Friday, April 22, 2011

Online War Games

There is supposedly a million man protest today at Tahrir square in solidarity with the defected army officers who were arrested last April 9th night at Tahrir square. It is quite surprising because all the political forces and group in Egypt decided to halt million man protests for further notice. The last successful million man protest was the one that was held at Tahrir square on April 8th , the trial Friday.
The protest was successful with no doubt till the defected army officers got on the stages and turned it in to something we do not fully understand , of course you know how the day ended : Officially a 17 years student was killed “we do not know actually who killed him if we are speaking fairly and professionally”, many were injured and not less than 15 defected army officer and solider arrested and facing God knows out. I would recommend reading my post about that day to get my view.
The online war game between these ex-officers and the SCAF are still there I am afraid and it has not ended. There are new YouTube videos ,  there are new pseudo Facebook accounts and there are new rumors. Of course not as wild as before still the elephant is there in the room. We got a new video from major called Mohamed Omar Ali posted at the YouTube channel called “Omaf Afifi” !!! Omaf Afifi as in Omar Afifi perhaps. Major Mohamed Omar wants to be arrested as it seems , already he could have been arrested.
Speaking about Afifi , well he has joined the Anti-Wael Ghonim club lately and now Ghonim not only he has deal with Zpider but also Afifi. Afifi got a room in his house called “The revolution operation room” and it was featured in Fox News !!
Back to this alleged protest is made in order to press the SCAF in order to release these officers despite it is well known to everybody that these officers can face death penalty for mutiny according to army rules because of what they have done. Call it whatever but this is the army world and before you attack the Egyptian army rules , check the greatest democracies in the world when it comes to army rules. One of the oldest policies of the Egyptian army is that its officers are not allowed to have political activity, I do not want this policy to change now after being one of the supporters for the officers’ voting right.
I am not defending anyone but we have to be realistic and I hate this ignorance with the simplest army facts. Sweden got prison sentence for disobedience and we all see what happens to Bradley Manning in the States. It will be a miracle if these officers are pardoned , anyhow I believe miracles do happen now. I hope insh Allah the army and its commandership reconsider its penalties at least for the sake of the families who are technically begging the SCAF to release their men. Yesterday the families of the officers met with some official at the ministry of defense and he promised them that they would hear from their men soon insh Allah. 
Provoking enough there is a protest in solidarity with the army by some youth coalition in Nasr City !! It is so provoking indeed because I know there are some old NDPians are trying to jump in to the wagon in this.
To the online anarchic military activism again , Sherif Othman has contacted me through my blog last time I wrote about him.
     Thanks for the article, and I would like to be in touch with you, I have some documents replying on what they are demanding. Anyone will talk about the council will be attacked in the same dirty way.. they are genuinely traitors....... you cannot travel on a course unless you are a clean cheat and pass bunch of exams in a tough competition.... I have what proofs that I wasn't just an everyday officer .I'm here because I'm one of their best .they put pics, cause they can't find anything in my file rather than deserting, which is I', proud to do during Mubarak's regime
I did not reply back honestly I was quite angry and still angry from him. I do not care about his feud with Belal Fadl but where has he been all those years !!? Why now !!? I have got also former officers who are totally against his actions and with my all due respect no one can suspect anyone’s loyalty to the country , I can’t suspect their loyalty to the country in the same way I can’t suspect his. I do not consider him nor his friend in Europe as heroes just because they were the top of their classes or just because they were army officers.
I believe Sherif Othman is the admin officers 4 revolution Facebook group , the most famous anarchic officers group. Some believe that he is behind that twitter account @dabetgeesh. I consider both the FB page and that Dabet Geesh twitter account as credible as RASSD News Network and there are so many proofs !!
Many of the pro-free Tahrir officers supporters are saying that they respect only the army of Maged Bollus and Ahmed Shoman and not the army of the SCAF , they also wonder what is the difference between what Bollus and Shoman had done and what these Tahrir officers did !!  So what do Ahmed Shoman and Maged Bollus say about all this !!?
This FB note about captain Maged Bollus and his opinion regarding what happened in Tahrir square on April 8th and April 9th :
  • The force that went to the square had one mission and it was to bring those officers and not to disperse the protest or arrest the protesters.
  • The force went originally to the garden circle and did not besiege the whole square.
  • The ammunition used was mostly fake , both the fake and live ammunition were used in the air.
  • Only one of those officers showed his id “he did not see the photos of footage” while nobody knew the other officers , they can be from the reserve officers.
  • Ahmed Shoman did not want to divide the army and break its unity.
First of all Bollus did not turn against his commanders till the last day even when he stood against the thugs in the Camel battle.I know some people will curse Bollus , consider him a hypocrite who is kissing the SFAC’s ass and his name will be in the blacklist with Belal Fadl , Amr Hamzawy and Nawara Negm. In fact I believe that Bollus will be accused of fooling the public just like Ahmed Shoman lately!!
Since April 8th and there were rumors about Shoman’s safety spread by @dabetgeesh who claimed that Shoman was being detained and tortured and some anti-Tantawy FB page claimed that he was imprisoned 25 years !! Luckily for us journalists Doaa Sultan and Nawara Negm are friends of his wife and Negm managed to sit with him last April 13th and he talked to her. According to Nawara Shoman supports the council and is asking us to think about other segment in the country like farmers and labor. No one can forget by the way how Shoman attacked Tantawy on February 10,2011 and this is why some are suspecting now that Shoman was sent by his commanders to Tahrir to calm down the public and also to prepare them for the stepping down. If this was true , well it would show that the SCAF is not the villain in our story here. You must know that these Anti-SCAF officers FB still claim that Shoman is imprisoned !!?
