Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Syrian Revolution : The martyrs Week “Graphic”

Syrians are having the Martyrs week through out the country dedicated to the martyrs whom are completely ignored by the regime. Bashar Al Assad did not even said that he was sorry or felt sad for them !!

Syrians promised to have protests across the country next Wednesday. The Syrian activists have called the Syrian people on Facebook to boycott the Syrian mobile phone networks today. The networks are giving free minutes in solidarity with Bashar El Assad. They are also calling the citizens to protests in front of the the El-Baath party HQs across the country next Thursday April 7th on its anniversary.

There is a sit in in front of the Omari Mosque tonight at Daraa.This video below is from Daraa , it was taken on March 25,2011. You can hear in it the live ammunition sound and you can see the dead and injured in the streets. It is graphic and those who upload it online claim that the one who filmed it was killed. I do not know if he was injured or killed but it he was shot during filming.

This video below was filmed at Duma , near Damascus. It was a funeral for the martyrs who were killed last Friday

According to FB groups the the city of Duma is currently facing huge security siege. There were unconfirmed reports that internet was blocked last night. The arrests through out the country has become a natural thing unfortunately. Some activists  like Suhair Atassi were released but in return many activists and protesters have been arrested. By the way here is MRS. Atassi’s twitter account ,it is not active though. The shops at the city of Daraa were closed in solidarity with the city. The photos and statues of El-Assad dynasty are being destroyed throughout the country.This video below from a city in a Latakia showing citizens burning down a statue of Hafiz El-Assad

This video below from city of Duma showing the citizens tearing down a banner for Bashar El-Assad.

The international and regional media are still covering Syrian in a shy way compared to the coverage of Egyptian revolution , there are huge security challenges facing journalists in Syrian indeed but the shy coverage of Al Jazeera is shameful. Still I believe it is not about the mainstream media coverage because if the Syrian revolution has been going so far in this way with that sort of coverage then we should not be afraid. Again there was no Al Jazeera in 1919 in Egypt , people did not wait for Al Jazeera and CNN in 2011 to cover our fight against Mubarak regime. People’s anger , persistence and faith are more important. In the Arab revolutions spring the upper hand was for the social media not the mainstream media.

This is what I am doing here , trying to transfer the image in Syria which the regime does not want to show. This is why it is important to transfer these graphic videos blow all over the internet.

This video was filmed last April 1st Friday. I think it was filmed in Homs at one of the mosques there where protesters were transferred to when they were shot down. Some of them were injured and some of them were killed.

This video was filmed in Homs and that young man who was shot down at his head was 19 years old Hany Khalil.

There are so many videos like that coming from Syria and yet the world seemed to be uninterested. There are human rights crimes committed and nobody cares as it seems. What I fear is that desperate regimes can commit genocides against its own people.

The Syrian regime from its side is trying to win some time by cosmetic reforms like for instance a new cabinet , a promise to lift the emergency law and giving the Kurds the Syrian nationality !!! Already giving the Syrian Kurds the Syrian nationality incriminates the Syrian regime now more than anything !!? Why you have to wait all that time !! This is so Arabic regime action !! All this is nothing compared to the blood that has not dried yet !! Every weekend civilians get killed because a decaying regime. I believe the Syrians insh Allah will rest till they bring down that criminal regime down.

The Syrian authorities have already suspended the football league in the country for further notice , they are scared from any gathering in the country currently.

77% of the Syrian population is less than 35 years old and these 77% just like us in Egypt knew about the pluralism in political life and their rich political life before the Baath regime from books and historical TV series. We had enough from rotten regimes.

Here is a list of the El-Baath regime tweeps on twitter gathered by Syrian tweeps. They are spreading lies about the revolutionaries and the current revolution. They claim that El-Hariri JR and Saudi intelligence are behind it !! Of course they ignored the fact that the Saudi intelligence is too busy in the jazz currently taking place in Bahrain and Yemen !!

Egyptian enigneer Khaled Ghayesh spoke on ON TV about his time in detention in Syria. Now Ghayesh has revealed that there is another Egyptian detained in Homs where he was detained. This Egyptian is Mahmoud El-Safaty who works in Kuwait and was visiting his friends in Syria for week. El-Safaty was in his way to leave the country on Friday when he was detained. We do not know which Friday thought. He works as a interior designer in Kuwait.

I could not find anything about him on the Facebook except this message from someone who knew him personally on “We are all Khaled Said” group , amazingly enough the Egyptian Consul “Mahmoud El-Fayoumy” in Damascus answered on this message telling that friend to send him more info giving him his number.

Some Egyptians are calling the ministry of foreign affairs to issue a warning for Egyptians going to Syria. You can’t blame them when you hear about more Egyptians detained there and accused of spying !!




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