Tuesday, May 3, 2011

#Jan25 : Walk like An Egyptian and sing like a Tunisian

For sure you have seen these photos with their famous caption “Walk like Egyptian”

Well I am proud and thrilled to give the young man who actually did not only walked like an Egyptian “because he is” but also he sang like a Tunisian.

We do not know the name of this young man but we know that he sang the last part of the Tunisian national anthem based on the fantastic defiant words of Aboul Qacem Echebbi to the CSF forces. He was Down town Cairo I believe near the AUC or similar buildings in the area.


  1. thank you so much for this post, I'm speechless....
    This is our civilized way of protest to "teach them our morals "
    إذا الشـــعبُ يومًــا أراد الحيــاة فــلا بــدّ أن يســتجيب القــدرْ
    ولا بــــدَّ لليـــل أن ينجـــلي ولا بــــدّ للقيـــد أن ينكســـرْ
    ومــن لــم يعانقْـه شـوْقُ الحيـاة تبخَّـــرَ فــي جوِّهــا واندثــرْ
    فــويل لمــن لــم تَشُــقهُ الحيـا ة مــن صفْعــة العــدَم المنتصـرْ
    كـــذلك قــالت لــيَ الكائنــاتُ وحـــدثني روحُهـــا المســـتترْ
    and thank you abo alkasem alshabi

  2. This is a nice site. We're rooting for you in the USA, and you have inspired us. Thank you.

    If and when you gain true freedom we should turn the conversation toward our relationship, and about Israel too. Each side has much to learn about the others.

    You have shown us that a huge number of Egyptians hate oppression and want the same freedoms that people have in many other countries. And we now see that you must deal not only with the military but with the Islamists too. Good luck to you.

    We are divided, too. Many are completely ignorant of what is happening in Egypt. Some who know are mostly interested in controlling events to protect their economic interests. But many of us are committed to democracy and we know you are our allies.

    The Israelis are divided too. The current government is a bully but most Israelis would be happiest with peaceful co-existence within the 1967 borders. Rejecting all Israelis, and the existence of the state itself, undermines them.


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