Thursday, April 14, 2011

#Jan25 Outside Cairo : Revolution in Aswan

Ok this post about the Egyptian Nubians made me interested in showing the #Jan 25 revolution outside Cairo and major cities to the whole world and also to my follow Egyptians.
Some people are trying now to downsize the revolution and make it only a Youth revolution / Tahrir revolution in order to weaken it and make it an uprising by the end of the day. I have already began to read columns in newspapers for old regime orphans with this meaning and we suffer from short memory disease.
This is not a youth revolution , this is an Egyptian revolution. This is not a Tahrir revolution , it is Egypt’s revolution from Marsa Matrouh to Aswan. Yes the Tahrir square experience is unlike other any experience and for sure it had a great role in shaping the end of Mubarak regime.  Still we must remember that it was not a Cairo revolution in order to make our revolution succeed in the end , we must remember this in order to achieve its goals of having great and better Egypt.
These videos are from the Day of Wrath on January 28th.

When we had our first million man protest in Cairo at Tahrir square , the people in Aswan were having their own protest as well that continued till night.

And here is the February 4,2011 protest “Departure Friday” at Aswan as well and it continued till night.

And what I love in the protests of Aswan is that some of the chants are in Nubians.
Here is a protest from February 8th,2011

It seems that the police forces did not depart its positions from the governorate like what they had done in other governorate and it seems that the clashes between the protesters and the security forces continued to beyond January 28th as that video we see the protesters seeking the protection of army from the police forces in the governorate. I am not sure from the date thought.

On February 11,2011 the people were also in the street celebrating ousting Mubarak.

On February 25,2011 people protested in front of the Aswan security directorate against its chief.

On March 4th ,2011 some state security officers provoked people praying at some mosque in Aswan and had fight with them. The people then had a rally to the HQ of the military ruler in the city demanding the disbanding of SS.

On March 6,2011 after the fall of the hell’s capital in Cairo , the people stormed the State security HQ to find important documents shredded as in other governorates , Hassan Abdel Rahman was not bluffing when he gave his orders.

Strangely on March 7,2011 the people suddenly were surprised to find thugs looting the SS HQ , when they busted the thugs , they confessed that they were hired by the SS officers themselves to steal the HQ !!

The public committees were formed in Aswan to protect our ancient temples. The governor of Aswan was from the early governors who changed the names of squares in the governorate to be named after its martyrs. Oh yes there are martyrs from Aswan in our #Jan25 revolution.
How are people doing in Aswan !!? What are these major problems ? What are the old parties and new parties/powers doing in Aswan !!?
I hope the people of Aswan have began to plan for the next municipal elections. Aswan’s weather is great now , the new political powers should head there and communicate with the people , our new media liberating from the authority of Mubarak regime should head their ASAP.
By the way we need to know the names of Aswan martyrs in order to remember them forever.


  1. Aswan is fully demonated by NDP as the whole government has only 1 seat in the parlemint, they kept asking for the seconde seat as it was there in the time of Sadat and abdel-nasser but with no answer from old regime. Sharaf and Saweris support this claim. and El Masreen el a7rar is the only party other than NDP that have visited this government since the revolution. (my roots still lives in aswan but i was born and raised in Alex)

  2. Only time will tell to what extent 'real change' will come from Egypt's revolution.

    Change that respects Egypt's ethnic and linguistic diversity and compensates the Nubians for their sacrifices when Egypt's dam in Aswan was built.

  3. I heard from AJE that Youth Coalition called off the protest for release of prisoners planned tomorrow, as an thank you for army (arresting Mubarak)?

    What sort of nonsense is this? Just because Mubarak who should have been detained long time ago, the unjustly arrested prisoners is no more important?

  4. This is not an Egyptian revolution. It is a CIA revolution.

    - Aangirfan

  5. @Anon/Aangirfan "This is not an Egyptian revolution. It is a CIA revolution." Cool story bro.

    @Zeinobia, here is a new post you may like from my blog. Hend Hanafi gets a dressing down. Hend Hanafi is the president of Alexandria University. As you know, although some newspapers like Al Ahram and Rosa Al-Youssef have been purged of the old regime, this has not yet taken place for university administrators. Students are berating her mercilessly at an April 9 seminar with NASA scientist Farouk El-Baz. The video is in Arabic. One of my readers gives a good summary in English. Very dramatic!


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