Thursday, May 26, 2011

#May27 : The demands List that rules other Demands Lists

Ok here is the demand list of #May 27 million man protest that rules all other demands list and it is in English as well.
The final list of #May27 demands
This demand list published today combines all the common demands in other demand lists in order to reach a single group of demands. I like these demands , they are clear and to the point.
Now to the main news this morning a group activists/artists “Ahmed Fahmi aka Ganzeer” , filmmaker “Aida El-Kashaf” and musician Adel Abdel Rahman Amin. Update : They have been released from few moments ago in Cairo
Aida in a protest
Ganzeer and friends were arrested downtown while posting an anti-SCAF poster , they were arrested by the police then they were referred to the military police where they are currently there. According to NadiumX the arrest orders came from the army. They were transferred from the police station down town to military police than to military prosecution. Mohamed Diab and Moaz Massoud called the generals they know from their meetings with SCAF and they told them they will investigate and solve matter. “In Massoud’s case the general told him to bring him other activists’ name”
This is the most stupidest time for this arrest just 24 hours before May 27 !!
Here is the poster they were hanging with its anti-SCAF message , it was not about #May 27 some are claiming on twitter and social media.
Freedom mask
I do not like the poster despite I am big fan of Ganzeer’s work but I do not feel it is appropriate in this particular time as the majority of the Egyptian people “ who are being despised and disrespected by some revolutionary elites as the silent majority ” will think that this is an anti-army poster because of what is written
There is another activist arrested in the morning while distributing flyers calling for tomorrow’s protest : Ibrahim Abed. We do know where he is though. Some say the military police arrested and he is currently at the military prosecution while other say that the MP denied the news. Just from moments ago a 6th April youth member in Mansoura called Ali Mohsen while distributing flyers by the MP.Update : Mohsen has been released as well.
SCAF has published a new statement no.58 where it announces that the army will evacuate all the positions in the protests’ areas to avoid any clash with the protesters. Some people on twitter consider it a good sign , a positive sign while other
To be honest I am not concerned by the army or the CSF anymore but rather Mubarak’s supporters and their infiltrators who can use the e of some activists to create chaos or to create clash. This is aside from thugs or even from the normal people that are not from this team or this team and got that idea from the mainstream media that this protest is against the army and its unity.This flyer calls in Alex for a pro-SCAF protest tomorrow and this is just an example.
Some banks have withdrew money from their ATMs like HSBC while banks like PNB are taking 3 days off.
Insh Allah the day will pass peacefully and nothing bad will happen and the revolution will become even stronger , hopefully.


  1. Why dont you at least qualify after first sentence that it is to be a hoped for MILLION PERSON demonstration Or are women not invited or will they not be safe? Don't forget WOMENs Rights!

  2. L'orion in Egypt we just call it millionia march with no reference to man or woman. Zeinab this flyer about 27th is anti-scaf has Ikwan signs all over it.

  3. Where is that Ikwan sign !!? Ganzeer and this group are not MBs at all.

  4. LOrion, you remind me of a militant lesbian friend of mine.

  5. The demands list is all good except the minimum wage, which destroys job opportunities at the entry level. Basic economics.

  6. Thank you for the English!
    I agree with previous poster about inclusive language - march of a million? Voice of a million? Message in a million?
    Sorry, lacking inspiration.

  7. Sorry for not making myself clear, I meant the pro-scaf one in Alex claiming that 27th march is anti-scaf. It doesn't literally have the Ikhwan logo but it looks like their work. They are playing very dirty politics, just watched their Robert Downy Jr. on AlJazeera and he's reminding me of Magdi ElDakak(Dar elHelal) in Mubarak days.

  8. Zeinab, they are back to their old tactics again
    in alexandria

  9. I hope everyday goes smoothly today, the Ikhwan and Salafis are low enough to try and sabotage this.

  10. As a patriotic Egyptian, I call for stopping all these silly demonstrations. Let's focus on working, beautifying, creating, innovating, cleaning, exporting.....etc
    We are in an interim period, you will all have the time to elect the party you like that suits your platform. You will just have to wait. Trying to get your favourite demand satisfied by an interim inexperienced military council who has only been in power 3 months is silly.

  11. anonymous, please read the demands, they are not all about a time frame like arresting protesters and sending them to military court or minimum wages-which was already approved by administrative court before Mubarak left, all it needs is the general's signature. The police can put order on the street in 1 hour if they are ordered to, just like they left the streets in chaos in a blink and I don't mean Amn Markazi or State security remnants, but the regular police who were not targeted in the revolution and chose to leave the streets empty. Those demands don't need time they need determination. Additionally- although not listed as general demands, we want to ensure the country doesn't become a theocracy or another military dictatorship with a new Pharaoh and only a proper constitution written by expert lawmakers will guarantee our demands not opportunists or terrorista who use religion slogans for political and financial gains. 3 months are also more than enough to put Mubarak on trial if a certain somebody is really willing to.

  12. Hi there,

    I read that one of the demands is to deploy police on the streets. We all agree crime has risen tenfold since the revolution.

    Can someone tell me what are these policeman doing all day if they are noit deployed on the streets?
    I mean are they still getting paid for doing nothing?

    Riccardo, italian expat in cairo

  13. They are deployed on the streets in important downtown and in poshy upscale areas in daytime like probably a place where you live. Once the night falls -you know usually the time when thieves and burglars wake up to go to work- most police vanishes into thin air. In less signficant parts of the country like poor districts or countryside, the police has become a remarkable sighting like UFOs

  14. This poster is really bad and I am glad the army cracked down on it!!
    This gag around the face is the type used by homosexual perverts!!!

    It's some kind of auto erotic bondage thing!!!!
    The poster maker copied it from some kind of sexual magazine or something!!!

  15. @Anonymous "This gag around the face is the type used by homosexual perverts!!!" Oh dear. I assumed it was some traditional Egyptian garment. (Just kidding!)

  16. you just have a dirty mind, no one looked at it this way, it's meant to show how the army silences voices y arresting activists... quite an irony in arresting ganzeer while placing those posters, even stressed ganzeer's point.


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