Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy birthday April 6th

The revolution of #Jan25 in Egypt was born yesterday or was born only because of Tunisian revolution with my all respect, it was born actually in 2005 with movements like Kefaya still its turning point , the real turning point was on April 6, 2008.

I remember that day and how people across the country participated in the first ever general strike and I remember how the great people of Mahalla revolted against the Mubarak’s police forces in a battle that makes it the original Sidi Bou Zid or rather Sidi Bou Zid was the Mahalla of Tunisia

Mahalla citizens smash Mubarak's Posters أبطال المحلة يحطمون صور الدكتاتور مبارك

The April 6 strike gave birth to the April 6 youth who played a huge role in in those 3 years in a way you can’t imagine it. I do not know how to celebrate this day today except I feel that the mothers who lost their children in Mahalla on that day got a little satisfaction in our revolution.  3 were killed including a 12 years old boy if I am not mistaken. Hundreds were arrested and later released , I read today there are still a group from Mahalla workers arrested , hopefully they will be pardoned now.

I feel that I am lost in words when I remember that day. Here are posts from the Egyptian Chronicles archivesplease ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes” :

The April 6th youth have been accused and still will be accused by all sort of charges despite they did not steal or destroy this country like the Mubarak regime still it is something natural and expected in the world of politics.

Here is the Wikipedia entry about the movement , it needs more work and I believe Asama Mahfouz with my all respect to her was not among the first founders of the movement. Whether you agree or disagree with the youth politically , You can ignore their important role in shaping the revolution.

The April 6 movement is growing and will begin to accept donations from Egypt to start working professionally. I hope that in the next parliament members from April 6th youth.

A big salute to the April 6 youth , a big salute to the people of Mahalla on this wonderful day that changed our history , the people of Mahalla changed our course of future then without even knowing it.

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