Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Another Presidential speech in the way

Famous Syrian Muslim cleric El-Bouti claimed that the Syrian president is going to address the Syrian people again soon. If this is true then this is the second speech. Again we do not know if El-Assad is going to take Mubarak – Ben Ali route or will take Saleh-Qaddafi route !! I forgot to tell you that El-Bouti considered these anti-regime protests are divine punishment because of showing some controversial TV series last Ramadan !! The Sheikh forgot to speak about the martyrs who were killed across the country in Latakia , Duma and Daraa !!
I notice that the hardcore secular regime that once fought all scenes of religion in the country in 1970s and 1980s is using religion to come closer to the angry people who can’t take anymore. Bashar El-Assad indeed used religion to win a large sector from the Syrian society during the past years.
Anyhow the city of Daraa is on strike  and there is a delegation of artists heading to Duma to see the demands of the public. Almost all the Syrian TV stars are blacklisted , it seems that next Ramadan we will not see the usual tsunami of Egyptian and Syrian TV drama after all.

Recently released Suhair Atassi spoke to Reuters in Damascus on how she believed that the promises and reforms of Bashar El-Assad were not serious. Here is an updated list with the Syrian detainees in the recent protests , of course it is a small list compared to reality still it is important.
Now there are more details revealed about Egyptian interior designer Mahmoud El-Safty who is still detained at a prison in the city of Homs. Yesterday his son spoke on TV about the incident , his family in Cairo was shocked to know about his arrest and imprisonment from TV from two days ago !!

MR. El-Safty is married to a Syrian lady and he was visiting her and his 2 years old daughter when he was arrested. He is 54 years old and suffers from diabetes, blood pressure and problems in his heart. He needs to take his medication on a daily basis.
He was arrested in Damascus just like Radwan for taking photographs and filming the protests.
Here is a FB page launched in solidarity with El-Safty.

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