Friday, March 11, 2011

SS Gate : The faces of State security

Among the things that Hossam 3arabawy found at the SS HQ a DVD that is full of SS officers’ photos and so he decided to share it that DVD’s content with the whole world would see the officers of state security.

Update : it seems that someone complained to Flickr administration and thus it removed the whole set because he should upload a content that he created !!
I have got bad news to Flickr , I got travel posters and Egyptian Royal family that I have not created but I have stumbled on !!?
Flickr censors SS officers pix موقع فليكر يمسح صور ضباط أمن الدولة
Some will tell me that this irresponsible and I will say no it is not considering the amount of crimes committed in that apparatus from hell against the Egyptian people from torture , murder, spying and intimidation. These guys knew that innocent people were tortured systematic in these notorious cells for God sake because they dared and went to pray the dune’s prayer at certain mosque !!
I will not deny that I can’t make my mind on what the fate the state security should be. I am between the complete disbanding of this apparatus and forming a new one and restructuring the apparatus from scratch. The disbanding of the SS team says that we can’t trust it anymore in front of all these crimes against the Egyptian people while the restructuring team speaks about its fear and concern that the SS officers would end up as mercenaries if we disband the apparatus now.
I believe that  the best solution to the state security is to restructure it radically , it should follow the ministry of justice not the police or the ministry of interior like the FBI.
Nevertheless the officers are considered a problem , how can you trust a torturer ? how can you rehabilitate a torturer ?!?  Ok forget about the old officers who are in deep trouble but what about the young officers who tortured and killed our people and did not stand against their supervisors. Can we trust these officers again ? Can these officers be rehabilitated to become the real protectors of national security inside Egypt !!? 
May be we need to have a new law for state security and national security apparatuses in Egypt to organize and define their duties and also to define their relation with the Egyptian citizen inside and outside Egypt and this is for the sake of national security. All our intelligence services must be accountable in front of our parliament and its national security’s committee for the sake of our national security. For those who wonder about huge national security’s secrets and are scared that they would be spelled , I would like to tell them look to the United States and Israel.
We have enough from fatherly talks that the State security officers were protecting Egypt day and night from all kinds of threats including alien invasion when they were doing nothing except protecting the ill corrupted rotten Mubarak regime !!


  1. I have confirmed reports that our beloved state security stopped a Martian attack targeting Egypt and diverted it to New Mexico

    all that talk about 'we' need state security to protect us from terrorists is rubbish..what's the job of the intelligence agency??

    state security has its roots in the political police since king Faroq..that was and always has been its job.. detaining, torturing and murdering dissent.. we don't need them we never did. Only the remnants of NDP and old regime are using scarecrows to reinstate it.

    The comparison to the FBI is absurd..we are not a 50 state union where you need an investigatory/security body that has jurisdiction in all states overriding regular police

    If state security is restructured then you can kiss democracy goodbye

  2. He said on his twitter flickr just deleted all the Piggypedia, pretexting false copyrights reasons !!!

  3. In the United States, we have also had a problem with police brutality, although not as bad as Egypt's.

    Now, to ensure the police do not abuse their power, we have video cameras in every interrogation room and video cameras recording continuously in police cars. We also have citizen review boards to monitor complaints so the police are not investigating themselves.

    In Egypt, you need to change the culture of the police as an institution, demand accountability when police do violate the rights of citizens, and then back up the rules with video surveillance to keep the police honest.

  4. Torture is NEVER okay. Now if we can only get our governments to agree.

    As an American, I personally apologize to the Egyptian people because my country sent detainees through renditions to be tortured by the state security at the request of my country. Working together through peaceful means regular citizens must hold our governments and their security apparatuses responsible.

    The Egyptian revolution was wonderful and inspiring. Now comes the long and hard work of rebuilding better institutions in your political system. Best of luck! I hope you continue to be an inspiration to the rest of the world.


  5. SS is most likely spying on Egyptian citizens Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail accounts and also on their Skype phone/video calls using a software called FINFISHER. They got a trial version in 2009 from a distributer in Egypt called MCS.
    MCS offered SS the complete FINFISHER package in June 29th, 2010:


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