Friday, February 25, 2011

From one Month ago

From one month ago there were protests in Egypt that started in the morning and we did not know to where these protest would lead us.
Now after one month I can tell you that these protests changed Egypt forever , sorry not Egypt only but the whole Arab world , these
#Jan25 New Hope
I do not have words to describe or say anything except We have just started a revolution and we have not yet finished our work yet.
Our detainees have to be released , we already do not know why the minister of interior denied any knowledge about them we know there are rumors that there are in this jail and that jail !!!
Another thing is our missing , where they are !!?? Here is the latest updated list with names and info for those who can help.
I do not think that January 25 will be remarked as the police day anymore , it is the day when our revolution started. It started on January 25th and exploded technically on January 28th on the anger day.
We started making history on that day.
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To all our martyrs , your blood liberated us and we will not give up

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