Sunday, April 17, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Real Independence Day “Graphic”

Things are escalating rapidly in Syria as it seems. The protests are spreading like fire throughout the country despite the reform promises of El Assad. Today is the independence day in Syria as I hinted in the previous post about Syria
Today the cities of Swaida , Aleppo , Baniyas , Duma , Daraa and Homs witnessed pro-democracy anti-regime protests and unfortunately as usual people , civilian protesters were killed by the security forces that use live ammunition. These photos below from Baniyas were taken by famous Syrian activist Malath Aumran.
Celebrating the independence day in the right way
"Malath Aumran"

Down with the regime

Here is a protest from Swaida earlier.
The security forces along with the regime thugs attacked the protesters at the city and at least 13 were injured and some had to be transferred to the hospitals
Here is a protest from Aleppo earlier this morning.

According to what we have known till now Homs is facing a huge crackdown at least in one of its cities at Talbisy where at least four people were killed including 14 years old boy called Radwan Deep. “I found only their names online : Bilal Bakor , Kamel Yahia , Radwan Deeb and Khaled Abu El-Soud may Allah bless their souls”
Here is late Khaled Abu El-Soud at the morgue
Here is a video from Homs , from one of its hospitals showing one of the victims killed today "Graphic"

According to what I understood those people were killed when the security forces opened their fires on a funeral of a martyr who was shot yesterday. Many were injured and you see people were killed , some are speaking about even bigger numbers. The secret police is reportedly confiscating the dead bodies of today’s martyrs from the hospital’s city to get rid from them.
Here is a video from the city earlier , from the hospital there at the operation room where the doctor extracted a bullet from an injured “graphic”

Some people are reporting difficulties to communicate with the city , some are reporting difficulties to communicate with the governorate through mobile phone and online communications. There were rumors that there are tanks arriving to the city , of course this bring the memory of the terrible Huma’s massacre.
Today there was news that YouTube was blocked in Syria , I can’t get confirmation though and people are still uploading videos from the country. Still the YouTube video clips are showing the Syrians and the world the truth about this criminal regime and this is why they believe they can block and people return back to their suppressive life normally !!
This video below is from Homs and it shows a 12 years old kid dying after being shot , it is completely graphic.

and here are El Assad’s thugs cheering for their leader today in Baniyas.

Things are not that good either in Latakia as it seems , I found Syrian tweeps speaking about 15 martyrs and more than 100 injured only in one day where bodies are all over the street. Of course due to the blockage on the media and also the silence of the world we feel helpless , again this is the son of someone who killed thousands to suppress uprisings.
People now through twitter are asking for blood donations in both Homs and Latakia , it seems today things have been so violent.
Here is an updated list of detainees from Syria.
insh Allah I will be updating this post with info and videos from there as soon as I get them, please try to contact international media and human rights organizations , try to contact Syrian embassies to tell them you reject this.
Updated @11:04 PM 
  • There are reports saying that twitter service is blocked on 3G service in the country. 
  • There are also reports saying that the internet service itself even on 3G is slow especially without proxy , this is not a good sign. 
  • Videos are coming from Latakia and they are showing terrible scenes , please spread it. 
  • The video below is shot from few hours ago as you can think in Latakia , one of the martyrs killed in the street. As I hinted above people are speaking about dead bodies all over the streets. 
  • The people in Homs are reportedly protecting hospitals to prevent the security from taking the injured and the dead. 
  • The security forces in Latakia are preventing the citizens from heading to the hospital that is demanding blood donors. 
Updated @12:22 AM 18/4/2011 
  • According to eye witnesses in the city of Latakia the security forces are cleaning the streets from dead bodies , they are hiding their crimes. 
  • More videos showing crimes committed against the Syrian people by the same people who should protect them
This video clip was filmed at the city of Talbisy in Homs when the security forces started to open its fire against peaceful unarmed civilians.You can see them staying down trying to avoid the gunshots still there was someone shot down.

This video is showing citizens in Latakia from couple of hours ago dragging bodies from the streets before the security forces would come and take them as I hinted above
BBC Arabic says that 8 martyrs in Bab Sab´a in Homs so we are speaking about at least 12 killed in Homs today. Here is a video from Bab Sabá in Homs from hours ago. 

This is video from Aleppo in the morning , showing old men speaking to young men about how important they should restore democracy and freedom

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  3. Syrian government is killing their people is very unfortunate and cruel this is to be condemned by everyone. Government is there to rule the people but not for killing the people so Syrian government leaders must have a peace talk with their people (protesters) in a peaceful manner then all the problems will be solved.


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