Friday, March 11, 2011

We do not want to replace El Adly Police with military police !!

Among the reasons people went to the streets on January 25th , the first day of wrath was the refusal to systematic and brutal torture police the police adopted during the Mubarak’s era so we do not need the military police to replace El Adly’s police.
This is Ramy Essam who made that famous song of #Jan25 Tahrir song after being attacked and beaten at the Egyptian museum where the detainees from activists and journalists were kept.
Ramy Essam


Ramy Essam is actually luckier than actor Ali Sobhy who was arrested and accused of being thug , which means he may face jail time. Sobhy was not protesting from two days ago , he was actually visiting his friends at the square there when the thugs attacked the protesters !! Here is a video about Sobhy.
I know that the military police is not used to the civilian life but they have to get used to because these are civilians , the same civilians that stood against the police brutality on January 25,2011.
I still respect the army and I refuse to jump to the wagon and attack it because I am sure many generals and officers in it are refusing this. I hope again this will not happen again especially after the international coverage world wide.

 This is not good especially after the incident of Amr El-Behairy and the unfair sentence he got. We know that AFC is somehow slow in its decisions due to the big responsibility they have got now but we do not want these incidents to be repeated till they become a habit.
There is a huge fear from AFC and the army that they will jump to the rule and this fear is logic due to what we have seen before in our history. These incidents are enforcing that fear.
Another thing I do not understand why the media is ignoring these incidents , we want our voice to reach to the AFC to see what happened. Unfortunately our media is making from the army another Mubarak , we respect and appreciate our army yet in the new Egypt we do not want anyone in the regime to be above criticism , we do not want anymore idols.


  1. Are you kidding us?! "I still respect the army and I refuse to jump to the wagon and attack it because I am sure many generals and officers in it are refusing this." -- When are you & the rest of Egypt going to WAKE UP!?

  2. The army opens the doors to thugs to attack protesters, they have been doing that ever since they poped into the streets and you still have respect for them? they are supervising a transition to another mubarak gov, US involvement is not out of the question.

  3. honestly I dont trust the armed forces especially when the ones that is controlling them is Marshall Tantawy and he is loyal to mubarak and other NDPians in the regime! dont tell me they are blind what is going on down on the street and ppl got beated, thugs attacking ppl on the street. I dont understand also what the new PM is doing!!! he should say something about this. anyway i posted the the video or report about these tortured incident on his facebook so that he knows abt it! it seems the military police with the SS are becoming the next thugs!! I pray for all the Egyptians and I felt sorry for those who have gone thru' this painful tortured and humiliation again and again!!! ppl need to go out in big numbers and the media need to focus on this subject so that the army will not abuse ppl again. it is sad to see innocent ppl jailed for doing peaceful demonstration!

  4. Now I don't know how to deal with this, without the army I can't imagine the future for the nation

    but this has got to stop and they've got to take the initiative, we can't go public on this then they move.
    they should move fast taking actions against officers commuting such crimes before this info circulates al over the web and televised media

    we can't afford to lose the army nor the ppl who love the army

  5. It's an unfortunate Catch 22. The Supreme Council of Armed Forces provided the conditions necessary for Mubarak's resignation - with the promise to ensure Egypt's transition to a democratic government. Generally speaking, military leaders, however, may not be equipped for such civil responsibilities - regardless of their good (or bad) intentions. I can only assume that the priority of the Supreme Council is to ensure peace and security in Egypt as the political process for the next step evolves. The emphasis of freedom fighters, then, should be building a positive conversation about a new Egypt. The sooner Egyptians can get to a clear idea about what good government means to Egyptians, the better it will be for all. In this regard, further "protests" may be counter productive to moving forward. Now is the time for brain-storming, problem-solving, and a creative solidarity. I wish you much success in your endeavors.

    Kind regards,
    Stan Faryna

  6. as a malaysian i pray for the peacefulness to all my egyptians. so that you build your country to be a great major power.

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  8. If media is not impartial then create own! Tahrir TV or something?

  9. "I still respect the army and I refuse to jump to the wagon and attack it because I am sure many generals and officers in it are refusing this."

    even if i lost some respect, till I could figure out some other line of action I won't be attacking them.

  10. This whole post is a bunch of bullshit. The behavior of your revolutionaries in terror square and on the streets and the defense of that behavior by your online activists makes it glaringly obvious your set only uses human rights abuses as a political tool to gain support from westerners who don't know any better. Human rights abuses wouldn't go away if your gang was in charge. If anything, they'd get worse.

  11. I am a manipulated stupid follower of Glenn Beck and admire morons!

  12. Well, that was remarkably childish for somebody who denies being a moron!

    Even if I was a fan of Glenn Beck, that wouldn't necessarily mean I wasn't a decent human being. Unfortunately, the same can't be said of somebody who is an apologist for Egyptian rapists. Because, you know, that pretty much does mean you aren't a decent human being. Which you probably couldn't care less about, you being a despicable person and all, but it's really sad and potentially dangerous for anybody unfortunate enough to know you.

  13. good luck egypt....
    new chapetr start.


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