Saturday, March 12, 2011

Egyptian X-File : Who killed Ziad and Tarek !!?

Late Tarek Abdel Latif
Just today I found out that the dead bodies of Ziad Bakir and Tarek Abdel Latif who had been missing since January 28th  were found. Ziad Bakir was found at the morgue of Zinhom while Tarek Abdel Latif was found at the morgue of Kasr Al Aini hospital suddenly.We know that they were detained by the bloody state security and according to the information I had and I posted before these two men were detained at the capital of hell aka SS HQ at Nasr City. They were not there when our people stormed the underground prison despite I believed they had been there but suddenly they appeared dead at Zinhom.
According to the information I found Tarek Abdel Latif was shot down by 4mm caliber in his neck !! I tried to find more information from his family through Facebook but they are so shocked to speak now. I assume that the same thing happened to Ziad.
There are some questions and points in my mind now :
  • When were the dead bodies of Bakir and Abdel Latif submitted to the Zinhom morgue and Kasr Al Aini ?
  • When were they really shot ? The exact date of death !!? I can’t believe it was on 28th because their families paid visits to Zinhom morgue since then and they did not find them there !!?
  • Why did they suddenly appear dead after the collapse of SS and the departure of Shafik’s cabinet and Mahmoud Wagdy !!?
  • Were there any traces of torture in their bodies ?
  • Were their families forced to avoid speaking to the media now in return of taking back their bodies !!!
  • Who really shot Ziad and Tarek ? Why were they killed ??
Late Ziad Bakir
Ziad Bakir’s funeral will be at 10 Am CLT from Zinhom’s morgue in Cairo.
Both Bakir and Latif are in their early 30s and both of them are fathers of small children whom I am sure will be very proud of their dads and how they gave their lives in order they would live a better future. Both men were successful in their field , Bakir was a painter working in the Egyptian Opera house and Abdel Latif was working in an oil company .
Their families for more than a month have been searching for them leaving no media outlet or door to knock it. They have visited all the morgues and hospitals in Cairo and Giza including Zinhom and I repeat this fact again and again.
I should have posted more posts about them , we should have made the whole world move to get them out
To those who interrogated , tortured and killed them , to those who knew what was happening to them and for some sick bloody idea they approved it .. you are going to hell insh Allah.
To the families of these detainees , be proud as your men are the newest martyrs of this great nation ,we will never forget them.
There should be an investigation.
We will never forget , we will never forgive.
Update : 
  • The family of Ziad Bakir is doing a DNA test , they can't identify the body of Ziad, the results will be announced tomorrow. 
  • Some sources say that the German ambassador contacted the family of Ziad from couple of weeks ago and told them that he was alive and would be released very soon. Other sources spoke about threatening telephone calls to the Bakirs telling them that their son was alive !! 
  • Anyhow officially tomorrow there will be a memorial service to late Ziad Bakir at Omar Makram mosque Tahrir square starting from Al Maghreb's prayer Cairo local time. 


  1. Both of them are in paradise now ISA
    God bless their families

  2. I saw Tarek and Ziad's families' search since Jan through posts and missing persons list. god bless all at this time. Can't believe there is no autopsy report?

  3. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un (To Allah we belong and to Him is we return). I felt sad for them at the same time I know they are now in Jannah as syahid. Our deepest sympathy and condolence to their family and God be with them during this sad time.

    Cant believe people can sleep at night after torturing, abused and killed innocent people or even the person is guilty! Insyallah I believe what goes around will come around and whoever did this, Allah swt will punish him severely if it is not now in this world insyallah later on in Akhirat. this could happen to him or any of his family members too.

  4. Where is America's so called relations and pressure on the army now? If the army is 'in charge' they should be putting an end to all of this NOW. This is completely unacceptable, I am horrified at the stories coming out the last few days.
    My heart goes out to all of you.
    The world is going to realize soon that the entire world is connected now and no matter race or religion, we are all brothers and sisters and we will not allow it to happen anymore.

  5. we should be silence about it we have to have their killer trailed and be punished if we irrigate morgue we will find the truth we will pray for them

  6. I feel sick to tears right now. Is this just a dangerous phase in the revolution or has the tide turned against us with a vengeance?

  7. We will never forget those men who gave us liberty and dignity..God bless their souls

  8. Don't know what to say.We will never forget, we will never forget !

  9. It must be possible to have an independent forensic doctor in Cairo examine Ziad's body in order to clarify the time of his death!

  10. My deepest sympathy and condolence for their families. May the comfort of God help them during this difficult time.


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