Thursday, March 10, 2011

Watch the video till the end

This small video report is made by Breakthru Radio about the impact of the globalization in the  Arab revolutions whether in Tunisia or Egypt or Libya.

Now I want you to focus on the last part starting from 4:06 .

Globalization’s role in Egypt and Libya’s protests

This Egyptian young man selling vegetables in NY designs airplanes and engine aircrafts !!! This another Mubarak’s achievement !! I hope that by the end of the year this young insh Allah will return

This young man must have his right to vote , even if he can’t participate in the referendum next week , insh Allah he should vote in the coming elections whether parliamentary or Presidential.


  1. This is the truth about Egypt especially under mubarak regime for the last 30 years! Young, educated, non educated all willing to die just to cross the oceans to find a better life rather than die in their own country!

    and the way they were being treated in their country is just like a second citizen. If you are an Egyptian holder of a foreign passport first humiliation is at the immigration gate before entering Egypt! The immigration officers will ask you to stand aside for 15 minutes and reason for security check up! this happens every time you came home!!! while you travel to other countries you are welcome and no problem though your names are Arab or Muslim names!

    I have come to know some Egyptian professionals who are really great assets to Egypt and one of them husband and wife one surgeon and a gynae doctor refused to come back and live in Egypt after seeing Egypt becoming deteriorated every time they went homes to visit their families and they felt disgusted and sad about it! They are going into retirement soon and when asked r they going home to Egypt for good, they refused instead rather go to Dubai or Malaysia or other Islamic countries to retire!

    That show how bad Egypt under mubarak regime!! hopefully Egypt will be a better country and those professionals Egyptians will come back to serve and build Egypt insyallah.

    Egyptians abroad should have the rights to vote for Egypt.


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