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Remember that Name

I do not think that all those who read that small feature in Al Geel magazine in 1956 “according to our calculations” would have ever thought that that 15 years girl who loved detective stories and wanted to be air hostess would be from the women who played a role in shaping the course of this nation for 30 years !!
Remember that name
Remember that name 
Remember that Name feature in Al Geel magazine highlighted successful children and teenagers in Egypt in 1950s ; remember these names because they could be something in the future , something big !!
In an issue that goes back to 1956 Egyptians were introduced to 15 years old Suzy , the student at Saint Claire college. Suzanne Thabet was truly an example of successful girl. She used to head the ballet team in her school and was a champion in swimming. Her trainer at the Heliolido sports club believed she would be an international swimming champion. She loved to read detective stories and wanted to be air hostess. Her role model was Moira Shearer 
And that was our black swan Suzanne Thabet aka Suzanne Mubarak in 1956. We assume that this was from Rosa Al Youssef Magazine in 1956 because the feature says that Suzy was 15 years old and we know that officially she was born in 1941 !!!
I wonder if the editor who was responsible of this feature was alive when Suzanne Thabet became the Suzanne Mubarak !!
If we are going to speak about old photos for the Mubaraks , here are very rare photos for Hosni Mubarak.
He never knew it or even imagined it
With president Nasser in late 1960s
With LT.General Mohamed Fawzi
With Lt.general Mohamed Fawzi  after 6 days
The turning point in the life of Mubarak was not when he was chosen as vice president but rather when President Nasser met him at the air forces academy after the six days defeat and believed that this teacher’s place was back at the air forces which were reconstructed then.
By the way you must know the relationship between Hosni Mubarak and his family was not that good , it was bad. Hosni Mubarak treated his family badly including his brothers and sisters even his own father who was a small clerk , this is something I have known personally from long time.  From what I see and I read Hosni Mubarak did not like his humble roots and tried to hide it.
Unlike Presidents Naguib, Nasser and Sadat , Hosni Mubarak was annoyed from his humble roots. President Nasser’s father was a postman where as President Sadat was a poor employee , they did not deny their roots on the contrary. Knowing our society some will say that Mubarak felt small compared to Suzanne Thabet’s family “despite her family is not from the major rich families from Bani Sawif” but this is not an excuse because the families of Tahia Kadem and Jihan Safwat were better in social status than the Nassers and the Sadats back then !! It is about the personality of the man or the woman itself.
We should not have expected Hosni Mubarak to treat the Egyptian people as he should when he had treated his own close family badly.
Back to Suzanne Thabet , this woman was more powerful than you think and she was less powerful or destructive than Laila Ben Ali , in fact she was worse because she was more educated than Laila. She will be interrogated this week
I really wish that Suzanne Thabet would not have met that air forces officer at the club that afternoon , I really wish that she had become an air hostess or a ballerina. I really wish that we have not had to remember her name and that she was completely forgotten , I really wish that she had a normal life !! I really wish that she stayed a white swan forever and does not end her life officially as the mother of all the black swans in the world.
By the way I do not feel sympathy with that woman because of her age , if Fatimah , the daughter of Mohamed steals , then her hand should be cut and Suzanne Thabet is not greater or more special than Fatimah. The Fatimah I am speaking about her is the daughter of Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” and the one who said that quote is the prophet himself when a some rich woman from Mecca caught stealing and some wanted the prophet to forgive her because she was rich.
Also can someone please check the bank accounts of the children cancer hospital 57357 and Egyptian red crescent.


  1. Nice article Zenobia with these old photos.

    Do you know that the Mubaraks and their regime have been arrested whilst the Emergency Laws are still in place. We are still technically under emergency laws and this means something very significant.
    Since Mubaraks have had this law for 30 years to secure their throne and to enable them to arrest any innocent person this law can also work against them too.
    Technically Egypt can since it is still in place today arrest, detain, and allow them NO access to a lawyer. Keep them in prison in Torah without trial and without seeing a judge or their family. INDEFINITELY!

    This is what they done to hundreds of thousands of Egyptians so they could keep in power. Technically we Egyptians still having this power can do the same to them. Keep them in prison withjout trial or access to lawyers on no charges till they die.

    This would give them a taste of their own bitter medicine. Let them see what it is like to be arrested under their OWN emergency laws!!

