Saturday, April 23, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Mourning Day "Graphic"

This post contains very graphic content. 
Today is a mourning day for Syrians after the massacres that took place in the country yesterday that brought bad the ugly and fearful memory of the Hama massacre again not to the Syrians but also the Arabs across the world.
Things are extremely hot in Syria today , the security forces opened its fires killing not less than 10 from mourners who joined the funerals of yesterday’s martyrs in Daraa , Daraya , Izraa and Doma. There is reportedly protests in Homs and Hama. The snipers were reportedly on official buildings killing attacking the mourners and the protesters. The security forces have reportedly set fire at the courthouse in Daraa !!
Here is a video showing the security forces and their thugs attacking a funeral in Damascus by live ammunition.
It is like a freaking war !!
Here is one of the victims of today's attack in Damascus. Mr.Ahmed Khalil who was mourning the martyrs and walking in their funerals.
Here are another two victims.

Things seem to be terrible at Izraa , Daraa according to Cal Perry , the correspondent of Al Jazeera English who is describing a terrible situation. "1,2,3".
Update : Al Jazeera English office in Syria has been closed just from few hours ago according to Rola Amin.
Here are the photos of the Qaboon's martyrs from their funeral.  The internet is flooded with heart breaking funerals of mostly young people who love their country than Bashar and his gang
There are calls for disobedience online , it is no doubt that after Yesterday many parts in Syria have a natural disobedience, people are afraid to go the streets. Yesterday there were news that security forces were arresting people from their homes , I hope that this is untrue.
Here is a video from the city of Doma showing the blood in its streets
Today also witnessed the first on air resignations of two lawmakers from the Syrian people’s assembly , the lawmakers resigned objecting the massacres against the Syrian people. The MP Khalil El-Rafai and Nasser El-Hariri from Daraa resigned and it is expected that there will be more resignations from more Syrian officials today hopefully.

The Mufti of Daraa has resigned as well today objecting the attack on funerals.
There was a rumor yesterday that the families of Syrian diplomats were being carefully monitored just in case the Syrian diplomats abroad started to resign as it happened in Libya and Yemen.
From its side the Syrian mainstream media is competing with our official Egyptian mainstream media during the revolution and strangely it seems that it is wining. The Syrian TV claims that the regime confiscated mobile phones with video clips filmed outside Syria showing violent crackdown for protesters along with bottles of red dye !!!
The Syrian state TV claimed yesterday that the people in the Midan region were praying a Thankful prayer for the heavy rains they had while Al Jazeera pretended to be protests !! "Thanks to Marwan"
The people of Midan thank their God for the rain
while Al Jazeera claims they are protesting !!
The Syrian mainstream media for sure can't air this video clip of that father who lost his son from Daraya. The father recounts how his 22 years old son was killed , how the protests were peaceful and how the security forces killed his son , attacked him and arrested his younger sons.
This man and other parents are the fuel that will make the revolution continues till it topple El Assad's regime insh Allah. This is what the Arab governments do not want to understand , you kill a youth or a child and his family will fear nothing after they were silent all that time for their children's future. You take this future from their children and they will not not speak but they will scream and rebel.
The scenes of yesterday filmed and uploaded on the internet were more than shocking to the level that many predict that Syria could have a Libyan route not even a Yemeni route considering how El Assads and Baath are controlling the army.What happened in Izraa and Daraa was more than a crime , there should be an international investigation.

Many fear from sectarian division in the Syrian society especially between the Sunni and the Shiite that can turn in to , specifically the Alawis , El-Assad’s religious sect. I am not afraid from this because since the start of the revolution on March 15th , the Syrians have been clear that they are united and they will not any sectarian division come between them.I am really afraid from is the army , the Syrian Arab army. Unfortunately the Syrian Arab army killed its own people before in Hama , the Syrian Arab army killed not less than 40,000 Civilian in 1982 for God sake. I hate to say that but the Syrian Arab army did not kill 40,000 Israeli soldier !! Damn it if the Syrian Arab army made the same effort to restore the Golan heights , it would restore it from long time without even negotiations. The Syrian security for God sake attacked the protesters at the Golan heights in the parts following Syria using allegedly live ammunition!!
What makes it complicated is that the El Assads made sure that the Syrian army officers are loyal to them and to the Baath only , despite being from the old politicalized armies in the region we do not have officers with wild political views like in the past. Syria had more coups than other Arab country in the MENA till year 1968. El-Assads made sure that would not happen again in their time.
Still I believe in miracles may be the coup will not come from the officers but from the soldiers and small ranked officers who are wild enough to be inspired by the actions of the Tunisian and the Egyptian armies.
Ironically enough Bashar El Assad did not apologize or mourn the 112 killed yesterday and today he is mourning the anniversary of Adnan El Malki's assassination !! Speaking about late dashing El Malki here is his iconic photo from the independence day when he was the first Syrian officer to hold the Syrian flag after the independence.
Are not there any more any new 21st century Adnan El Malkis in the Syrian army who are fed up with El Baath regime and fiascos !!?
Here is a video from Damascus showing sniper at the rooftop of some famous building there "I think called 8th of March". According to the one who is filming this video that sniper allegedly killed 4 at that time.
and here are the victims at that area in Damascus, all with head shots :( 

6th April Youth has published a statement in solidarity with the Syrians against Bashar El Assad. I love how the statement ended by that phrase : We will not enter Jerusalem except when we are free.
This Arab revolution spring has not revived only freedom , innovation, dignity and democracy in the Arab world but it also revived Pan Arabism as it should.


  1. In my opinion, Syrian protests are a disgrace to the whole country. People of Syria are destroying their own country without any good reason. I hope they grow up soon!


  2. Here's Eagle's link enabled. I think she's not pulling our leg, unfortunately.

    And here are thirteen more horrifying Syria videos.

  3. Bashir is a disgrace to the noble Syrian people.
    There is no need for such bloody actions except fear of losing power.Syrian Army should defend the country and the people not fire on unarmed young people.Those who give the orders are criminals.

  4. War is sad and very alarming because innocent people die. People now don’t realize how precious life is. Preserve and proctect, these are our duty as people not to kill one another.

  5. In my opinion, Syrian protests are a disgrace to the whole country. People of Syria are destroying their own country without any good reason. I hope they grow up soon!

  6. The U.S. and other countries have to do something to stop this destruction and killing in Syria otherwise the Syrian forces will so many people who fight against them so the Syrian government leaders should be punished.

  7. @Logo, Zeinobia is too nice to let me say what I'd like to say about Assad apologists like you and Eagle.

    @Prasad, the US already is in three wars plus a recession. It makes more sense for the Arab Spring to be an Arab movement. Arab countries that have had some success with their revolutions, like Tunisia and Egypt, should come to the aid of their oppressed brothers. The Arab world is ungrateful for US help. Unfortunately Tunisia and Egypt are too self-absorbed to help Syria or Libya.


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