Saturday, April 2, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Radwan is free but El-Ghayesh Is not

Yesterday in my way to the Tahrir square I found a very happy news that gave me a lot of hope : Mohamed Radwan was released by the Syrian regime and he was in his way back to Cairo.
Earlier Friday the Syrian ambassador in Cairo Ahmed Youssef called Radwan’s mom and told her the great news to make her and her family day. Of course in Radwan’s case we must mention the efforts of the ministry of foreign affairs. There is a huge difference between the ministry in time of Abu El-Gait and in time of El-Araby and this difference began to be shown day after day.
When Mohamed Radwan was released he did not go to the American embassy but rather to the Egyptian embassy where he spoke to his cousin Nora Shalaby. He will arrive insh Allah to Cairo at 6 PM , his family and friends are going to receive there at Cairo international airport.
Of course we must wonder if the Syrian authorities are going to apologize for this young man and what they have done to him , they did not only detain but they also made appear on TV and claim that was a spy who visited Israel for God sake !!
I do not know what the Egyptian embassy and ministry of foreign affairs did to make the Baath regime release Radwan in this way !! This means that Bashar and his media are big fat liars.
Now the Egyptian embassy in Damascus has got another case to follow up with the Baath regime : The case of Khaled El-Ghayesh.
Khaled El-Ghayesh is an Egyptian engineer who works in a Swiss company in Beirut. From short time ago he got an invitation from friends in Syria to visit the country. He accepted it and went there , now he can’t be reached and simply vanished in Syria last Sunday. When people vanish in Syria and their mobiles are out of service , it  means one thing I am afraid : They are detained by the Al Assad regime.
The Syrian Ambassador last week said there were other Egyptians arrested than Radwan , I hope Khaled is among them.
I have confidence now in our embassy in Damascus that it will work on bringing him back still it is our duty to push the matter more and more in the media.
I found this twitter account for Khaled , also here are hash tags to follow his case : #KhaledElGhayesh and #KhaledMissing
The States urged its citizens to avoid travelling to Syria if not necessary and advised those who are in the country to consider leaving it. A 18 Years American student is detained there already. There is no danger at all from the Syrian revolutionaries but the danger is from the regime itself and its biased media. They will blame every foreigner to prove that the revolution is a bloody foreign conspiracy.

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