizations since the dawn of history, and managed to destroy every one of them.

  9. ' We do not understand why the old and important icons like Zakaria Azami and Safwat Al Sherif are not arrested yet. We do not understand why the army did not move too quickly to protect the thousands of documents these men had access to and could incriminate them so easily...'

    Here is the Answer, WAKE UP NOW!!!!!

    You know very well that Zionists jews control Your government and every Government in the world, irrespective of who sits in the Presidential residence! No president in the world can be in a position to challenge them even if they do the unthinkable. What can they do to them, the Zionists!? They control Governments, they control World economy, they control the media, they control show biz, and they control everything!

  10. Those antisemite anonymous rants about spooky "everything in the world-controlling' jews is just the other side of the same coin that 'programmer craig' is on. Boring and dangerous. One blames jews the other muslims.
    Fuck, there is no thing as "the jews" or "the muslims". There are only individuals, no one is working on a secret agenda determined by their religion. Period.


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