Thursday, May 19, 2011

Libyan Revolution : Where are the Qaddafis !?

Safia Qaddafi 
Where are Safia and Aisha Qaddafi !? There were strong rumors in the past few days circulating online and offline that Qaddafi’s wife and his iconic daughter have actually left Tripoli and are currently in Tunisia. rumors spoke that they were specifically in Djerba.

The Tunisian authorities have the news officially today.Last Wednesday there was emergency status in Cairo international airport when there was a rumor saying that Qaddafi’s eldest son Mohamed Qaddafi is coming to Cairo from Tunisia. Oddly enough there was a rumor that Mohamed Qaddafi was being treated in Tunisia earlier this week as well !?
Mohamed Qaddafi
There is no smoke without fire , it seems that something is wrong with the Qaddafis and some of them could be in Tunisia already.
Anyhow the most famous woman in Libya outside the Qaddafi clan managed to escape from Tunisia to Qatar safely thank God. Eman El Obeidi spoke to CNN about her experience in her new exile in Doha as Nic Robertson described it. I do not think that El Obeidi is in exile.Already she is from Benghazi and as soon as the Qaddafi regime is down , she can return back to Libya safe. Despite I know it is not safe for her but I wish that she would come to Cairo and ask to meet Nabil El Araby.
Nabil El Araby said in an interview in some Italian newspaper that Egypt is sympathetic to the Libyan revolutionaries and that Egypt does not want Libya to be split !! If Egypt “officially” is sympathetic to Libyan revolution and does not want Libya to be two countries why we do not officially recognize TNC and Benghazi !? Bringing down the Qaddafi regime will save Libya and will not drag it to split solution , not to mention our borders are safer unlike the Tunisian borders.
The TNC congratulated El Araby for being elected as the new LAS secretary general.
Some Libyan friends are telling me that Libyan Qaddafi’s TV channels are still that on Nile Sat , despite I checked myself and I did not find anything as they seemed to be jammed. According to the LAS ministers of foreign affairs meeting the Arab satellites should stop immediately the broadcast of Qaddafi’s channels. The Nile Sat is an Arab satellite last time and I checked and our Libyan friends have asked so many times the administration of Nile Sat to stop broadcasting these awful retarded channels. I will check again after couple of hours to be sure again.
Now this disturbing video I will share with you shows Egyptian medic Abdel Khalek being assaulted by the Qaddafi troops. “Graphic”

I want to share this video on a wider scale , I want Dr. Nabil El Araby to watch us and tell us what he is going to do in order to restore the right of that Egyptian citizen not to mention the the hundreds of Egyptians stuck and we do not if they are dead or alive.


  1. Qadhafi's wife is not a dangerous figure but Aisha must be put under house arrest and monitored wherever she ends up.

    Egypt is playing a very delicate game because it has its own security concerns.

    Qadhafi is insane and dangerous and he outlived sanctions, isolation and bombardments previously...

    He invaded and fought wars with Chad, financed the invasion of Sudan twice, financed and armed rebels in Sudan's South and West, managed to triumph over the former Presidents of Chad and Sudan, fought Tunisia and fought Egypt during Sadat's time...

    He could do 'anything' - he could release his African mercenary militias into Egypt.
    He could even use chemical weapons...

    If Egypt's revolution had been well established I imagine Egypt would have offered outright support to the TNC but Egypt has its own issues with what to do with the Mubaraks, the Gulf States etc...

    Also, let's not forget that Algeria is supporting Qadhafi discretely and Tunisia is in a difficult situation.

    Ideally a multi-national Arab land-force creeping into Libya would be the way to deal Qadhafi the fatal blow but which Arab State can afford to do that in the volatile, regional, political climate.

    Sudanese commentator

  2. His exact words were the 'Egyptian people are sympathetic' meaning it's no formal state position. Why are you making your plea to Arabi? he's no longer minister and doesn't represent Egypt(thanks to your beloved SCAF). Perhaps you should plea to Nabil Fahmy or directly to your sweetheart Tantawy.


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