Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mubarak’s first and last international interviews

This is a part from Thames TV’s interview with Mubarak was shortly recorded after El-Sadat assassination in 1981. It was aired on ITV on October 29,1981. I do not know if there were other international interviews with him before that interview during that time or not but for sure this was the oldest thing I found for him internationally.
And now here is the last interview with Christiane Amanpour on February 2,2011 or to be accurate its text because strangely Amanpour did not tape it in video , may be because she was asked not to tape it. Christiane Amanpour made another scoop with that interview , the last interview for Mubarak. Christiane’s coverage in Egypt raised her ratings in the States. In that last interview Mubarak claimed that he was fed up yet he could not step down for fear of the Islamists of taking over. Ironically in Al Arabiya interview from couple of years Mubarak said that he would leave whenever the people wanted him to do so.Of course Mubarak was the man who promised one presidential term , two at most and believed that coffin has no pockets !!
Back to the two first interviews , you will find the Islamists as common factors between the two interviews. In 1981 it was a true challenge during very tough time unlike in 2011.
BY the way Yosri Fouda whose new daily show is forcing us to sleep so late showed us another proof on how we ruled by narcissistic man for nearly 30 years.
I remember I posted that photo before to show the white hair in Mubarak’s famous dyed head. I have always dislike this suit but I thought the pattern was zigzag one , I have never thought for one moment to magnify the photo and focus a lit bit in order to see the Hosni Mubarak’s letters pattern !!

I can’t imagine how expensive this suit is or was , considering that this is a true custom made , the patterns were made on his name !!!!
There is a debate or rather fears in Egypt that Mubarak is still the president as we do not have yet a signed official document that he stepped down nor did abdicate !! There was not a single announcement at the official state newspaper “The Egyptian Chronicles” according to the law and the constitution. The fact that Omar Soliman said that President Mubarak gave up and not stepped down in Arabic makes many people worried. This debate reminds with the debate about whether Former King Ahmed Fouad II is still the king or not as he did not abdicate !!
Even if Mubarak and son are doing a little scheme , it is useless because now he is official former President of Egypt whether he like or not . Even if he is playing some sort of game with the constitution, there is something a revolution that has its own powers that are more than stronger than the constitution.
There are rumors coming from Israeli press saying that Mubarak talked to the Saudi King on the phone and told him that he is still the president.
There is a rumor that can be news that former President Mubarak has arrived to Austria where he is going to check in at one the most expensive hospitals in the country . Allegedly he will stay there for 4 days for extensive check up. If any Egyptian Chronicles reader in Austria can check this news , I will be very thankful.

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  1. Without a proper coup d'état by the military but rather a simple hand over, he still holds the presidency constitutionally. He hasn't been deposed. There are also interviews with the American Charlie Rose (on YouTube).



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