Friday, April 22, 2011

Syrian Revolution : The Great Friday “Graphic”

This post contains extreme graphic content.
This is the great Friday in Syria and indeed it is great Friday. Today was truly the January 28th in Syria. Protests are all over the country since the morning , we are speaking about protests in Damascus, Baniyas, Homs, Daraa, Doma, Aleppo and other towns and governorates.
Here is a map from The New Syria website showing the locations of today's protests across the country , the bloody parts show where the martyrs were killed.

Here are videos from the peaceful protests before it turns ugly.

This protest was from Homs.
Here is a protest from Al-Qamishli

The Syrian people continued to clean their beautiful great country from the statues and photos of El Assad dynasty , ending by their own hand this infamous presidential cult without waiting for a court order like we do.
This video from Sayyida Zeinab area in Sham showing protesters toppling Hafez El-Assad statue.

The security whether the police and reportedly the army to “as tweeps began to speak about movements of Maher El Assad’s regiments” are  dispersing the protests violently. Live ammunition is widely used along with tear gas grenades.This video from Daraa shows the army deployment in the region. According to what we saw from videos there was some sort of massacre in Izraa area in Daraa.

Here is video showing the live ammunition used against unarmed civilian protesters in Homs , not less than four were killed during the filming of this clip according to its owner.

Syrian protesters and activists say that Bashar El Assad used forbidden weapons against his own people.
The following video shows a small boy along with other martyrs , the doctor who speaks in the video says that he was killed by forbidden weapon. If you can’t handle it than please do not watch it.

This photo for a forbidden tear gas grenade according to Syrians
The tear gas grenades used by the Syrian security officers are believed to be Israeli while the riffles are Iranian.
Here is another photo for the ammunition allegedly used today by the security forces against the protesters today from Daraya.
This video below is from Daraya and this late martyr's name is Amar Mahmoud.
According to the injuries and shots we see in the videos , snipers are being used and some of the injuries and shots are actually at point blank !!
I am sorry to post this photo below but this what took place today in Syria.
Here is the video from the massacre that took place in Izraa , it shows the man in the picture above and he was alive while someone knew him ,a full grown man screaming. The man was alive despite his horrible injury.
The video contains another footage for 10 years old Mohamed Ibrahim. Seriously if you can't watch graphic content, then I warn you. The CNN could not show for its graphic content !!

Here is another video from Izraa , this time from the mosque where you think the martyrs prepared for their funerals , I think it shows young Mahmoud :(

The official death toll according is at least 29 while activists are speaking about not less than 85 and now I got some update from FB that human rights in all accounts , this is the bloodiest day since the start of the uprising on March 15th 2011. Today children , women , men and elder are reportedly were killed. The following videos are extreme graphic.
The video below is from the area of Izraa in Daraa , it is extremely graphic. It shows 10 years old Mohamed Ibrahim El-Homada who was shot in his head while his brother is screaming in the footage my brother , my brother. “If you can’t handle than please do not watch it”

Here is a video from El-Br hospital in Homs.

Here is a protest dispersed in Harasta , you can see an injured fighting for his life in the video

Here is a video for a protest in Damascus , you will see injured and also a martyr in his moments.

A 4 years girl was shot in the head reportedly today. Here is an early list by the names of the martyrs according to the geographical distribution.
Here is another list , updated list with 112 names of martyrs killed only today !!
Hundreds are currently in the hospitals and unfortunately there are news that the Security forces and the Baath thugs “Shabiha” are attacking the hospitals. Already they attacked the ambulances in Homs. The hospitals there demanded at the middle of the day surgeons and blood donors from the huge number of injured and dead. They also attacked and arrested the medics and injured not to mention took the dead bodies from the streets to get rid of them in order to hide their crimes.

