Sunday, April 17, 2011

Syria Revolution : Happy Independence Day Syria

First Happy independence day Syria , may Allah bless the souls of your martyrs .
Second Just from few hours ago we found out that the official website of the Syrian ministry of justice has been hacked by an Egyptian hacker in solidarity with the Syrian people.
A screencap for the website after it
was hacked by red virus
With my all respect I was shocked and angered by the message left by that hacker ¨Red Virus¨ which least to be described as completely sectarian.It attacks the Baath regime describing as the fire worshipers aka Zoroastrians in reference to Iran , the Zoroastrians term is being used by radicals from Sunnis against the Shiite.
The message goes and Says “Bashar go and hide with your brothers in Iran as you do not have place in The Islamic Sunni Syria”
I apologize to all my fellow Syrians who are offended by such sectarian message , some people in Egypt ignore the fact that Syria has this wonderful mosaic of religions and ethnics. The Syrian revolution is built on unity since day one. God knows I was happy with these scenes of unity last Friday , without this unity this on going revolution against this ugly regime will not work.
Now I am afraid the El-Assad regime will use this stupid hacking message to prove that the country is facing a foreign conspiracy that threats its unity thanks to the sectarian division. Already you must see this footage from a church at Albayada city in Baniyas , this church was vandalized by the El Assad thugs. I do not have doubt that the official media in Syria will accuse the peaceful protesters of vandalizing this church.

Of course I do not need to speak that this police regime will have a new chance to accuse and hunt down Egyptians in the country. Already we have got two Egyptians missing in the country.
Anyhow Bashar El Assad spoke yesterday publicly in his first meeting with the new cabinet. He seemed to be nervous. He promised that in a week the emergency law will be lifted. He said that he considered all those who were killed as martyrs “he learned from Mubarak’s mistake”. I found the speech too boring , too old from the time Presidents used to teach the ministers what they should do and how they are going to do it. This revolution or anger is not only caused by bureaucracy or economic policies. 

I believe Syria can be so close to Egypt when it comes to the revolution scenarios.
Anyhow Happy Independence Dear Syria again , next Year you will be liberated and united truly from El-Assad by the way :)
More to come insh Allah.


  1. Why you think that this church is vandalized by Assad people? There are many idiots in Syria,people of Rifat Asad and Khaddam, who want to make sectarian danger in the country.

  2. Syria will eventually overthrow the Alawite Baath Party and regroup under the Shi'ites, breakup into tribal provinces or become an Islamic country.

  3. The Manolo is a shoe blogger. Anna Wintour is the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue magazine. This article by The Manolo is funny: Hey Anna Wintour! Great Timing on That Mrs. Assad Profile. "The Manolo is not pleased with Vogue's bootlicking piece on the "chic" dictator's wife."


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