People love their country and care for their army a lot and many Egyptians are angry from the slow motion of the SCAF not to mention have fears and doubts so all what I fear from is that someone is exploiting both the patriotism of Egyptians whether citizens or army officers.
Ironically all these ex-officers and so-called revolutionary officers claim that they are not seeking a coup where as officially and scientifically what they are doing is a coup considering the fact that field marshal Tantawy and the SCAF are the de facto president !! I do not know if this is political ignorance or not but I will consider that these group of ex-officers and officers have good intentions and overwhelmed with the revolution. These officers must understand that despite almost all Egyptians know about corruption allegations surrounding the army commanders but it is not the right way nor the the right time to start in cleaning the army. Both the army and the Egyptian intelligence will be reformed automatically from inside when we start for real in reforming our society and our country as it should .
It is worth to mention that some are claiming that the Mubaraks and his close circle started to see the face of justice because of these defected officers , well I am afraid this is an insult ,a huge insult to those million Egyptians who went to Tahrir square on that day in the morning. Of course these people also claim that if it were not Ahmed Shoman , the SCAF would not have pressed on Mubarak to step down !! It seems that some have started to suffer from short memory loss , the SCAF had pressed Mubarak because of all those millions of civilians. Ahmed Shoman did not tell the people to encircle the ERTVU building or the presidential palace. Already in the last 48 hours of Mubarak’s rule , I knew from 3 sources that the army had turned him down and chose our side without Shoman. Those people who are spreading such claims should apologize to the civilian Egyptians.
It seems that late Ali Maher May Allah bless his soul and those 15 or 30 officers were pawns in Zakaria Azmi’s game of revenge. Noor Ayman Noor revealed that he knew from sources that Azmi got files against the commanders of the army and when he was arrested , he decided to bring the house down over everybody. Ibrahim Kamel and allegedly Wael Abu Leil are from Azmi’s men and they made sure that these files incriminating the commanders  reach to the officers in order to divide the army. Allegedly Abu Leil was the one who convinced the young officers to join the protest and the sit in with a promise that more officers in uniform would join them on Sunday. Of course Sunday’s morning came and we do not know if those officers were alive or dead.
I am buying this story because actually Azmi and Kamel are more dangerous than you think and they will not give up without a fight , I have always thought of worse scenarios. Whether you like the SCAF or not but you must know the SCAF has sold Mubarak and his men so it is natural that his men who are political veterans than the generals to launch a terrible dirty game against them.
I really wished that Major general Etman would come and say that Azmi was behind that this plot if he is involved instead of showing us the black records of ex-officers who were fired for bad behavior. The statements issued from the morale department regarding these officers are more than terrible , they are so Mubarak era to the level that you will have doubts in the army’s story even if you are against these officers’ actions.
I am a netizen veteran and I know suspicious Facebook accounts when I see them. I found one of these accounts in one of the FB pages supporting the Tahrir officers and it reminded me with the SS and NDP accounts. Eiad Ali claims he is an army officer and leaves some dangerous info.I do not know how an army officer ignores the fact that there is no army in Rafah , there is only police borders force !! Regarding this dangerous info about the Egyptian air craft manufacturing attempt was in 1960s , you should not ask field marshal Tantawy but rather field marshal Abdel Haikm Amar and Nasser , of course we have to wonder why we did not try this again. MR.Ali amazes me because he wants an elected president and parliament and he believes this is his own demand !!“He used plurality” Now why I suspect the account of MR. Eiad Ali , well because when I check his account , I found his friends got the same avatar and technically the same info page. “It is enough to know that Eiad was inspired by Abdel Hakim Amar to feel there is something not good !!” I know what I did was unethical but this is curiosity. Eiad Ali got friends “Memo Aziz and Mazen Ali” while Memo got those four “Zaid Ali , Maden Ali, Mazen Ali and Eiad Ali”. The pages are identical in a disturbing way. “Just check the Favorite quotation and the basic info”
Eiad Ali FB account page
Memo Aziz
Maden Ali
You must know that the NDP orphans are using this anger from the activists’ side against the army to turn the Egyptian public against them based on what I see. Even if you do not agree but the Egyptian army for millions of Egyptians is a real red line and this is why the NDP orphans are using this against the revolution and activists even those activists who have got moderate views like Wael Ghonim are being accused of turning the people against the army !!!!!!
 Some activists are too arrogant to forget the importance of the silence majority , in fact I feel some of them despise them this majority instead of reaching to them.
Now this a jam , some boy is insisting that the Tahrir officers were killed and some Major general “I think Hassan El-Rowainy” is telling him that this was untrue.

I will say it again and again I do not trust anymore Gamal Abdel Nassers and Saleh Salems because they were the ones who made us reach to what we are now.
I do not trust the old generals that much as well as long there are still civilian detainees who need to be released immediately , there are still dangerous allegations about abuse facing the military police and we do not have a real realistic answers.
May God protect this great nations from all evil including the evil of her own children.


  1. The true test of SCAF honesty will surface when a clause in the future Egyptian constitution will specify that the Army will be accountable directly to the Parliament.

  2. Anonymous said...

    The true test of SCAF honesty will surface when a clause in the future Egyptian constitution will specify that the Army will be accountable directly to the Parliament.


  3. Z, what is not making sense is you, you don't earn money from the blog do you?

    So who pays you to sit aand research, twitter, facebook and blog all day and most of the evening?

    So you are blogging and twitter instead of not working, no children, no husband, still lives with mother, yet knows information that you shouldnt know unless of course.....

    We all have to pay the bills and have a life, you don't seem to as your life is consumed by writing, so something is not normal with a lot of things..including yourself THAT REMAINS Anonymous yet comments with such AUTHORITY.


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