Friday, April 15, 2011

A Historical Moment : Egyptian peasant woman at the cabinet

When I read the news , it was promising “PM Sharaf meets with a delegation of Egyptian farmers to discuss agriculture in Egypt” but it did not impress me that much despite I know it is important meeting because I know that the PM has to discuss agriculture status in Egypt sooner or later . But while watching news itself on TV and that delegation discussing the problems of agriculture in Egypt , I could not ignore her , I could not ignore her at all.
The delegation with Essam Sharaf ¨Cabinet¨
An Egyptian lady wearing that traditional black dress of peasant ladies in Delta while meeting the prime minister at the cabinet HQ. I smiled because I felt she is a strong lady , proud of who she is and comfortable in her skin unlike city ladies.
I did not know if any other Egyptian peasant women came and met with the PM at the cabinet HQ wearing that traditional black dress before but surprisingly It turned out that Rawia Mohamed is the first real Egyptian  peasant lady to meet the Egyptian prime minister at the cabinet HQ. Her meeting with the PM Sharaf was historical by all measure. As a custom of respect in a place like that the lady took off her shoes at the entrance of the office and amazingly PM Sharaf brought back her shoes asking her to wear them with his warm smile. The lady cried in front of this amazing great act from that humble man.
Rowaia is not your usual peasant lady as she was the star of Dr. Zeinab El-Deeb’s anthropology documentary about Egyptian peasant life and it was so great to see her after all those years.
Rawia Mohamed baking from 30 years ago
Here is Rawia from three decades ago making bread. “Parts of the original documentary”

I do no want to tell how that delegation came back with a lot of hope in a way you can’t imagine. You can watch them speaking about their meeting with the prime minister with Gaber El-Amouty.

The delegation of farmers included the outspoken MR. Abdel Magid El-Kholy who used to criticize the policies of ministry of agriculture in the past. MR. El-Kholy became a familiar face when he appeared at the talk shows last year with Mona El-Shazly and Gaber El-Armouty. MR. El-Kholy is educated and speaks eloquently that he earned the title of the eloquent peasant of modern time. “Watch him speaking on Al Jazeera on February 11,2011”
We usually criticize El-Armouty but fair is fair , he did a wonderful campaign last year about agricultural wealth and wheat in Egypt along with Sakina Fouad and Dr. Zeinab El-Deeb. Dr.Zeinab El-Deeb should return back to Egypt and expose all the threats she received from the Mubarak’s regime.
Now to the good news of the day when it comes to agriculture and farmers in Egypt. The cabinet has announced that the PM approved the founding of the first farmers union in Egypt and he will attend its inauguration at the Noubarya region to encourage farmers to join it. The new minister of agriculture  Ayman Abu Hadid promised in to years we will have wheat enough for self sufficiency in bread making. It could any empty promise but I have read there are serious steps from the ministry itself and the farmers to go back to grow wheat again for better prices.
I will end with what Dr. Zeinab El-Deeb said on ONTV commenting this delegation’s visit to the cabinet :
     It is a historical day in Egypt when the prime minister receives the peasants of Egypt from the VIP area.
I am not overestimating the moment , I am cynical thanks to the Mubarak regime but there are certain moments that give a lot of hope , that meeting is from these moments.
Egyptian agriculture is another pillar of this nation , I will not overestimating when I say that the revival of this great nation will start with the revival of the agriculture at the Nile valley before heading to the desert reclamation.


  1. Alhamdullilah, this is great post Z. I am happy to see this new improvement and it show that the new regime is for the people and insyallah hope that Egypt will have a really good team and good President that will build Egypt the way it should be! Egypt is blessed with land that good with agricultural and Egypt should grow their own wheat rather than import it from USA or other countries and could be the next exporters of Wheat who knows!!! God help the Egyptian people and Egypt insyallah.

  2. lovely post Zeinobia
    you bring us such great posts and put so much work into educating us all
    thank you for your hard work : )

  3. Zeinobia do you have any information on all the new governors. Any profiles on them and your view on why the South Sinai 'sharks were from Israel' governor was not first to be changed!!! I thought he would be the first to go!

  4. Thanks Z. This is a great post with the necessary docummentary. As I said before you always research your articles before presenting them.
    Can you post info about the new emerging parties for the parliment?

  5. well done. I am a big fan. keep up the good work.It is true we are all suspicious and it is hard for us to be trusting.


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