Thursday, April 14, 2011

Follow Up : The Mubaraks on trial

Here are the latest updates about the Mubaraks and their trial. Yesterday it was announced on TV that the Mubaraks will stand in front of the court next April 19th but today we found sources say that this is untrue and the trial has not been determined when. The interrogations with the Mubaraks will resume next Tuesday according to State TV though.
Hosni Mubarak’s health is more than ok according to the doctors who checked him at Sharm El-Sheikh hospital while he is staying. He has got a heart working as he is in the 30s not in the 80s Mash Allah , I do not know why he was not transferred to Cairo then or even to the Tora prison hospital in a military medical aircraft !!?
The amazing revelation about the ousted president’s health is that he got no cancer anymore , makes you wonder about all these rumors regarding his health after his ousting !!?
According to leaks his daughters in law at least Khadija El Gamal is staying with him while other leaks say that he requested to visit the tomb of his grandson !! The ousted president is trying to win the sympathy of the people again !! My aunt has a comment I must share with you regarding this matter : Fine he can visit his grandson as he wants but he has to visit the tombs of the #Jan25 revolution martyrs in the same visit.
Hosni Mubarak allegedly claimed that he wanted to step down on January 31st but Zakaria Azmi told him that the protests were not against him and reforms were enough. He also denied giving any orders to Habib El Adly to use live ammunition against protesters as later stated in the interrogations.
Suzanne Mubarak is back to Sharm where she allegedly will stay with her husband.
It turned out that lawyer Farid El-Dib is the one who wrote that pathetic message that provoked everybody.
People are extremely happy , I think we are the first Arab country to detain its former president for his crimes without a military coup. I am glad that he is being prosecuted by civilian laws not by martial laws because honestly I do not want anyone after 30 years says that we have abused his human rights. Our revolution is not a military coup despite the army chose our side as it chose us in the end so he would prosecuted in front of military tribunal.
Wait for more updates.


  1. It could be personal, but do you live with your aunt for long time? You talk about her in your blogs as a main person. I share the feeling that he should know what happened because he is responsible. However, an 82 person has no life to face sanctions. In the USA they did not prosecute Bush for all the Americans who died because of his decision. It will be a condition to stop his trial, perhaps, him handing all the profit he made out of his job. It will be enough for him to be detained in a simple home (not a fancy Sharm Villa) till the end of his life, which logically will not be long. However, his sons should face all the legal liability as they made a disaster in Egypt.

  2. "In the USA they did not prosecute Bush for all the Americans who died because of his decision."

    G.W. Bush? Who are "they" and what "decision"?

  3. Hopefully he and ALL his minions will pay for his and their actions for the past decades. However much he will pay, it will still not be enough for the last 3 decades an generations of Egyptians who suffered so much under him that they had to go out to the entire Arab world looking for work in a most humiliating manner. Such a brilliant peoples reduced to brilliant criminals and con men.

    Not all of them of course, but my point stands.

  4. what your Aunt said is the truth!!! he is trying to get people sympathy for him and there are Egyptian people out there who felt sorry for him and I just cant believe it!!! the reason coz he is old and he did great thing to Egypt and he is the President and prosecuting him will insult Egypt and embarrassed Egypt and Egyptians as a whole!! for the me those reason are BS!!! he didnt do anything to Egypt for the last 30 years except his own pocket and his families and his croonies!! if anyone ever want to forgive mubarak they should remember those who 828 martyrs, those who died in prison being tortured and trial at military court for no reason and vanished in thin air by his people and 10 million Egyptians who have virus C, people who died crossing the ocean to find a better life and I can go on and on!!! open your eyes and brain and see the truth of his crimes!

    and please dont said mubarak was a war hero 1973 coz he was a hero from the bunker not at the front line and his uniform did not even get dirty!!! and dont forget the late President Anwar Sadat his brother was in air force and his jet was shot down and he died as a true hero!! and others who fought and died that day and those widows are true hero of war 1973!

    A true President is someone who love his people and country more than himself!!!

    Dont let him and his acting and his croonies destroy or hijack the revolution!!! mubarak will go but Egypt will live forever!!!

  5. Who is Mubarak?

  6. The problem is that crossing the ocean, you think that there money will drop from the sky and live on benefits, do not all but certainly very much! Look at the refugees suffers from Italy! "They are refugees who need assistance conditional? Big guy! Refugees UTB children , the elderly, zhenshiny.A these healthy men also complain that their poorly fed and given 5 cigarettes a day, why? explained to why you think that you are always someone must do something to give? always blame someone but do not you do? If a person wants to work he goes to any work on the 2 / 3! And the Egyptians are waiting for "decent work", while sitting at home cursing and Mubarak.

  7. @jason
    Never mind Bush and his neoconservative crooks who lied about Iraq's WMD.
    A question asked repeatedly across America: Is why in the aftermath of a financial mess that generated hundreds of billions in losses, have no high-profile participants in the disaster been prosecuted until now?
    The Canadian.


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