Friday, February 18, 2011

The armed Forces Council has joined the Social network

The armed forces council made another huge step to communicate with the Egyptian citizens especially the youth sector , the council has now an official page in the Facebook.

The supreme armed forces council Facebook
Of course the council is using old methods in Facebook , it sends image messages to the users where it is much easier to use the wall.
Message no.2

The council will answer all our inquires in the next 24 hours.
I remember that I asked the council on twitter to have a Facebook and twitters accounts and some made fun of me, ok I am smiling but I will have my laugh when the council gets a twitter account.
Now I am praying to God that those at the IT department in the council update this terrible official website with a new Web 2.0 that suits the armed forces of country called Egypt
For this occasion I would like to share with our old national anthem of Egypt “ 1923-1936”
Some want us to restore back instead of our current national anthem, both are great if you ask me.


  1. with this kind of announcements I don't think it's possible for them to stick to the 140 character limit

  2. Or maybe the can use the same method they use in facebook Header followed with a picture

  3. I prefer new Flag, new Anthem, new Id, new Passport...Renwed Egyptians..and disappearance of negative be then proud to say it happens ONLY IN EGYPT..

  4. Ironic enough this is the official anthem of Egyptian Police Academy

  5. Yes to the old national anthem and to even the old flag. lets erase the past 30 years and start again

  6. I like it but prefer current one because it's shorter.. in international football matches it will take too long before the match starts. I always liked the old flag too some are suggesting to use it again but I dont think its a good idea because the national football team will have to wear green jersey again and that will be confusing to FIFA and football fans

  7. A trust building gesture by the army is to erect a monument in Tahrir square to commemorate the martyrs of this revolution.
    The Canadian.

  8. Could you ask the council why they still haven't released those that have been illegelly abducted and detained since #jan25 and when the over 300 missing will be finally returned to their grieving families?
    I would love to seem them answer that in 24 hours.

  9. jemilu, I asked that question on their facebook page wall. I checked 5 minutes later and my comment was removed. I added it again and again it was seems they only allow praise and thankyou comments.. it's bogus


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