Sunday, April 24, 2011

Egypt,1920s in Color : Same place , Familiar Faces and different times

How to be a Retronaut website published an amazing collection of colored photos from Egypt in 1920s, it is must be seen and shared.
A scene we do not see any more
During the Nile flood 
These photos were taken for the National geographic. They are amazing,seriously amazing. I was waiting for the right time to share it with you.
A view that already exists till now in Cairo
The photos show Cairo, Old Cairo and Al Azhar , Giza and the pyramids plateau when the Nile reached the Pyramids during the flood. The photos also show Luxor , Aswan and even Sinai. The faces of Egyptians are the same despite some of the clothes are different now in certain areas.
Amazing view of the pyramids we do not
see it now
At Azbakiya , I wonder if these trees are still
Sphinx silent and standing as he always
has been
A lady that sold fruit in old Cairo
At Saint Catherine in South Sinai 
The son , the father and the lady at the vegetable
ِAbu Simbel
A peasant singer lady 
“How to be Retronaut” got amazing stuff , I love that post about the Hindenburg class airship from inside in color , it was amazing .


  1. Wonderful pics. I think they'd better be left black & white, as their originals were. I strongly recommend the photo collections by the late 19th century photography pioneers like Adelphoi Zangaki & Félix Bonfils. They are an earlier representation of the Egypt of the 2nd half of the 19th century.

    The photos are amazingly very similar to what we still frequently see in Cairo and elsewhere.

    I like the legends added by Westerners on these photos, like the Ghazeyya called a 'peasant singer lady' above, and the'tisht' called 'an Egyptian washtub'!

  2. I was searching for some of these photos cause I wonder how much Egypt was too pretty in the old days.

    Love each scene of Egypt :)))

    Photography never lied in these scenes ever

  3. Great photos, yet black & white would appear more authentic.
    it looks to me the last photo of (a peasant singer lady) resembles to some degree the colored photo on the top right corner of this blog!

  4. Doesn't look that much different than it does today and I can't decide if that's a good or a bad thing.....


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