  2. Rosa Al-yousef was originally established by Ehsan's Mother ,

    Both Mubarak , and Suzanne gather them the hate of their people . He hates his family descent , as Suzanne does not show respect to egyptian "Muslims" as she never shown do muslim pray or felt sympathy to Alsalam ferry victims, but feel sympathy to Christian sect. as shown in her presence during ceremony of french victims of flash air line crashed near sharm Al-shaik

    I am still not wondering , why Pope shonoda was one of big supportive of grooming Gamal Mubarak in succeeding his father!!

    Some says she was descent from christian family as her father family name is Ghobrial !!, that family name was officially omitted from her name !! ,also her grand mother was a jewish !!

    you may read more here >>

  3. "if Fatimah , the daughter of Mohamed, steals then her hand should be cut"
    Zeinab I was very disturbed while reading this hadith because certainly I don't want to see and I can't imagine this part of Sharia law being implemented in the new Egypt.
    There is a term for rich people or people who are not in need, who found themselves compelled to steal. This disorder, I am sure you heard of it, is called kleptomania.
    I just don't think it was wise to include this hadith in your blog which are read by considerable number of non muslims.

  4. I have one thing to say about this woman who bring pain and sufferings to millions of Egyptians 'Rot in Hell'!!!

  5. Akrum: "Suzanne does not show respect to egyptian "Muslims" as she never shown do muslim pray or felt sympathy to Alsalam ferry victims, but feel sympathy to Christian sect. as shown in her presence during ceremony of french victims of flash air line crashed near sharm Al-shaik"

    Did she pray or "felt sympathy" for the Christian victims of the Christmas Eve massacre at the church in Nag Hammadi? Did she care at all about the 15 Christian schoolgirls who drowned when their bus was swept up by floods on the road to Minya? No. Only your hateful prejudice blinds you to the fact that for her, the life of one foreigner was worth more than the lives of a million Egyptians, Christian or Muslim.

    Akrum: "Some says she was descent from christian family as her father family name is Ghobrial !!, that family name was officially omitted from her name !! ,also her grand mother was a jewish !!"

    You stupid, ignorant little man, don't you know that almost all Egyptian Muslims are descended from Christians? (A few are descended from Jews). Suzanne Mubarak is to be condemned for the moral choices she has freely made, not for her "blood" -- if you were a sincere Muslim, as you imply, you wouldn't need me to tell you that.

    Nazis and Zionists are the ones who ascribe moral goodness to the "right" ancestry and moral weakness to the "wrong" ancestry, but this, I'm certain, is quite alien to the divine revelation of Islam. This is one of many reasons why, though I am a Christian, I respect Islam as a spiritually advanced religion (regardless of how retarded and morally confused some self-described Muslims are).

    Akrum said: "I am still not wondering , why Pope shonoda was one of big supportive of grooming Gamal Mubarak in succeeding his father!!"

    Unfortunately, Pope Shenouda, like many others, was frightened by the Mubaraks' threat that the only choice for Egyptians was between Gamal and having the country fall into the hands of people who think just like you.

    I believed then and I believe now that the vast majority of the Egyptian people are much, much better than that. My faith was vindicated by the solidarity and love between Egyptians that lit the world from Tahrir Square and showed us the true beauty and spiritual depth of the Egyptian people.

    The ugly fanaticism of people like you (whose small number is counter-balanced by their loud, offensive voices) is the face that Egypt's enemies would like to show, to "prove" that Egyptians are neither capable nor worthy of freedom but must be dominated and oppressed to protect them from each other -- and to protect the world from them.

    In that sense, your comment exposes you as a perfect agent of the counter-revolution, which aims to keep Egyptians divided along sectarian lines and consumed by mutual hatred based on ignorance and poisonous propaganda to justify and facilitate depriving them of their rights as citizens and as human beings.

  6. Let's not be foolish and start remembering the reign of Nasser and Sadat in good light. After all, the cornerstones of Mubarak's rule began with Nasser and Sadat. Sadat's failed economic plans and over-dependence on the west, and Nasser's repressive police services are essentially the same. And was it not Sadat who arrested all his opponents after taking office? Was it not Nasser's bad economic plans and haste to use the Army that led to Egypt economic decline (not to mention military losses)? What were the Egyptian forces doing in Yemen in 1967? Oh yea, setting Yemen on the path to President Salah.
    Egyptian rulers of the past are no roll models. The next president for Egypt needs to be cut from a different mold. They can't be the kind of people that jump to using force against their own people. They can't be the kinds of people with poor vision and lack of understanding of the economy. I'll take a Sadat during times of war but domestically he was not much better than Mubarak. Nasser was probably worse than Mubarak he's just lucky people back then were not as connected and information not as easily shared. (Would we know as much about Mubarak era abuses w/o cell phone cameras?)


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