In Izraa , Daraa people opened their homes and their clinics to save the injured as quick as they could till they will can reach to the hospitals. 
There was a major development in the Syrian revolution : Al Jazeera has started to focus and transfer the protests as it should. You will not believe how much this move escalated the revolution , millions of Arab viewers today have watched thousands of Syrians revolting against their president and as natural these millions are now standing with Syrian brothers.
The Syrian regime from its side since the morning have unleashed its speakers from Baath members to attack not only the channel but also the prince of Qatar in a sign that the honeymoon and that strategic alliance between the Prince of Qatar and Basher El Assad. Basher El Assad has lost an important alley now in the region.
Now it is matter of time and one thing we have learned the more blood is spelled , the more persistent the people are in their quest to topple the regime.
If the price of freedom is the shroud , then it is mine
From Baniyas today 
There are calls for protesting tomorrow Saturday and the coming days in Syria , knowing my Syrian Arab brothers and based on our experience I would say the country will witness more protests
Parents tonight spoke on the Arab news channels about their late
President Obama has issued a statement about today in Syria.  The States accuses Iran of supplying the Syrian government with weapons to suppress the protests.
There will be a protest in solidarity with Syria next Sunday in Giza.
Today was the first day in Syria since decades with out the emergency law !!
Gamil El-Assad
Some Arabic News site in the States claims that Gamil El-Assad , the uncle of Bashar El-Assad and the less known brother of Hafez and Rafaat El-Assad has been killed by a soldier from Homs. Allegedly Gamil El-Assad is or was brigadier general of some army unit and that the soldier shot him after hearing him ordering the soldiers to open the fire against the protesters in Homs. We do not know if this is true or not, if it is then there will be huge escalation.
Even Adonis , the famous Syrian poet is kissing Bashar Assad's pale ass and says that what is in Syria is just rebel youth movement not a revolution !!
May Allah bless your soul Nizar Qabbani , I have always preferred you over Adonis !!
Here is the blog of Imad Mustafa , the Syrian ambassador to the US , shower him with emails ya people.
God is in the side of the people of Syria.


  1. It's very bad and sad to see all this brutality used against peaceful civilians , but despots are all the same.Bashar ,though he came to power illegitimately , but he was doing well on foreign policy.But you cannot forget your own people and rule in this repressive way! Times have changed and his days are counted. Other Arab despots will fall one by one,and the revolution's train will reach its destination.@amrazim2808

  2. Thank you for this report, Z. It's truly horrifying.

  3. Bashir the Terrible wreaks death on his people. Some reformist. He is a jackal feasting on the freshly killed. Syria can do much better than this hyena. If he falls the mullahs in Iran will be in a tight spot.

    1. each word you say, is completely true, I was just wondering, What you mean in "If he falls the mullahs in Iran will be in a tight spot"?

  4. Oh my Goodness !!

    I just cannot find words to describe all this brutality.

    Even relentless enemies wouldn't do this to their worst opponents !!

    Seems those bunch of gangsters in power adore it so much that they would kill anyone in the most horrible ways just to stay in power !

    A bunch of assassins , no more!

    God be with Syrian people

  5. God is in the side of the people of Syria

  6. the most shocking

  7. The government have to do something to end these protests and also they do not have to kill the protesters they can end this problem through the peace talks only so they have to make a discussion with protesters and kill this problem immediately the forces have killed the protesters they might be thought if they kill protesters then the protests will be end but they dont know that international community will not be calm to see these crual murders.

  8. Horrible pictures

    But as far as I know, Jamil Al Assad (Hafez Al Assad brother) died in 2004. Maybe it is an other member of the family.

  9. The Syrian government is repeating the same old mistakes of past oppresive regimes by killing its own citizens for demonstrating peacefully.
    Syria is at a point of no return that will end in a civil war between it's Sunni, Shiite, Alawite,Kurdish and other sects.

  10. In my opinion, Syrian protests are a disgrace to the whole country. People of Syria are destroying their own country without any good reason. I hope they grow up soon!


  11. These killings are commonly held in Syria what is doing The U.N.? these killings must be stopped and the the Syrian government must apologize for these killings and leave their posts immediately otherwise the U.N. send their coalition forces to the Syria and take necessary action against that cruel government.

  12. Bashar Al-Assad is just repeating what his father did, he is making a huge mistake by killing his people, if he has the ability to give orders to go and kill the citizens then there must be something wrong with him mind because that is absolutely inhumane. Giving orders to shoot young children straight in the head is ridiculous as well as killing all these men at their most beautiful age. Their mothers spent years raising their kids and will be absolutely heartbroken. If Bashar thinks he is going to last, he better enjoy these last few moments because hopefully he will be brought down. The videos put on youtube are heartbreaking. He is a monster.

  13. I sincerely hope this atrocious bastard is assassinated very soon.
    I wish Syria peace for the future.


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