Tuesday, February 1, 2011

#Feb 1 : From Al Tahrir

11:07 AM : I woke up from an hour ago , I want to go the Tahrir square now. As soon as I woke up and started to catch up what I missed in Al Jazeera while sleeping , I found my aunt telling me that the Google and Twitter have launched a service specifically to Egyptians according to Al Jazeera .”I think this service was there before” We are not less important than the Iranians , in fact the CNN yesterday on the Clency show they discussed if the Egyptian revolution will leader to a new Iranian revolution. Anyhow back to Twitter and Google service.

The service is called “Speak 2 Tweet” where people from Egypt call a specific number and leave a recorded message. I called it and according to my iPhone it is in San Francisco based service. I left a message and also heard a coupe of messages too. One hypocrite kept defended Mubarak : bla bla bla

I heard Safinaz Kadem , I am so so so glad to hear her voice , I wish to see her daughter at Tahrir square today insh Allah .

12:02 PM Returned after a tour in the area. People are rushing to markets. Word spreading that bakeries are closed by the orders of the government. Obama sent a special envoy to Cairo

Haikel has got an interview in Al Masry Al Youm , no brain to read it now. Haikel expected a hunger revolution not this great current revolution. Back to the closed bakeries , now this can start a real hunger revolution indeed.

Julia Boutres songs are heard at Al Tahrir square.

A million man march is expected to start in an hour or less. My grandma’s friend , a grandma herself told my mom that she wants to go to Al Tahrir square.

6: 37 PM I have returned from an hour ago from the million man march from Al Tahrir and it is ………………… indescribable , it was great, a new Egypt is born in the AL Tahrir square. This  day is from the unforgettable days in my life , an amazing experience , really amazing and great day. I took lots of photos and footage till my memory was full. I also took some footage using my iPhone but its battery was finished too.  It is unbelievable.

When I was waking on Kasr Al Nil bridge I found whole families going to the square , I found very classy lady and man distributing Pepsi cans and Nestle water .. I think I will work on a separated post.

U.S Senator John Kerry has called on Egyptian president Mubarak to step down and U.S ambassador to Cairo Margret Scobey talked on the phone with Dr. ElBaradei.  

7:29 PM The Protest in Al Tahrir Cairo : Not less than 2 Million , the protest in Alexandria : 3 million. There are also huge protests in Suez, Ismailia and Tanta.

The protesters will stay till Friday in the squares.

There is a pro-Mubarak protest at the ERTU building , I saw it , it was too small and according to reporters there are only 1000-2000 protesters cheering for Mubarak there. My friend told me on the phone that actress Zeina was leading the protest !! It turns out that the head of actors’ syndication called for a Pro-Mubarak protest. There was another small pro-Mubarak protest in Ismailiay and according to either BBC Arabic and Al Arabiya its majority was from Kuwaiti women !!!!

7:54 PM ElBaradei issued a statement asking the army’s support to the legitimate support of opposition

Wow the puppet opposition parties have stripped Mubarak from legitimacy early today. 

PM Ahmed Shafik is going to speak tonight on TV live on Hayat TV Live. I want to sleep but I want to watch Shafik and also Amr Adeeb who is having his own show in Al Hayat 1

8:09 PM A protest in Talaat Harb street. By the way there are statements and flyers war in Egypt from the people in one side and from the government from another side.

CNN’s Hala Gorani describes the protest in Al Tahrir as the biggest in  the last 8 days.

8:25 PM The sounds of choppers are annoying , seriously annoying. PM Ahmed Shafek to speak in minutes. There are bunch of actors and singers who fled the country , they should stay where they are.

8:38 PM Ahmed Shafek is worried but determined. He is wearing a nice sweater yet seemed concerned, I feel that he is going to call us names , he is a hot tempered man.

The new minister of interior has changed the police motto , the police returned the old motto : The police is in the service of people. Good significant change.

Mubarak is said to be addressing the people later tonight !! This will be the second speech for him , I am waiting for the words “I understand you, I understand you”

Back to Shafik ya ragal “Egyptians will get it” Ms. Lobna hun ,our demand is to down Mubarak and his regime !!

Shafik is literally kissing the ass of the youth.

8:43 PM : So what if the dialogue is late !!? Ahmed Shafik !!  The PM wants to have a meeting with the Al Tahrir’s youth. I forget to say that Shafik is so arrogant. The arrogance is a mask for weakness by the way. 

In the past 24 the regime is bluffing us and is speaking about meeting with the youth , the thing is those who are protesting in Al Tahrir are not youth but everybody.

Shafik is aggressive : “What do you mean 15 ministers from the old cabinet !!”

I forget to mention that among the banners I saw today in Al Tahrir square was  a one calling for boycotting the Egyptian private channels.

8:51 PM Shafik : Hani Halal is good but he has no appeal !! Stupid justifications , he will provoke many many people

9:05 PM : He ignored the question of why he kept the minister of information in the current cabinet. He is still searching for a minister of education.

9:19 PM : I want to search for a solution for this bloody internet problem ,those idiots interviewing him ignored the communication blockage , for 8 days now we do not have internet connections !! Only Satellite internet connections are working in the country . By the way today the mobile phones communications were jammed at Al Tahrir.

9:37 PM At last they spoke about the internet , the answer is pathetic as expected but he promised to return it back soon. We will see that.

10:57 PM President Mubarak speaks bon soiree . Shit this is going to be another round of the war between Mubarak and the people.

10:57 PM The speech is not good so far as if I am watching Tamer Amin speaking , it seems that Amin has written this speech.Oh God he is attacking the puppet parties for refusing to have talks with his vice !!



Mona El-Shazly is crying !?? Come on woman !!?? The MSM is overjoying the historical point.

Mubarak is asking for 9 months , I do not like that because honestly how can we trust a man who is known from his broken promises, did not he promise that he would only stay for two presidential terms !?

Yes we managed to make him confess that there is something wrong in articles no.76 and no.77 “he forgot article no.88” but this is not enough , he is bluffing ,he is trying to win some point , some time to regain his power.

Let’s just say we managed to achieve 40% as he is not going to run again , already logically he will not be able to do it with his age and his health and we

The NDP is organizing a Pro-Mubarak protest and wants it to head to Al Tahrir

The people in Al Tahrir are completely refusing this offer of his.

Mubarak did not speak about the 300 that were killed in the past week for God sake , he did not mentioned them as if they were nothing. The people can’t give their main demand now with these 300 who left families because a security plan that brought down the Mubarak regime literally.

The first half of Mubarak’s speech shows his true , he will not give up. This is the last card for Mubarak’s.

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